Ebay Selling – How Our Personal Likes & Dislikes Determine What We Sell

August 26, 2014

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August 26, 2014

What’s your ebay story? The many reasons for selling online

August 26, 2014
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There are so many reasons to sell on ebay.  Some are purely business reasons as it gives a seller a worldwide audience at a very low cost.  No overhead costs, except a small commission paid to the company.  It really is a fantastic place to sell, whatever it is that you are selling. A lot of sellers are already large businesses that use Ebay as another venue to sell on.

I’ve been buying on ebay since May of 2000.  But don’t recall exactly when I started selling,  but this is my third year.  I primarily sell to get some extra income for paying off our debts (which we should be done with next year, except for my mortgage). Will I continue to sell on Ebay once we are out of debt?  You bet. I am seriously thinking of going full time with ebay. We’ll be paying off our house and saving money with any income from Ebay. Plus, it’s seriously fun.  I really enoy it!

I know some people who sell on ebay to save up money for a really nice vacation.  Others who sell on ebay to feed their shopping addictions without feeling guilty of using family money.  Others, like Jay and Ryanne from Scavenger Life, do it so that they own their life and their time (my goal).

So I really want to hear YOUR story.  Tell us why you sell on Ebay!!


  1. When I originally started, it was to downsize and declutter my home. Then I did some commission work. Eventually I just started selling to make extra money for monthly expenses and to fund purchases on ebay and other sites that accept paypal. Now I’m trying to make at least enough each month to cover our health insurance bill.

    1. Hubby and I want to go through our basement and garage and start getting rid of stuff too. My hubby is maybe a bit of a hoarder. He’s always thinking that he might needs this or that for something one day. I read a great solution to that problem just recently. Sell all of your “maybe someday” stuff and put that money away separately so that it’s there to replace whatever it is you “might need someday.” LOL I’ve been slowing starting to simplify our stuff too!

  2. I do it so I can stay home with my 3 kids! My husband makes good money but it’s not enough to pay all of our bills–not quite. I extreme coupon as well and we are very careful with our budget (95% of our clothes are bought second-hand) but he doesn’t make enough for us to go out to eat or go on any vacations. I started selling children’s books on Ebay 3 years ago this month and have never looked back. I now pull in between $1500 and $2500 in profit every month! Because of the extra money I bring in, we were able to comfortably afford a domestic newborn adoption this past year, too!

    1. Wow Diana. That is amazing. Congratulations on the new baby! Truly awesome. About 95% of our clothes are second hand too. And I love it! Selling on Ebay is a fantastic way to work from home. I’m so happy that’s it’s worked for your family!! 🙂

  3. My comment could be long… but we were struggling to make ends meet and I found out about selling on ebay through moneysavingmom years ago. she was doing an article on how to make extra money at home. yardsalemommy at the time was doing a full time blog on selling toys on ebay. I WAS HOOKED!! My husband and I spent hours reading her blog and researching what to sell. Then I ventured out to my first yard sale and never looked back. My husband now has a steady job but I still sell to pay off debt (from when we were struggling) and not put anything on credit. I love finding new clothes and shoes for the kids and at the same time I can find items to list. Thanks for this blog.

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for commenting. I loved yardsalemommy’s blog. I’m still so bummed that she stopped blogging. She posted a teaser post a while back..I thought she might start again, but nothing since. I would shop for us at the thrift and come across some amazing clothes that wouldn’t fit any of us and thought, “Hey I could probably sell this on ebay.”! Garage saling and thrifts are awesome!

    1. Ooh, travel account. I really like that. Once we’re out of debt, we’ll be funding a travel account as well. I always wanted to take two big trips a year. One abroad and one stateside. To visit every state!

  4. Started by selling some video games that I just didn’t have the time to play anymore. Then it was college text books. Then it was items I saw at garage sales. Then it ballooned! I’d love to do it full time but I’m definitely in a golden cage right now. Still looking to grow the business but there’s only so much time in the day.. :-/ Out of debt (except for the mortgage) but using eBay to fund my Roth and future repairs at the house (old hot water heater, furnace, and AC unit).

    1. Hi Chris. I’m hoping we can start fully funding our Roths next year. But I’m also kind of gung ho about getting our house paid off within the next 5 years. We’ll see.

      1. Right? There’s too many places to put the extra money. We have a plan of attack that is under 10 years for our house, so if I can take care of major repairs from eBay, that would be huge in keeping to that goal!

        I love seeing others that have the same idea of paying off the mortgage only. Once it’s gone, you have so much less to worry about. Even though you can make more by investing the difference (when your rate is low), you’re still forced into a monthly cash flow situation, most likely tying you to a 9-5 job! Getting out of that stress… it seems like a dream right now.

        1. Totally, Geez, mine with taxes is $1700 a month. It’ll be awesome once that is done! I can’t wait. I dream of the day. It’s funny, because I actually want to move out into the country..which probably won’t happen till we pay the house off and then sell it..LOL I need a few years to work on my hubby. He’s been in this neighborhood all his life, his parents live 3 houses down. I have to slowly get him used to the idea of moving. 🙂

  5. I’m not sure why I first started selling on e-bay but I know that it has been over 10 years but according to the statistics on my e-bay pages I have not made a great deal of money but every little helps.

    I started to do more when moved here. We inherited the house but can you imagine that someone had lived here for almost 40 years and altough it was immaculate had lots of stuff. I started the donate, sell, dump and decided that some could go via e-bay. That led to me selling vintage sewing items, patterns and postcards.

    Also I needed to get more exercise as I was no longer working. I soon worked out that it was a 2 mile round trip to the post office and as I do not drive it meant that that was a very managable walk for me. So each e-bay parcel/package gets me a 2 mile plus walk. Cheaper than a gym membership!

    1. Wow. We are spoiled with post office pick ups at our home here in the US. But you are so right, that is a great way to get your exercise. I actually don’t believe in gym memberships. There is enough to do around the house/outside that will keep a person fit, without having to waste $ on a membership! 🙂

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