Ebay Sales and an announcement!

Should I start with the announcement first?  I’m nervous just thinking about it.  Some of you may know that I own and operate a portrait studio out of a retail location.  Well, the end of September I will be closing my retail location and only doing location work.  Eeek!

I have been at that location for 9 years and I’m so ready for a change.  I won’t be doing photography work as much as I have in the past and will be focusing more on my Ebay business.  My studio costs me about $25K to operate and I have to see a lot of clients just to cover my operating expenses.  I want to keep more money in my pocket and any clients that I do see, I will be able to keep most of the $, instead of it going to the landlord, the utility companies and the insurance companies.

It feels so liberating knowing that September will be my last month.  I am just giddy with excitement.  I’ve had my business for 12 years and the first 3 years was all location work.  At that point I dreamed of owning a “real” studio and made that happen.  Now I’m done.  I want to work from home and on my schedule and not anyone elses.  :D  I’m so excited!

Okay, so back to recent sales.  I’ve been busy with the kids and gardening and life in general and haven’t posted in a while and am a bit behind.  Please accept my apologies.


Week June 29-July 5, 2015
Total Items in Store: 458
Items Sold: 6
Cost of Items Sold: $10.50
Total Sales: $173.93
Highest Price Sold: $39.99 (vintage gun holster)
Average Price Sold: $28.99
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 1 (kind of – I refunded the buyer, but didn’t want them to send it back as it was a large item (bedding) and expensive to ship back and they wanted me to pay for return shipping.  Just refunded original price, not original shipping.  They felt it had more wear that visible in pics.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This was my highest selling item this past week.  I was at an estate sale a while back when I found 2 of these in the back of the basement where the tools were.  They were priced at only $.50 each.  Wow.  You can’t go wrong with that.  This was was a more valuable one.  The other one sold for $16.99.

Week June 22-June 28, 2015
Total Items in Store: around 430
Items Sold: 13
Cost of Items Sold: $26.50
Total Sales: $247.87
Highest Price Sold: $29.99 (vintage dart game)
Average Price Sold: $20.99
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 1

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This I found at a Goodwill for $1.99 still sealed in the original plastic.  I love finding these types of things.  Sold within a week of listing.

Week June 15-June 21, 2015
Total Items in Store: around 420
Items Sold: 18
Cost of Items Sold: $27
Total Sales: $383.84
Highest Price Sold: $45.99 (cable ties)
Average Price Sold: $21.32
International Sales: 0
Returns: 0

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

My hubby picked these up when we were in a thrift store a while ago.  Brand new and sealed for a couple of dollars.  Glad I have him, as this is nothing I would ever even look at.  Glad that he enjoys thrifting as much as I do!  :)

Week June 7-June 14, 2015
Total Items in Store: 420
Items Sold: 18
Cost of Items Sold: $22.50
Total Sales: $1103.84
Highest Price Sold: $725 (large vintage bible)
Average Price Sold: $61.32
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 0

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This was a fabulous week as I sold a $725 vintage bible that raised my average selling price to $61.

This bible was from my personal collection.  Back when  I was in college I belonged to the Easton Press Book club.  This was one of those things I purchased back then.  It is a HUGE bible.  It is 14″ Tall and 10.5″ Wide and 3.5″ Thick.

Keep your eyes out for these Easton press books…especially this bible.

So that’s about it.  I have more to write about..but I think this post is long enough.  I’ll skip the Weirdbay as I don’t have time to do the research right now.

How have you guys been?

Ebay Sales and a Voodoo Spell to help me sell all my ebay inventory?

Ebay Sales

I will be posting my ebay sales for the last 2 weeks.

Store Week May 31- June 6, 2015

Total Items in Store: 418
Items Sold: 22
Cost of Items Sold: $25.50
Total Sales: $485.50
Highest Price Sold: $36.99 Highball Glasses
Average Price Sold: $22.07
International Sales: 2 GSP
Returns: 0

Things have picked up nicely since May 31st. I am starting to list higher dollar items, so I can’t wait for the Average Sale Price to go up!

And the previous week:

Store Week May 24-30, 2015

Total Items in Store: 419
Items Sold: 7
Cost of Items Sold: $10.75
Total Sales: $162.92
Highest Price Sold: $29.99 (weight watchers books)
Average Price Sold: $24.27
International Sales: 0
Returns: 0

I was afraid I wouldn’t even make $100 bucks that week. Glad I got $162. :)

One of the things I wanted to bring up this time was needlepoint kits.  This one went to Australia.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

We went to a community garage sale last year and one woman was selling tons of these needlepoints for $1.  I had asked her if I could get them for $.50 each if I bought all of them.  I bought about 15 of them for $.50 each.  Sold several of these already.  They may not be a quick sale, but they are all priced between $22.99 and $31.99 and they sell.  They are easy to store and ship and the COGS couldn’t be better.  I’m always looking for them.  Come to think of it.  I just sold another one of these with a winter scene to Australia a couple of weeks ago too.

Have you guys ever sold these?  Which ones do you pick up?

This week’s edition of Weirdbay

I didn’t know this, but you can buy voodoo spells on Ebay.  Perhaps there is one out there that will help me sell all of my inventory?  Just Kidding.  This kind of stuff actually freaks me out.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This person actually sells quite a lot of these things.  I checked her completeds and she’s sold 23 of these in the last couple of weeks.

Another weird thing on Ebay was brought to my attention by Chris from Flipping A Dollar.

He was doing some research on military pants and came across this seller:

click to enlarge this cute cat

click to enlarge this cute cat

That’s the great thing about Ebay..you can find a buyer for just about anything.  Some sellers are proud their items come from smoke free and pet free homes.  Others, like this one, are forth right and even show the cat that the cat hair on their clothes come from.  LOL

I love what they write in their listings:

Cat hair included at no extra charge!

One of our dogs is shedding quite a bit right now and it’s driving me crazy.  I’m finding here hair everwhere…and I’m sure a few have probably gotten stuck here or there too.  :(  But I try my hardest to not include any dog hair when I’m shipping my items!

What’s new with you guys?  How are your sales?

You’ll find me spending a lot of time digging in the dirt right now.

It’s that time of year when the weather gets warmer, the garden comes alive and I want to spend most of my time outside digging in the dirt.

I discovered a passion for flowers and gardening about 3 years ago.  I can’t believe I lived the first 37 years of my life completely oblivious to plant life.  I never spent any time outside in my garden (I do love the outdoors though and always have loved hiking, etc.).  But I never paid attention to our landscape or anything.  That was my hubby’s job.

These days, it’s hard to keep me inside.  And this is why.  Mother nature is so gorgeous!

All of these flowers are done blooming already.  This was from a few weeks ago.  I had my Irises blooming like crazy just recently and I have those pics somewhere, but don’t recall which camera I took those with.  LOL

Are you guys spending any time in your gardens?

Plant list:  lungwort, bleeding heart, tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinth, 1 bloom on my new magnolia tree, quince, jack frost brunnera, vinca and creeping buttercup.

Ebay sales and don’t be afraid to ask a high price for your item.

Ebay Sales

I didn’t get a chance to post last week so I thought I would do two weeks worth of sales in this post:

Store Week May 10-16, 2015

Total Items in Store: 424
Items Sold: 12
Cost of Items Sold: $8:50
Total Sales: $209.12
Highest Price Sold: $39.99 off camera flash
Average Price Sold: $20.91
International Sales: 2 (1 GSP)
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $7.50

Store Week May 17-23, 2015

Total Items in Store: 419
Items Sold: 12
Cost of Items Sold: $8.75
Total Sales: $296.89
Highest Price Sold: $60 vintage brass planter
Average Price Sold: $24.74
International Sales: 2 (2 GSP)
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0

It’s definitely been slower the last couple of weeks versus the prior two weeks.  But I’m still content with sales since I haven’t done much listing at all lately.  No excuses for the lack of listing, except that there were other things I chose to do instead (like spending time outside gardening – it’s that time of year).

Don’t be afraid to ask a high price for your item!

One of my highest priced items that sold last week was the brass swan planter below.  I purchased it for $2 at an animal market/swap that we go to. I was asking $69.99 for it and took a best offer of $60 plus shipping.

My son sells his chickens and rabbits there.  I’m always on the lookout for cool and interesting things to pick up when I’m there. Even though most of the vendors there just sell animals (all kinds from birds to horses), there are always a few junk sellers as well.

swan fm

Mine sold for $60 best offer plus shipping

Here is another one that was listed first.  I actually waited for this one to sell before I listed mine.  This one was listed at auction and only sold for $21.99 plus shipping.

swan other

This one sold for $21.99 plus shipping.

There were only a couple of these listed on ebay and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have listed it for more!?  Nah, let’s not get greedy, right?!  I was happy with the price I got and it sold just a couple of weeks after I listed it.

So don’t be afraid to list your items high and wait for the right buyer to come along.  And certainly there are many strategies for selling on ebay.  Some people care more about flipping items quickly and may charge less just to move inventory.  And that’s okay too.  Different strokes for different folks.

When I do my research on an item, I tend to price my items on the high end.  However, with this item, I priced mine much, much higher than anything that was on ebay.  This was an item that was high quality and vintage. And I felt the price I asked was fair.

This week’s edition of Weirdbay

So this isn’t too crazy weird…it’s kind of cool actually!

celebrity cash

celebrity cash

You can get your pic printed on a real dollar bill.  But my first thought was whether or not this was legal?  But here’s what is written in the listing:

 This is legal and negotiable tender, and this process has been permitted by the Treasury Department since 1967! Each bill comes in a clear plastic currency holder!

Really?!  You can do this to money?  And it’s still legal tender?  If someone tried to pay with this kind of money, I’m not sure I’d accept it.

Interesting reading

I saw this posted on Flea Market Insiders.  Historical Black and White Gif Art.  I think this is awesome.  I’m a portrait photographer and really love photography…all kinds.  And I thought this was really neat.  You guys have no idea how difficult it is to create something like this. This artist has spent a LOT of time creating these gifs. You should click the link above and check out the rest of his gifs.  They are so cool!


Just wait a few seconds if you don’t see anything happening in this pic!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys are having a great week!


Recent Ebay sales & an experiment of not offering Best Offer on items under $35


Store Week May 3-9, 2015

Total Items in Store: 417
Items Sold: 23
Cost of Items Sold: $27
Total Sales: $565.8
Highest Price Sold: $69 (Brio wooden tracks) – $80 CL – chair we found in neighbors garbage.
Average Price Sold: $24.60
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 1
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0
Number of items listed this week: 12

Very happy with continued strong sales. Haven’t listed that much, and can’t wait to get back into it!  I haven’t been out buying much either, just trying to get some old inventory listed.  I do miss going out though.  Hoping to do so a bit this week.

Here are some of the higher priced items that sold last week.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

My highest Ebay sale last week was the above Brio wooden train tracks and accessories.  I bought these a long time ago at a garage sale for my kids, when they were still younger.  In a recent Scavenger Life “What Sold On Ebay” video, Ryanne had showed some of these Brio tracks that she sold.  Seeing the video made me remember that I should probably still have these somewhere from when my kids played with them.  They were put away in the basement.

I used to rotate the kids toys when they were younger.  I would box up some toys and put them away, and then bring them back 6 months to a year later.  It was like the kids got brand new toys.  But once the kids outgrew some of them, we put them away with the intention of donating them.  Glad we never did..they kind of got buried and we forgot about them…until now!

These are definitely something to keep an eye out for at garage sales if you can buy them cheap.  I think I probably paid no more than $5 for them at the time.

What was cool about this sale is that I actually had a best offer on these and accepted a best offer of $50 from a buyer.  They never paid and I opened a unpaid case.  They still didn’t pay and after about 4 days (I think) you can close the case and relist.  And like an hour after relisting these, they sold for FULL PRICE!!  So glad the other buyer didn’t pay!


click to enlarge

I picked up these small prints at a garage sale last year for $2.  I originally bought them for myself, but decided to list them.  They sold within a couple of days for $36.99 plus shipping to Hawaii.  I’ve been picking up quite a bit of artwork recently.  A quite a bit of needlepoint too.  They seem to do very well.  I figure that if I like it, someone else will too!

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This is another item that I am ALWAYS on the lookout for at thrift stores and garage sales.  These Cassette players/recorders have always quickly sold for me.  I only paid $.99 for this guy at our local Goodwill.  It sold within a week.  When I did my research on this player, there were some sold for quite a bit less, for about $25.  There wasn’t one exactly like this.  In the past, I probably would have listed it for the same, but decided that I would just list it higher.  Why not?  If it sat and sat, I could always put in on sale.  But it sold right away!

No Best Offer option on items under $35.

A long time ago when Mikey & Wendy were still doing podcasts with Jay & Ryanne of Scavenger Life, they mentioned that they only offered Best Offer on items over $36.  I was more interesting in moving inventory and had a best offer even on items around $25.  But lately, I’ve just been listing at buy it now and not putting the best offer option on items under $35.  The bird prints and cassette player/recorder above are perfect examples.

I’ll keep playing around and see how it affects my sales. I do think it depends on the item that is for sale, but so far it’s working!

I do, however, make an exception for my ties.  I have a lot of them listed at $36 (the silk ones) with a best offer to accept at $15.  But again, sometimes they still sell at full price.  Just like the Mccaw tie below!

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This week’s edition of Weirdbay

Seems like Ebay is the place to go for fundraising now too.  Here’s someone asking for a generous donation to pay off half of their school loan.

Please pay off my school loans!!!

Please pay off my school loans!!!

Here’s what this person stated in their description:

Attended graduate school for six years only to secure a low-paying teaching job at a community college in a poverty stricken area. Pay off my student loan and you will receive a personalized letter of gratitude and confirmation that your contribution paid off 1/4 of my loan.

There’s a lot that I’d like to say to this person, but I should keep my mouth shut.  I do believe that this person could have gotten that same job without the graduate degree…but this is a discussion for another post.

So what’s been happening with your Ebay sales?

Ebay Sales and why I love The Global Shipping Program


Ebay Sales for the week April 26-May 2, 2015

Total Items in Store: 414
Items Sold: 24
Cost of Items Sold: $43.09
Total Sales: $584.79 (does not include shipping income)
Highest Price Sold: $64 – Mario Party 2 for N64 & Boy Scouts Monopoly $79.99 Amazon
Average Price Sold: $24.36
International Sales: 1 (1 GSP)
Returns: 1
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $15
Number of items listed this week: 0

Love that my numbers are getting higher and higher. This week in addition to ebay, we sold an old antique train trunk on CL for $35 and the Boy Scouts Monopoly game on Amazon for $79.99. I only had this listed on Amazon and it’s been listed for about 2 years. Lots of sellers were selling theirs for much less, but I knew once they ran out, mine would sell. My COGS does include my shipping/fees for Amazon on the item sold, as well as $1.93 for shipping on a tie (the only thing that I have free shipping on).

Happy that things are still selling even though I didn’t list even 1 item last week.

Why I love The Global Shipping Program

Remember the Russian Nesting Dolls that I recently sold?  Well, the 2nd largest doll broke in shipment.

nesting dollsI was so bummed.  Especially since it was such a nice sale.  I immediately refunded the buyer her money.  I always do.  I don’t ask that they return the item first or anything like that.  I just do it.  At first I couldn’t remember if I had insured this item (priority mail comes with $100 insurance for top rated sellers (I think it TR and not power seller..not sure on that).  But if it was shipped parcel and I didn’t insure it, I’d be screwed.

Well, I went back and realized that this item went to Kentucky and that it was a Global Shipping item.  I remembered listening to a Scavenger Life podcast about this.  So I called ebay and they forwarded the info to the GSP folks.  There is no phone support, only email.  Well I got a message back from them that they will take care of everything and refund me my money!

Please be assured, if a buyer should receive a Global Shipping purchase damaged, you are not responsible for issuing a refund.  Items you ship using the Global Shipping Program are insured against loss or damage.  In such circumstances, we’ll have the buyer file a case on eBay or PayPal, and ensure they are refunded by the Global Shipping Program, rather than you.  Please keep this in mind for the future, should this happen again. 

 Since you have taken it upon yourself to provide the refund to your buyer, I have submitted a request to have you reimbursed by eBay for the full amount ($82.45).  Please allow up to 7 business days for the refund to be available in your PayPal account. 

 I appreciate the professional and proactive approach you took in this situation, to ensure your buyer was well cared for!   Thank you for your patience and cooperation. 

How great is that.  Anything that is shipped by the Global Shipping Program is taken care of by their department.  As long as it gets to them in one piece, you’re protected.  Love that!!!


On this week’s edition of Weirdbay we have the mystery envelope.

mystery itemI thought this was really interesting.  I wonder what we’d receive if we bought one?  This could be really cute or really gross.  LOL

In other news

Hubby and I celebrated 19 years of marriage on Monday.  We went out on a date.  Ahhh..somewhere without the kids.  I felt like I was 16 again (when we started dating).  We just went out for a nice quiet dinner.  We rarely go out without our kids, but decided going forward that we would do so at least once a month.  We are still on a debt repayment plan and don’t want to spend money on unnecessary things, but our dates don’t have to cost anything at all.  The goal will be just to get away from our munchkins and focus on us!  :)

And then…..my son’s ball python snake escaped his cage on Monday and we still haven’t been able to find him.  Where could he have gone??  My Mom and best friend refuse to come over until he’s found.

IMG_1304Has this ever happened to anyone else?  :)

And how have sales been for you guys recently.  I’ve been really happy with mine.

Ebay Sales and the world famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum


Ebay Sales for the week April 19-25, 2015

Total Items in Store: 417
Items Sold: 23
Cost of Items Sold: $33
Total Sales: $527.44
Highest Price Sold: $54.95 (Vintage portable b&w TV)
Average Price Sold: $21.97
International Sales: 1 (GSP)
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $12

The total sales do not include income from shipping.  I charge shipping on everything except for ties.  And I only sold 1, so minus $1.93  for that.

So the week prior was my first time hitting $400 in sales and this past week my first time hitting $500 in sales. Very exciting. I’m only at a little over 400 listings but am selling something every day.

Ebay has really bee rockin’ for me lately.  I hope it continues!

The world famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

wax museum tieThis tie was purchased by Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Las Vegas.  I wonder who’s going to be wearing it?  My hubby thinks it’s Obama.  Maybe it is, or perhaps they are getting ready for the 4th of July?  What do you think?

It would be fun to go there and see it worn by one of the wax figures.  LOL

I know some people have sold items to movie studios etc.  But I’m excited about this one.  LOL


soulThis week’s edition of Weirdbay has a lady selling her soul (upon her death) in order to raise $ for oral surgery.  Here’s what she writes in her listing:

Selling my Soul to pay my bills, have my nasal septum fixed and so I can get the VERY Expensive Oral Surgeries I’m in need of.

What you will receive is a signed contract stating once I die my Soul will be the property of you and you alone.
As you can see by my main picture I’m holding Holy Water in a Church so my Soul is pure….for now….lol
(I actually wanted to start my bidding at $60,000.00 which is what I really needed to start it at but eBay won’t allow it.)
I also have a gofundme page for anyone that would like to just help me with the Oral Surgeries. 

So how’s Ebay been treating you guys lately? It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in Chicago and I hope it’s great for you guys too!


Ebay Sales And Auction vs Buy It Now


Ebay sales for the week of April 12-18 2015

Well last week was much better than the prior week which was only $139.  :)

• Total Items in Store: 406
• Items Sold: 14 (1 was on Amazon)
• International 1 GSP
• Total Sales: $400.39
• Highest Price Sold: $130 (Tool on Amazon)
• Average Price Sold: $28.60
• Returns: 0
• Cost of Items Sold: $33
• Cost of items purchased this week $5

So the highest item sold last week was a tool that I sold on Amazon.  But Ebay’s highest item was the following:

nesting dolls

click to enlarge

Auction Format vs Buy It Now

So the above item sold at Best Offer of $75.  Most of you probably already know this, but you can’t see the best offer price accepted through the print feature anymore.  What you need to do now is just right click on the page and click “page info”.  And you can scroll down and see the best offer price.

I am really trying to move inventory right now (in an attempt to get more organized) and was trying an experiment with auctions.  I originally listed this at auction for $69.99.  I think it was only a 3 day auction though.  No bites.  So if I don’t sell something at auction, I will then relist it at BIN.  So I then upped the price to $89.99 and set best offer to auto accept at $69.99 or higher (the price I wanted with the auction).  But I got an offer of $75 and accept.  So now I’m thinking I’m glad it didn’t sell at auction.  If I only had 1 person bid and it sold at $69.99 I would have been happy with that.  (But then you always hope your item is so awesome there will be a bidding war, right?).

Keep your eye out for these Russian nesting dolls.  These were actually from my personal collection.  I studied in Vienna, Austria for a semester in college and went to Budapest, Hungary.  We went to a flea market there and I had purchased these dolls.  I forgot all about them until my Mother In Law brought them over a couple of weeks ago.  They were stored in her house somewhere.  (Hubby and I lived there for a while after we married and were renovating our home).  Glad she found them.


So this week’s edition of Weirdbay is the following:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I thought this was a bit weird, but very creative. Who wants this guys 24 years worth of portraits?

I really wish that this post could have gone live last Monday..but ain’t nobody got time for that!

How was that week for you?

Ebay Sales, Reaching 400 Items And How To Automatically Increase Your Selling Limits


So I’ll start by listing last week’s Ebay Sales (4/5 – 4/11)

Total Sales:  $139.50
Items sold:  11
Average price sold:  $12.68
Highest price item:  5 Disc CD Changer
Cost of good sold:  $4.50

Last week was nothing to write home about, but I like to see the numbers.  A lot of the items that sold were free that my hubby scavenged.  And several of them were ones that I have tons of and I just keep relisting.  I’d rather relist than offer a large quantity as that helps with new listings (supposedly keeps you higher in search results), but I also want to create demand, don’t want people thinking there are many available.

I’m so excited, and I just cannot hide it (singing in my head). 

Last night I reached 400 items in my store.  I don’t recall how long it’s taken this part-time seller to get there, but at one point last year, I think I was at 87 items.  My goal is to get to 500 items soon.

400 listingsI wish all of those items were higher dollar items, but they aren’t.  And I’m totally okay with that.  I also have a lot of unlisted inventory from when I first started that may not bring in much money.  But I truly can’t bring myself to donate items if I know I can make a few bucks on them.  It really doesn’t take long to photograph and list items, I just have to do it.

How to automatically increase your selling limits on Ebay.

ebay selling limit increasedSo when I got to about 320 listings, I decided to upgrade my basic store subscription to the premium one.  I checked the Fee Illustrator and it was going to be cheaper for me now that my listings were increasing.  And as soon as I upgraded, I got the message above.  I’m not a new seller, but I did have to call Ebay once this year asking for a selling increase.  And then I got a an increase again simply by upgrading my store subscription.  That will save me a phone call once I hit 700 items.  :)


I thought it’d be fun to list some weird things I’ve come across on Ebay.

tonailThis isn’t just weird…it’s just gross!!  So I’m thinking, why would this guy list this?  Maybe he’s trying to up his new listings?  LOL

I also came across this one:

ebay pic to followI was curious and did check back tomorrow.  This image was still on there.  LOL.  I don’t recall what they were trying to sell though. I saved this on my desktop a little while ago and forgot to post it and now don’t remember what it was.

So what’s happening on the Ebay front with you guys?

The 3 Things I Always Look For At A Thrift To Resell On Ebay When I’m In A Hurry

Whenever we are traveling for any reason (to go shopping, for our kids’ activities, parties or adventures), I always try to find a Thrift Store that I can run into.

Why am I always on the hunt for a local thrift to stop in?  Because this way I can write off the miles as a business expense.  Since I have to travel somewhere, why not expense it?  This gives you a nice deduction on your taxes.  For 2015, the deduction is 57.5 cents per mile.  So if you have to go somewhere that’s 15 miles away (30 miles round trip) and you stop in at a thrift and find some inventory, that’s a $17.25 deduction on your taxes.  So if you make $50 selling on Ebay that day, that’s $17.25 that will be a deduction against your earnings.  (I am not a tax expert, so please talk to your accountant for actual tax advice).

Most times when we are out, I really don’t have much time to look for inventory, but there are 3 things that I can spend 5 minutes looking for.

1.  Microwave Turntable Plates

microwave turntable

click to enlarge

You can view the Ebay completeds here to see what most go for.  I have most of mine priced at $19.99 plus shipping.  And any plate up to 13″ in size, I add 5lbs for shipping, anything larger I add 6lbs shipping.  I will always check the plate number on ebay as some can go for about $40 plus shipping.  I have them priced at $20 because I’d like to move them out.  Some folks price high and wait for that special customer to come along…and if you’re the only one selling that plate, you’ll get your asking price.  Mine are competitively priced.

I have been accumulating these plates for about 3 years and finally took the time about a week ago to wash them all, photograph them and list them.  I had accumulated about 50 of these plates and have already sold 2 of them.  I pick them up anywhere from $.99 to about $4.  They are cheaper at church sales and more expensive at thrifts.

How do I package them?  Well, they get bubble wrapped and we ship them in boxes that we make ourselves.  We also tape them to the inside of the box to prevent any movement.  I’ve heard of people shipping them in Pizza Boxes, but I think that’s crazy!

2.  Mugs

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

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Funny that both of the mugs I sold this year were Starbucks mugs. Some go for more than others.  The first one I added shipping as there weren’t many of that design available when I listed mine.  The 2nd one I had free shipping on it as there were many of that design and I wanted to stay competitive on price.  Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I would share my garage sale Starbucks mug that I found and sold for over $265.50 plus shipping.

I like mugs as they are cheap and easy to ship.  I try to pick up mugs that are unique and interesting.  They can be vintage, used, new…it doesn’t matter.

And I know that some people think this is crazy, but this is how I ship my mugs most of the time.  Been doing it for about 3 years and have never had an issue.  :)  Here’s a video that shows you how to do it by Jason Smith of Thrifting With The Boys (Thrift Hunters).  The only thing I do differently is that I’ve never used the priority box to wrap around the mug, I use thicker cardboard.

3.  Ties

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I love ties, they are cheap, easy to store and easy and cheap to ship.  This one I took a best offer of $18 on.  I normally have best offer auto accept at $15 and auto decline under $15.  They are usually under 3 oz and cost a little over $2 to ship.  I normally don’t buy brand name ties, but sometimes will come across one that is like new and really nice.  But I typically stick to interesting novelty ties, especially vintage ones.

So these are the 3 items I check for in every thrift store I go to.  There usually aren’t tons of these items to go through so you can get in and out very quickly. (Accept for the mug section at Salvation Army – I find that area a bit overwhelming with tons of mugs.)

Are there items or sections that you always check for at the thrift?