– just imported my Ebay listings.


I just recently read about Vangoe on the Scavenger Life blog. So today I spent about 10 minutes signing up and importing all of my listings.  Like Bonanza, you can import all of your listings within a matter of minutes.  Super easy.  That’s what I like.  I’d probably be selling on Etsy if it were that easy to import the listings.  I’ve never taken the time to learn it..and probably won’t anytime soon.


Here’s a screenshot from my Vangoe page.

Once I sell something, I will come back and write a little bit more about my experience with it.  What I really like are how simple their fees are.  There are no listing fees and you only pay them when you sell something.

Here’s what their fees are (copied straight from their site):

Site Fees

Listing Fees
All listings (Auctions and Fixed Price) are Free except in the following 2 Special Categories:
A. Cars, Trucks, Boats and Vehicles (see fees below)
B. Real Estate (see fees below)
Automatic or Manual Re-listing is also free. Automatic Re-listing is limited to 52 re-listings.
Selling Fees
5% of the sale price will be charged to your account except in the 2 Special Categories (see below):
Special Categories Listing and Selling Fees:
Cars, Trucks, Boats and Vehicles – listing fee is one time charge of $20.00. There is NO Selling Fee.
Real Estate – listing fee is one time charge of $20.00. There is NO Selling Fee.
Automatic or Manual Re-listing is also free. Automatic Re-listing is limited to 52 re-listings.
Payment of Fees to Vangoe: will bill you on a monthly basis for any fees owed in excess of $9.00 for that month. Any fees owed which are less than $9.00 will be held over and billed with the following months billing.
Here’s a little video about the company.

I see no reason not to try it out.  Let me know if you do and what you think!
This is not an affiliate or sponsored post.

Happy New Year & date night with Dave Ramsey


Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone’s holidays were awesome.  My hubby was off from Christmas Eve through Jan 3 and we had an awesome staycation.  We were going to take a couple of smaller trips, but decided just to stay home and relax..and we did. It was great!!  Although I did do quite a bit of baking for Christmas.  Two days worth of mostly traditional Polish pastries.  There was way too much food and I must say that my pants are a bit tight.  LOL

Two days of baking cookies/pastries for Christmas.  Yum!

Two days of baking cookies/pastries for Christmas. Yum!

Last night we went to see Dave Ramsey.  It was his first time here in Chicago and when I bought the tickets they were only $29 each, so I figured it would be a fun date night.  I love Dave Ramsey.  We’ve been following his plan (Baby Steps) diligently since Jan 2013 and have since paid off about $110,000 in debt (I sent in a $10,000 payment on our new car in December.  YES!!).

I have to tell you that nothing he said in his live event was anything new to me.  I listen to his radio show almost daily too.  But it was fun to see him live.  Chris Hogan spoke with Dave about his new book Retire Inspired: Retirement Isn’t An Age, but a Financial Number.  Which is so true.  Basically the amount of money you need/want to retire on.  You can find your R:IQ for free on his site.  I think I will get the book from the library..need to add that to my library wish list!

I’ve heard Chris speak on Dave’s radio show many times, but I LOVED him in person.  I had no idea he was so funny!  His sense of humor does not come across so much over the radio, but in real life..he’s hilarious.  I could listen to him talk all day.

So it was a fun date night.  I laughed and I cried.  :)

Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan..we had decent seats..right behind premier seating for non-premier pricing.  Helps to get there early!

Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan..we had decent seats..right behind premier seating for non-premier pricing. Helps to get there early!

I thought I'd have to drag hubby with..but he happy obliged..happy wife, happy life! :)

I thought I’d have to drag hubby with..but he happily obliged..happy wife, happy life! :)

It was the perfect inspiration for the year.  Continuing to get out of debt.  That car will be paid of by Sept (if not sooner)!  I’m still mad that I will pay about $400 total in interest for that car.  Car payments are bad!

Hope you all had a great Holiday and I wish you a very blessed and happy new year!!

(NONE of the links here are affiliate links..I just love Dave Ramsey.  He’s motivated and inspired me to get my financial house in order and I just want to spread the news!)

Ebay Sellers – Don’t have a Bonanza store? You really should!



My Ebay store isn’t very large…it’s only about 450 items.  And I don’t make a lot of money on ebay yet and this is a really busy time of the year for my other photography business.  But I did take it from about 87 items to 450 since last fall so things are steadily selling.  I can’t complain since I’ve only listed about 12 items in November and none in December.

But earlier this year I went ahead and signed up for a Bonanza store.  There wasn’t that much action, I’d sell something about once a month or every other month.  But it’s been hopping since December.  I’ve been selling something almost everyday.

Bonanza sales early december

click to enlarge

Here’s what those items were:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

The screenshot above was my ended items list from Ebay to easily show you the items.  These screenshots were taken yesterday morning and by afternoon I had sold another item, the tie below.

bonanza tie

That’s an extra $175.56 I made in one week on Bonanza (I did not include shipping $ received).

I know some people are afraid because they’re read that others were having problems like duplicate items, shipping not being calculated, etc.  But you just need to do it and then go in and check to make sure everything is okay.  My shipping was originally not being calculated as I forgot to go in and change my shipping preferences.  But now it’s smooth sailing.

Here’s why you should have a Bonanza store:

1.  You can automatically import you ebay items into your store..easy peezy.

2.  You have a different audience of more potential sellers.

3.  The Bonanza platform is pretty user friendly.  Just like anything else, it will take a little time to get used to..but once you do, it’s very simple.

4.  Extra sales you wouldn’t get otherwise without much additional work. (You do need to immediately go back into your ebay inventory and end your item after it sells on Bonanza. I’ve heard of some items being ended automatically, but this hasn’t happened to me.  I also print my shipping labels through Paypal instead of Bonanza as I’ve found the rates to sometimes be better and now I’m just used to doing it that way.)

5.  There is no best offer on Bonanza.  So my items sell for more than they would (if I accepted on best offer) on Ebay.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  If you guys have any other ideas, please do share them.

So go ahead and open that store if you haven’t.  There’s really no reason you shouldn’t!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great one! :)

Recent Ebay Sales and what’s been happening.


Week of November 8 – 14, 2015

Total Items in Store: 452
Items Sold: 7
Cost of Items Sold: $37
Total Sales: $192.86
Highest Price Sold: $75 (set of 5 ugly christmas sweater kits)
Average Price Sold: $27.55
International Sales: 0
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week:0
Number of items listed this week: 10

Week of November 1 – 7, 2015

Total Items in Store: 440’s (not sure exactly)
Items Sold: 5
Cost of Items Sold: $15.50
Total Sales: $233.87
Highest Price Sold: $135 (set of 8 JVC DF-300 Tapes)
Average Price Sold: $46.77
International Sales: 1 to Russia (not GSP)
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week:0
Number of items listed this week: ?

Happy I have stuff selling. I really haven’t listed much at all since August.

I haven’t posted any sales for Sept and October, so I thought I might just show you my ebay sales summary snapshots.

sept seller newsSo in September I listed 23 items and had $1185.23 in sales.

october seller newsAnd in October I had $703.63 in sales. I guess the listing amount doesn’t directly correlate to the amount of sales one has on Ebay.  But I still believe that it’s important to consistently list in order to have consistent sales.

In July I made an announcement about closing my retail portrait studio business.  That happened at the end of September. It’s a lot of work to move a business from a two story location back home. Almost the entire month was spent moving and trying to sell some stuff that I no longer need.

I still have quite a bit of freelance work to finish up that will probably take me another month or so. I will still be doing freelance portrait photography work, but not as much and will be transitioning more into Ebay.

How have you been doing with Ebay recently?

This week’s edition of Weirdbay

I love how on Ebay there seems to be a market for just about anything.  I came across this listing on Ebay this week:  What’s in the box?  Hey it’s kind of like bidding on a mystery box lot at an auction.

I was curious how much someone was willing to pay.

I was curious how much someone was willing to pay.

And then I’ve been reading about selling used undergarments.  I know vintage undies sell for decent money.  And I read somewhere that even dirty socks sell.  Curiosity got the best of me and off to research I went.  Sure enough..they do.

These went for a great price..but most don't.  A lot of them sell for only a couple of bucks.

These went for a great price..but most don’t. A lot of them sell for only a couple of bucks.

So tell me, what was so special about these used dirty socks that brought it $21.99.  Was it the models legs?

Have you come across anything weird on Ebay lately?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

PART TWO: Why car payments are costing you millions of dollars!



So in the last post (Part I) I shared that we bought a brand new van for $23,000 and why Dave Ramsey might be mad at me (even though the van was a great price as the sticker price on it was almost $28K and the same vans, fully loaded, go for about $40K).

Today I’m going to talk about why car payments are truly costing you millions of dollars!

I was listening to Dave’s podcast a few weeks ago and have basically transcribed (your welcome) his short discussion/feelings on the subject of car payments.  He was talking to a young woman who was very smart with her money and wanted to convince her boyfriend to sell his heavily financed and expensive truck. This was from the 9/28 audio archives, hour 3 about 12 minutes in. It’s an older one, so no longer available.

Dave Ramsey on car payments.

If you say I can afford it and have payments: Means you don’t understand how to build wealth. When rich people say that, they buy it in payments.

As long as you have payments, you’re giving away your most powerful wealth building tool, which is your income.

Wealthy people don’t have car payments. (He means really wealthy people, not people we think are wealthy and are in debt up to their ears.) It’s not that they got rid of their payments when they got wealthy, it’s that they got wealthy because they got rid of their car payments.

Here’s an example, the average car payment in America today is $480 for 84 month. If you were to invest that amount of money, from age 25-65, instead of keeping a car payment your whole life. Without the philosophy of “I can afford the payments, so I can afford the car.” If you didn’t have a car payment and you paid cash for your cars, and invested that amount of money, you’d have $5.6 million dollars. (Dave is using a 12% return here.)

That’s what car payments cost you. $5.6 million. So if people did one thing only…if they never had any car payments and invested it every month, they would be multi-millionairs. If that was their only financial move, that’s how powerful this is..the idea of not having a car payment. It’s not just a million dollars, it’s millions of dollars.

So that car that you’re driving is a 5 million dollar car if you are at 25 years old. So that car and all future cars that you buy on payments are costing you millions of dollars. So when I saw that, I said “payments aren’t okay anymore.” (That’s powerful.)

Wow…you guys still think car payments are okay?  No way.  We will have our car payment for about 1 year and it will cost me about $715 in interest (gosh, I really hate interest), but haven’t had any in a long time..probably 10 years if not more.

So I wanted to see what the future value of car payments would be if we invested that money instead and bought all our cars in cash.  Dave Ramsey used about 12% return, mine are a little more conservative at 10%.  (For those of you that don’t believe you can get those types of returns from mutual funds, go do your research).  We’ve been investing in mutual funds for our retirement and for our kids and have been getting higher average returns than that over the last 15-20 years).  The funds we invest in have been around since 1941. (I worked in that field for about 6 years after college so I’m pretty familiar with it.)

Here's how much money you would have at 65 if you starting investing a car payment into mutual funds at the age of 25.

Here’s how much money you would have at 65 if you starting investing a car payment into mutual funds at the age of 25.

Can you imagine what an impact you can have on your child’s future if you could educate them on this one topic and stop them from having (normal) car payments for the rest of their lives!!!  

You can play around with other numbers with this calculator here:  Dave Ramsey’s Investing Calculator

Here's how much you'd have if you started investment that car payment at age 30.

Here’s how much you’d have if you started investing that car payment at age 30.

Here's the potential value of your car payments if you started saving them and investment when you are 42.

Here’s the potential value of your car payments if you started saving them and investing when you are 42.

So obviously, the sooner you learn this lesson, the more money you can have later on…but only if you stop those car payments.

Stop making the car companies rich and instead, start paying yourself that money and start making YOU rich!

Hubby and I have made a lot of money mistakes in the past and personal finance has become something that I’m pretty passionate about.  I hope this makes sense for you guys and you take it to could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for you in the future, or even millions of dollars.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.  I appreciate it!

Dave Ramsey might be mad at me & Why car payments are costing you millions of dollars!



making dollars sense10/14/15


Why might Dave Ramsey be mad at me?  We’re not yet done paying off all our debt and just incurred a bit more debt as we bought a new car on payments.  All no no’s when it comes to being smart with your money.

Our new 2015 Nissan Quest Minivan.  Some people buy sports cars when going through a mid-life crises..we get a family car!

Our new 2015 Nissan Quest Minivan. Some people buy sports cars when going through a mid-life crises..we get a family car!

We’re not done paying off all our debt, so why in the world would we buy a new car?  We’ve paid off $100,000 of debt in a little over 2.5 years so far.  We’re not done yet..we still have a loan with my parents. But we have older cars and my hubby’s truck has been breaking quite a bit lately…it’s a 2001 Dodge Ram.

Here's hubby fixing the damn truck.  We put $700 into it just in Sept. No matter how many times you fix a car, especially if you can do it yourself, it's less expensive than buying another one.

Here’s hubby fixing the damn truck. We put $700 into it just in Sept. No matter how many times you fix a car, especially if you can do it yourself, it’s less expensive than buying another one.

This will now be my 16 year old son’s.  Hubby still wants to do a few more things, but it works!

Our other car is a 2006 Ford Fusion.  We knew we’d be looking for a car and have been doing so since about May of this year.  And we’ve been looking for slightly older minivans.  Our sons are huge..the 16yo is now 6″7″ and my 13yo is 6’2″ already.  We need the leg room and also more seating (our in-laws live 3 houses down and we do lots of stuff with them..nice not to have to take 2 cars).

If you had asked me 6 months ago if I’d ever buy a new car, I would have said “NO WAY, are you crazy?  You lose like 25% of the value of the car just by driving it off the lot.”   Plus millionairs (I think this was from the book “The Millionaire Next Door”) usually drive cars about 1-2 years old..they let someone else take the depreciation hit.  And Dave Ramsey’s guideline for buying a new car is that you should have a net worth of $1 million dollars, and then you can take that kind of an depreciation loss.

So why in the world did we get this new car when we still have my parents loan to pay back?  Well, first, they basically told us we can pay them back (at no interest), whenever. They’ve actually been looking for a good deal on a minivan for us for about a year.  My son was going to need a car anyway and we really needed something with some more room.  So a minivan made most sense.

About every couple of weeks, I would be online searching for what’s available.  And as I was searching…here’s what I was coming up with.

used mini vans

I had no idea how expensive mini vans are. And look at all those miles!

used mini vans 2010

And these..5 years old and all those miles and still so expensive!

So I typically search for used minivans.  Well, I accidentally forgot to click on the used search and left it set to new.  I also had my $ limit set to $23,000.  So when I clicked search, I thought I was looking for used minivans.  And here’s what came up:

our nissan

$22,799 for a brand new minivan? WHAT??

Yep, that the car.  I did have to drive about an hour to get it.  And the price was actually $600 more (that above price was for recently college grads…grrr!).  So by chance I happened to find this minivan.  And that was with a 100 mile radius.

Now why was it so inexpensive compared to everything else on the market.  First of all, the sticker price on it was $27,900.  Which is still cheap as these go for about $40,000.  But this is the most basic model available.  And that’s perfectly okay with us.  This most basic model already has more features than our current cars.  Sure, it my not have DVDs in the back, or tinted windows (which we’ve already gotten done for $300), or a rear-view camera, or automatic seats, or side doors that close automatically.  Who cares.  It’s still a beautiful looking car and has everything we need. Plus the way we see it, the less features, the less things that can break.  And we saved about $20K.  However, I will be replacing the rims though..that will be another $400.  Then this car will look just like the $40K version.

If you have to buy something on payments, you really can’t afford it.  Plus you’re making another company rich..keep that money and let it work for you instead! Well, we should be done paying this sucker off by next October (within one year) and the interest cost will only be $715.  Actually will be less as we’ll be making huge prepayments on it so the monthly interest calculation will be smaller every month. We got a loan through our local Credit Union at only 2.75%.

And it actually hurts my stomach to know that I’ll be throwing $715 away..but I’m willing to pay that instead of having to wait a year to save up the money and pay cash.  Plus we found a great deal on a car that’s exactly what we wanted.  And all of you out there are my accountability to get this sucker paid off within a year.  Although I’m hoping it will be sooner, but we’ll see.

This post is already quite long so I will leave PART TWO for another day.  That’s where I’ll talk about how these car payments are costing you millions of dollars.  It’s really important and I hope you’ll read it and take it to heart!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

What happens when your children show an interest in selling on Ebay.


So all 3 of my boys (now 10, 13 & 16) have started getting interested in finding inventory for me to sell online.  They are all wanting to make some $ and know that this is one way they can do so (although my 10 year old has been setting up a Rainbow Loom bracelet sale on our street too…made $30 one time!).


My 16 year old picked this hat up last year while we were sold this morning!

My 13 year old found these vintage Packers Superbowl 1997 glasses.

My 13yo found these vintage Packers Superbowl 1997 glasses.

Why shopping at the thrift store is now stressful for me when the kids come along.

Thrift shopping used to be a leisurely activity for me, but now has become a bit stressful.  The kids confiscate my phone (for research purposes) and now are constantly coming to me with items.  “Mom what do you think of this?”  “Mom this is made in Japan!.” “Mom, isn’t this a cool mug?” “This is going for $9 on Ebay Mom, should I get it?” Last time we were thrifting it seemed that every couple of minutes they were running to me with items they thought might be worthy of seeling on Ebay.

Mom then needs to explain that they should check completeds to see if this item has actually sold and at what price.  Did it include free shipping? Or was the selling price with free shipping?  Mom then needs to explain that after shipping costs (if free shipping) and Ebay/Paypal fees, there’s not much profit left.  I also have to tell them to keep it down a bit too..sometimes my youngest gets a little to excited and starts calling out to me from afar!

They are actually starting to understand how this whole Ebay business works and that you can actually make some $ selling on there.

How do my kids get paid?

Right now they are earning a finder’s fee.  I’m paying them about 20% of the sale price.

They have indicated an interest in wanting to handle the entire process themselves:  finding the inventory, cleaning it, photographing it and then just having me list it and then I would get a commission for listing it for them.  LOL  Well, they found a few things and then they have just been sitting there…so we are reverting back to the 20% finders fee for them.

If your kids are involved in your Ebay selling, how do you pay them?  What is your process?

Did I ever tell you about this 21 year old kid who makes over $120K selling on Ebay?

A couple of years ago I was listening to Dave Ramsey (you know I love his audio archives) and this 21 year old kid calls in.  He proceeds to tell Dave that he has a lot of extra money that he’d like to invest on a monthly basis and wasn’t sure what he should be investing in. So Dave inquires as to how much he makes and the kid says he brings home a little over $120K a year after taxes…that’s PROFIT!  Dave always asks what people do for a living, especially making that kind of money and being so young.

The guy explains that he sells on Ebay and Craigslist and that he grew up in the business because his parents were Antique Dealers and sold on there as well.  He said he goes to auctions and garage sales, and anywhere else where he can buy items to resell.

I repeat this story to my kids ALL..THE..TIME!  But I also tell them that it doesn’t come easy.  They actually have to work for money…it doesn’t just magically appear.

Now I don’t know who this person is, but I love hearing these types of success stories.  Not only is he good and making the money, but he’s smart as hell to want to save that money so that it can work for him and bring him a passive income..they are his employees after all!

I am loving that the kids are getting interested in sourcing inventory for Ebay.  They used to hate going garage saling and thrifting with us.  Now they are excited to go.

What about your kids?  Are they showing any interest?

I am an Antiquarian.

I was reading an old gardening book about an older English gardener and his heritage gardens.  They referred to him as an Antiquarian.  Obviously this peeked my interest.  So I looked it up and here is what it says:

antiquarianAn antiquarian is “a person who collects, studies, or sells valuable old things.”  Well, I do all three, so I guess I am an Antiquarian!!  I was one, before I even knew there was a term for it! :)

So for other Ebay sellers out there, when someone asks what you do, you can just say that you are one too!

My husband and I really love history.  We are both European (Polish).  Even though hubby was born here in the states (I wasn’t), he still loves our heritage and learning all about it.  We both love old things, old cultures and old customs.

I guess that’s why we both feel so comfortable at thrifts, flea markets, garage sales, old country farm auctions, etc.  My hubby has been collecting antique tools since before we were married (over 24 years). We were antiquarians long before I began selling on Ebay.  Selling on Ebay is just such a perfect fit for us both, we often come across old things that we find really unique and interesting, but may not have the need for.  So how wonderful that we can find old unique and valuable things and pass them on to people who will love and appreciate them.

I certainly love a lot of modern things too, but am always drawn to things that have history.

IMG_2360This picture above shows a few things in my kitchen that are vintage.  That Bear cookie jar?  I stole that from my MIL many years ago…it’s about 40 years old, but I fell in love with it as soon as my little eye spied it!  The sugar bowl is also vintage, as well as the corningware coffee pot.  I take out the inside and just use it to boil water most of the time since I mostly drink instant coffee.  I’m made fun of quite often when we have people over and they have to wait maybe 10-15 minutes before the water is ready (a bit more if it’s full), as I don’t have one of those super quick electric ones. It’s all in fun though!  Why are people in such a hurry these days?  LOL

So, do you consider yourself an Antiquarian?

Ebay Sales and an announcement!

Should I start with the announcement first?  I’m nervous just thinking about it.  Some of you may know that I own and operate a portrait studio out of a retail location.  Well, the end of September I will be closing my retail location and only doing location work.  Eeek!

I have been at that location for 9 years and I’m so ready for a change.  I won’t be doing photography work as much as I have in the past and will be focusing more on my Ebay business.  My studio costs me about $25K to operate and I have to see a lot of clients just to cover my operating expenses.  I want to keep more money in my pocket and any clients that I do see, I will be able to keep most of the $, instead of it going to the landlord, the utility companies and the insurance companies.

It feels so liberating knowing that September will be my last month.  I am just giddy with excitement.  I’ve had my business for 12 years and the first 3 years was all location work.  At that point I dreamed of owning a “real” studio and made that happen.  Now I’m done.  I want to work from home and on my schedule and not anyone elses.  :D  I’m so excited!

Okay, so back to recent sales.  I’ve been busy with the kids and gardening and life in general and haven’t posted in a while and am a bit behind.  Please accept my apologies.


Week June 29-July 5, 2015
Total Items in Store: 458
Items Sold: 6
Cost of Items Sold: $10.50
Total Sales: $173.93
Highest Price Sold: $39.99 (vintage gun holster)
Average Price Sold: $28.99
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 1 (kind of – I refunded the buyer, but didn’t want them to send it back as it was a large item (bedding) and expensive to ship back and they wanted me to pay for return shipping.  Just refunded original price, not original shipping.  They felt it had more wear that visible in pics.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This was my highest selling item this past week.  I was at an estate sale a while back when I found 2 of these in the back of the basement where the tools were.  They were priced at only $.50 each.  Wow.  You can’t go wrong with that.  This was was a more valuable one.  The other one sold for $16.99.

Week June 22-June 28, 2015
Total Items in Store: around 430
Items Sold: 13
Cost of Items Sold: $26.50
Total Sales: $247.87
Highest Price Sold: $29.99 (vintage dart game)
Average Price Sold: $20.99
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 1

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This I found at a Goodwill for $1.99 still sealed in the original plastic.  I love finding these types of things.  Sold within a week of listing.

Week June 15-June 21, 2015
Total Items in Store: around 420
Items Sold: 18
Cost of Items Sold: $27
Total Sales: $383.84
Highest Price Sold: $45.99 (cable ties)
Average Price Sold: $21.32
International Sales: 0
Returns: 0

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

My hubby picked these up when we were in a thrift store a while ago.  Brand new and sealed for a couple of dollars.  Glad I have him, as this is nothing I would ever even look at.  Glad that he enjoys thrifting as much as I do!  :)

Week June 7-June 14, 2015
Total Items in Store: 420
Items Sold: 18
Cost of Items Sold: $22.50
Total Sales: $1103.84
Highest Price Sold: $725 (large vintage bible)
Average Price Sold: $61.32
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 0

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This was a fabulous week as I sold a $725 vintage bible that raised my average selling price to $61.

This bible was from my personal collection.  Back when  I was in college I belonged to the Easton Press Book club.  This was one of those things I purchased back then.  It is a HUGE bible.  It is 14″ Tall and 10.5″ Wide and 3.5″ Thick.

Keep your eyes out for these Easton press books…especially this bible.

So that’s about it.  I have more to write about..but I think this post is long enough.  I’ll skip the Weirdbay as I don’t have time to do the research right now.

How have you guys been?

Ebay Sales and a Voodoo Spell to help me sell all my ebay inventory?

Ebay Sales

I will be posting my ebay sales for the last 2 weeks.

Store Week May 31- June 6, 2015

Total Items in Store: 418
Items Sold: 22
Cost of Items Sold: $25.50
Total Sales: $485.50
Highest Price Sold: $36.99 Highball Glasses
Average Price Sold: $22.07
International Sales: 2 GSP
Returns: 0

Things have picked up nicely since May 31st. I am starting to list higher dollar items, so I can’t wait for the Average Sale Price to go up!

And the previous week:

Store Week May 24-30, 2015

Total Items in Store: 419
Items Sold: 7
Cost of Items Sold: $10.75
Total Sales: $162.92
Highest Price Sold: $29.99 (weight watchers books)
Average Price Sold: $24.27
International Sales: 0
Returns: 0

I was afraid I wouldn’t even make $100 bucks that week. Glad I got $162. :)

One of the things I wanted to bring up this time was needlepoint kits.  This one went to Australia.

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We went to a community garage sale last year and one woman was selling tons of these needlepoints for $1.  I had asked her if I could get them for $.50 each if I bought all of them.  I bought about 15 of them for $.50 each.  Sold several of these already.  They may not be a quick sale, but they are all priced between $22.99 and $31.99 and they sell.  They are easy to store and ship and the COGS couldn’t be better.  I’m always looking for them.  Come to think of it.  I just sold another one of these with a winter scene to Australia a couple of weeks ago too.

Have you guys ever sold these?  Which ones do you pick up?

This week’s edition of Weirdbay

I didn’t know this, but you can buy voodoo spells on Ebay.  Perhaps there is one out there that will help me sell all of my inventory?  Just Kidding.  This kind of stuff actually freaks me out.

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This person actually sells quite a lot of these things.  I checked her completeds and she’s sold 23 of these in the last couple of weeks.

Another weird thing on Ebay was brought to my attention by Chris from Flipping A Dollar.

He was doing some research on military pants and came across this seller:

click to enlarge this cute cat

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That’s the great thing about can find a buyer for just about anything.  Some sellers are proud their items come from smoke free and pet free homes.  Others, like this one, are forth right and even show the cat that the cat hair on their clothes come from.  LOL

I love what they write in their listings:

Cat hair included at no extra charge!

One of our dogs is shedding quite a bit right now and it’s driving me crazy.  I’m finding here hair everwhere…and I’m sure a few have probably gotten stuck here or there too.  :(  But I try my hardest to not include any dog hair when I’m shipping my items!

What’s new with you guys?  How are your sales?