What’s your ebay story? The many reasons for selling online

There are so many reasons to sell on ebay.  Some are purely business reasons as it gives a seller a worldwide audience at a very low cost.  No overhead costs, except a small commission paid to the company.  It really is a fantastic place to sell, whatever it is that you are selling. A lot of sellers are already large businesses that use Ebay as another venue to sell on.

I’ve been buying on ebay since May of 2000.  But don’t recall exactly when I started selling,  but this is my third year.  I primarily sell to get some extra income for paying off our debts (which we should be done with next year, except for my mortgage). Will I continue to sell on Ebay once we are out of debt?  You bet. I am seriously thinking of going full time with ebay. We’ll be paying off our house and saving money with any income from Ebay. Plus, it’s seriously fun.  I really enoy it!

I know some people who sell on ebay to save up money for a really nice vacation.  Others who sell on ebay to feed their shopping addictions without feeling guilty of using family money.  Others, like Jay and Ryanne from Scavenger Life, do it so that they own their life and their time (my goal).

So I really want to hear YOUR story.  Tell us why you sell on Ebay!!

Ebay Selling – How Our Personal Likes & Dislikes Determine What We Sell

Hubby and I were at an estate sale in the spring when I picked up this vintage brush and hand mirror.

I paid $20 for this thing.  Gasp!!!  I know it’s a lot, but I really, really loved it and felt someone else would too.  I took a best offer of $60 plus shipping!  :)

Same thing with this brass owl ruler.  Bought this at another estate sale for $2 and took a best offer of $30 plus shipping.  I tried cleaning it and even scratched it up a bit..but it still sold.

Both of the above items are things that my hubby would never even consider for resale..he would pass them right up or think they they are junk and no one would buy them.  I love proving him wrong!  ;) He’s usually right about everything, so it feels good when I do.  LOL

Same thing with these loveys too.  He actually made fun of me for buying them.  Sure these weren’t big sellers, but I paid $.49 each for them and it took just a couple of minutes to list (I too try to group things together…make a listing and then just duplicate and change a couple of keywords).  I was actually nervous about buying that top one.  It’s actually in not so great shape.  It’s been washed a lot and repaired already.  I made sure to point out all the flaws and it still sold.  Someone was trying to replace a beloved lovey!!

It really is true that “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”.  That’s the really cool thing about Ebay, there are so many unique items for sale and so many unique people to buy them.  I’m glad we are all different and have different tastes and likes..that’s what makes it so interesting!

Have you guys purchased anything that your spouse/so made fun of and then sold for a nice profit?  Do share!

Updated – Forgot to mention this Moses Basket that I bought and sold for $134.  Again, it’s nothing my hubby would even glance at!


The Sure-Fire Way to Get out Of Debt!

In January of 2013 we got sick and tired of being sick and tired and decided we would do whatever was necessary to get out of debt.  By this time next year we should be debt free having paid back about $90K of debt/loans.  One of the ways is selling on Ebay!!!

Anyway, I heard someone on the radio talking about this Steve Martin video and watched it.  It is hilarious.

It’s common sense, yet many of us are so used to buying stuff with credit cards and then not being able to pay off the balance before you are hit with interest charges.

If you haven’t yet, take a couple of minutes to read my post about how Your Dollars Are Your Employees.  How every dollar you spend on stupid and unnecessary stuff today, or give away in interest payments, is one less employee that you have making money for you in the future.  See, we’d rather have our money working for us today (okay, start working for us next year), so that we don’t have to in the future.  Wouldn’t you?

Today I’m sharing this post on Living Well Spending Less and Simple Lives Thursday.

Smartphones and Social Media are Truly Anti-Social!

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a long time and I thought it might be fitting to post about it since this blog IS called “Like Like No One Else.”  And it all really started from us wanting to become debt-free and not be like most Americans who use credit cards on a daily basis, have consumer debt and live paycheck to paycheck.

But I’m finding that we Live Like No One Else in many other areas too.  One of them being how we choose to raise our children in regards to today’s electronic toys.

FIRST, please do take the 5 minutes to watch this video.  It is AWESOME.  I could never convey into words what the creators of this video did…but it sums up my feelings exactly!

We live in a very affluent area (in the older part, but we still have million dollar homes a couple houses down from us and across the street).  My hubby loves this area as he grew up here.  It’s a couple of houses away from his parents.  It’s super close to the highways and can get us to places far away very quickly.

It may be a beautiful area to live in, but I would be happy moving.  Besides the real estate taxes getting out of hand, there is a lot of peer pressure to drive nice, big expensive cars, have nice expensive clothes, have big beautiful houses, the best and most recent toys and electronics, to eat out every single day, to run crazy from driving your kids around from one activity to the next (to name a few).  NONE of which we want to participate in.

We have one TV in the family room and I’m the only one that has a smartphone.  My oldest son, who just turned 15 does have a phone.  We got him the phone for Christmas in 8th grade (when he was 13) as we felt that we needed another phone since we got rid of our land line.  My nephews had cell phones since they were like 8 or 9,  When he started high school last fall, he started texting a little bit and I didn’t like seeing the extra charges.  I cancelled that feature on his phone.  He came to me and told me that he needed texting as some of his teachers used it to communicate with their students.  I told him that I would enable that feature on his phone as long as he pays the $10/month for it.  The was the last I heard about it.

It’s probably easier for me as I have 3 boys and they seem to have no problem actually calling and talking to their friends on the phone.  Neither my 12 yo or my 15yo are on any of the Social Media sites either (no Facebook, no Instagram, etc.)  How do I know.  Well they have laptops, but they stay in the family room and each one has Safety Eyes on it. So we can monitor the usage of their online activities.

I do understand it would be harder and that there is more pressure for girls and if we had girls, they still would not have smartphones (here’s a great article if your kids do have them:  Some rules to follow when your kids have smartphones and To My 13-Year-Old, An iPhone Contract From Your Mom, With Love).  But WE, as parents, need to make decisions that are in the best interest of our children. We can’t have today’s society raising our kids and telling them and us what is and what isn’t okay. 

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

My hubby was at a family party last Saturday (I was out of town) and said all the kids were like zombies (some of the parents too)..sitting there with their faces glued to the screens.  Very anti-social.  My hubby said to me, “Smartphones should be treated like drugs and alcohol..it’s such a strong addiction.”  I agree whole-heartedy!

You might think that we are mean parents.  An really, I don’t care.  God gave us these children to raise, love and protect and that’s what we’re going to do!

You may disagree with me, yet I cannot think of any GOOD reason for children to have their own smartphones.  What do you think?


Ebay Selling – Owls & The Real McCoy – Selling Imperfect Items

I was at a garage sale about a month ago when I came across two owl planters.  You guys probably know that owls are still hot in today’s market.  And I’m always on the lookout for unique owl art, pottery and figurines.  So when I saw these planters, I knew I had to have them.

Click to enlarge

I accepted a best offer on this one for $35 plus shipping and it sold within the first week.  I still have one more for sale.  The gentleman that was selling these was selling collectibles and knew the value of these items.  He wanted $5 each for them and said that I could resell them at my garage sale if I ever wanted too and make money on them..LOL  But he gave them to me for $4 each.

I’ve read about the McCoy pottery company before and knew that it is a good seller.  I was just worried as both of these planters had one side that was slightly cracked.  But I figured that if they didn’t sell, I would just keep them.  I highlighted the crack and make reference to it in the description and it still sold.

Have you been selling any owl related items or McCoy pottery?


Ebay Selling – Finding Higher Priced Items for Resale


We’ve been doing a lot of garage saling recently (and a little bit of thrift store shopping) and finding some cool stuff.  I’m glad that my hubby likes to treasure hunt as much as I do..if only the kids did too.  Sometimes we drag them with, and sometimes we leave them at home (how nice to have them at that age).

I’ve been real happy with some recent sales as most of them have been higher priced.   I’m willing to spend a little more $ on some items for a better return.

This vintage bottle opener was $.10 in a bin with kitchen utensils at a thrift.  Accepted BO of $34.99 (shipping was under $3).

This sweater was purchased at a thrift for $4.99.  Accepted BO of $80 (shipped in legal flat rate envelope..$5.35 ish). Found this Men’s sweater in the women’s section.  The really interesting thing about Hilda sweaters is that this company went out of business over 20 years ago.  The reason?  Their sweaters were so well made that they lasted for over 20 years.  Once you bought one, you had no need for another one.

Purchased at a thrift for $10.  Sold for $134.99.  I had a best offer, but the buyer paid full price.  Shipping was $29.  This thing was huge!  I would have asked a higher price, but there was a rip by the foot of the basket.  Had it listed for only a few days before it sold.

These shoes were $10 at a garage sale, sold for $62.99 plus shipping.  I’m starting to list more and more without bo price.  These sold within 2 weeks.  I wasn’t too familiar with this brand, but they were new and had a bag..gotta be worth some $, so I took a chance and was happy with my ROI (return on investment).

Bought for $10 at a local school’s toy consignment sale.  Accepted bo of $35 plus shipping.

This is one of the ties that my son photographed for me.  I’m slowly getting through the listings.  This sold within a week at full asking price of $34.99, even though there was a bo on it.  Someone wanted this bad.  Shipping on ties is about $2.50 ish.

This month I’ve grossed almost $600.  I’m so excited as I didn’t do much last year or the .  beginning of this year.  But I’m getting into it again! Thanks to all the inspirational blogs, podcasts and videos.

I know some people have been mentioning slow sales this month, mine have been really good (for me)..and I attribute it all to listing often.  ABL (always be listing), as Jay and Ryanne of Ebay Scavengers always say!

What have been your best recent sales?? 

Ebay Selling – Getting My Neutral Feedback Removed

I smuggled this NERF Dart Drum away from my kids.  The gun was broken, but they were keeping this thing around for no reason. Kids get a little too attached to material things..LOL

Thanks to Lorraine at We Are Clamco, I knew these sell pretty well on Ebay.  I had gotten quite a few lowball best offers on this thing, but I waited for the right buyer to come along.  And he did..Offered me $20 and paid for international shipping to Switzerland.  I had free shipping to America…I LOVE international sales.  However, I forgot to put the weight information in for international shipping (I usually do this, so this was clearly my oversight).  But I accepted the BO and immediately went to send him an invoice when I realized this mistake.  So within 5 minutes of accepting the BO, I had all the weight and shipping information calculated and emailed to him.

Within that 5 minutes, he had already left me neutral feedback and this is what it said “please add shipping”.  That’s it.  That made me a tad bit mad..I didn’t want a neutral.  I talked to hubby about it, but he was no help and said that it was our oversight..just let it go.  But I couldn’t.  So I thought I’d give Ebay a call.  Explained the situation and got it removed. Yes!!  It was covered under the Ebay Seller Feedback Protection.

So when in doubt..don’t hesitate and just give them a buzz and see if they can’t help you out!

Vintage & Modern Mix – Thrift Store Fashion


I found this photo on my computer and thought that I had posted it before, but checked and realized that I hadn’t.  It was from June of 2013.

The polka-dot shirt is a vintage shirt.  It’s a size L, but it actually fits more like a 16/18..it is huge on me, but a belt cinches the waist up nicely!   This image doesn’t do it justice, but the shirt has the most beautiful scalloped edging on the sleeves, the collar and the front.  I really wish I could sew to refashion it into a better fitting top.  The jeans are from Macy’s and were New With Tags ($89 price tag).  I paid very little for the top.  About $2, if I remember correctly.  It was from the Salvation Army and the jeans were $4.99 from Good Will.  The shoes were thrifted too and I paid about $3 for them.

They be like, “Oh, that Gucci – that’s hella tight.”
I’m like, “Yo – that’s fifty dollars for a T-shirt.”
Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition
Fifty dollars for a T-shirt – that’s just some ignorant bitch (shit)
I call that getting swindled and pimped (shit)
I call that getting tricked by a business
That shirt’s hella dough
And having the same one as six other people in this club is a hella don’t ~ Macklemore

I’m wondering how many Ebay sellers shop for themselves and their families while out thrifting and looking for inventory.  I do probably 90% of all my clothes shopping for us at thrifts.  Maybe the % is even higher.  Not only can you find items that are NWT (new with tags), not only are you paying a fraction of the retail cost (which saves you tons of money that can be put to better use), but you find so many gems and amazing things (you’re not walking around looking like everyone else)!!!

I have to say that I’ve gotten a lot more compliments about my outfits since I’ve started thrifting than I ever have before.  I’m not huge into fashion like some women, but I have a lot of high end clients that I work with so I do need to look somewhat decent! And it feels really nice when those clients are the ones that compliment me! ;)   All I do is smile and think to myself…if you only knew where I got this.  LOL

I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast not too long ago and he mentioned that his son shops at Goodwill because he likes to find cool and unique clothes to wear.  Some people are embarrassed to shop at Thrifts, but even kids of multi-millionaires shop there.

I’ve also met a lot of interior decorators and home stagers that shop there.  Oh the cool things you can find.

Can you tell I’m crazy about thrift stores???  I ♥ them!

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Ebay Selling – Best Offer Option and Unsolicited Seller Advice


I have a Best Offer option on almost all of my listings.  I like to price things high and entertain some best offers.  Sometimes with the Best Offer option, you have some really low ball offers.  And sometimes I get offended because some of these offers come in so stinkin’ low that it wouldn’t even cover the shipping.  Do these buyers really think that a seller would sell something at a loss?

So I’ve begun experimenting with the Auto Accept Option on the best offers.  This way you can determine at what price you are willing to accept an item and/or what price you want Ebay to automatically decline an offer.  This way you don’t even see the offers in your mailbox.  Overall, I really like it.

But when I first started using it, I sold several items that were auto accepted that kind of took me by surprise.  I remember thinking to myself…I swear I listed a different price for this.  Like the item below:

My asking price was $79.99 and I guess I put an Automatic Accept offer at $50.  Which is what this sold for literally like an 1.5 hours after I listed.  I sure as heck regretted doing the automatic Best Offer accept on this.  I forgot that I had done so and then regretted it.  I’m sure I could have gotten full price for this as when I did research there was one other seller selling this for $120.  My bag had a couple of tears in it so I went a bit lower.  I just wish that I had time to consider the offer instead of having the Auto Accept.  I paid $8.06 for this at the Salvation Army and $7 shipping.

So I’m still experimenting.  I think that I might just use the Auto Decline and NOT the Accept Offer Of At Least option.  I want to take the time to think about an offer.

What about you guys?  Do you use this feature?  How’s it working for you?

Do you get unsolicited advice from other buyers?

I know this can come in handy when you have something that is rare and you think it’s one thing, then get a helpful Ebay message from another seller informing you it’s something different.  This has not happened to me before, but I hear that it IS common and can be quite helpful from other sellers who are experts and willing to help out and share their expertise.

This wasn’t such a case.  Last fall, I went to a SA store and hit the jackpot with really unique novelty ties.

I came home with 56 ties.  They were actually quite pricey at $3.50 each.  I usually spend no more than $1.49 per tie.  But some of these were really cool and unique.  $14.99 is usually the lowest that I will accept a BO on a tie and at this price, I only need to sell 13 of those ties to break even.

I’ve hired my son to photograph them all for me and I’ve been slowly listing them.  I’m not 100% thrilled with his photography on these, but honestly, better that they are done, than waiting for me to find the time to photograph them.

A lot of these ties are Ralph Marlin.  Some are silk, others polyester.  So I was listing a whole bunch of these a while back and I get a message from another seller who sells lots of ties.  He writes that I shouldn’t list my ties so high because RM ties are only worth about $5-$7.  I wrote him back, but honestly don’t remember what I write exactly.  But something to the effect that for me it’s not about the maker, but more the design of the ties and that he can price his at whatever he’d like and I’ll price mine as I choose.  LOL

And just a couple of days later I sold this Ralph Marlin tie:

For which I accepted a BO of $25.  Take that Ebay Seller!!!  Ties don’t take up much space at all, and I am willing to wait for that right customer to come along and give me a good price.  Now if they sit for a year or two with no bites, I might consider lowering the price.  Maybe!  ;)

Have you ever received unsolicited and unwanted advice from another Ebay seller?


Selling on Ebay – Learning From Other Sellers


You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive. ~Maya Angelou

I love reading other blogs to learn everything I can about the Ebay business.  The post today will feature some things that I’ve learned recently and applied to my online store.

A couple of weeks ago there was a toy consignment sale at a local school.  Hubby and I left the kids home and took off for the sale early in the morning (ages almost 15, 12 and 8 – we’ve just recently started letting them stay home by themselves – so nice).

I do wish I had Becky from Treasures In Thrifting Land with me so that I could observe her.  She’s the queen of kids’ toys.  We spent $42 and bought a whole bunch of cool stuff.  Here are a couple of things that have already sold from that sale:

I paid $7 for these wood puzzles (which I have already read somewhere that they sell pretty well).  I accepted a bo of $25 plus shipping.

click on images to enlarge

The shipping on these PVC figurines was under $3.  These actually sold to a buyer that lives really close by.  I also have listed Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.  I paid $3 for each of these sets.  But I left behind a whole bunch of others, there was also Nemo.  But I didn’t buy more because I thought they did well, but wasn’t exactly sure and I had really bad internet connection and couldn’t look them up.  Should’ve bought them as they do better than these.  I may have read about these on Becky’s blog, or someone else’s and I’m sorry that I don’t recall where, but thank you for the tip.  Just make sure that you include Cake Topper in your description (very important).

I’ve also started watching Gilldaddy on Youtube.  They sell mostly electronics.  This is the kind of stuff that my hubby is more likely to look for at thrift store.  We picked up 3 CD Changers in the last couple of weeks.  Here’s one that sold a couple of days ago:

I accepted a best offer of $29.99 plus shipping.  We paid $3.99 for this one.  They all range between $3.99 – $5.  It is important to test these though to make sure they work.  We plug them in at the thrift store, but unless you bring CDs with you (which I think I will keep in my purse from now on).  You can’t fully test them, however.  You’d also need to hook up some speakers to make sure the audio works.  We took a chance and two of them work perfectly.  One wasn’t working, but we can still sell it for parts for around $20.  I actually sold the other one too (was going to Israel), but then the buyer asked to cancel that he had made a mistake (maybe shipping was too much as it was almost $100 shipping).

Thanks to Gilldaddy and his videos, we also picked up an aquatic filter for $4 that we will probably make about $40 just parting it out.  Replacement parts are awesome!  I just wrote about it HERE.  Hubby actually bought it for himself, but we always check completeds first and he decided to sell it.

I was reading Kari’s blog recently and noticed that she had sold a Pot Holder and it got me thinking.  I had a brand new Pampered Chef pot holder in a Goodwill Donation pile in my basement and decided to do a little research on it.  I had bought this thing probably 15 years ago and never used it.  It came with oven mits that I did use though.  I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets when I found it.  Can’t believe I almost gave it away.  It sold within a month for full asking price. It was under $3 shipping. Thanks Kari!!!

The first day after I had it listed I did get a lowball offer of $5.  $5 really??  With free shipping?  I try not to get mad..really I do.  LOL  I’m starting to do automatic decline offers now too.  Do I really need to get my blood boiling because of silly buyers?!

Good ‘Till Cancelled Fixed Price Duration – is what I had for all of my listings (which I learned from The Danni App a long time ago), but read somewhere that if you don’t cancel that and change to 30 days or whatever, these listings become stale and don’t really show up in search results.  There is a lot of conflicting info, but I went ahead and cancelled all of my listings and relisted them using “Sell Similar”.  It sure worked for me, the first day after I did this, I received 4 best offers and hadn’t had much traffic at all prior to that.  Anyone else find this to be true?

So what have you guys learned recently that you’ve implemented into your Ebay selling business?