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December 10, 2014

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December 10, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling – Book Review

December 10, 2014
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Some of you may know Meinard from The Thrift Store Reseller Blog.  I’ve been following his blog for a while and love reading it.

I just finished reading his book, The Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling.  I bought it a few months ago and have been reading it early in the morning (before the kids wake) for the last couple of days.

Reseller Guide eBook Cover 245 367I really like the book.  What’s great about it is that it’s a book that is a good read for both beginners, as well as a seasoned Ebay seller.

Here’s a list of the techniques and strategies that are discussed in this book that will help you increase your income, decrease eBay fees, and improve your ability to treasure-hunt:

– How to locate all the Goodwill & Salvation Army thrift stores in your area.
– Common mistakes and how to avoid them.
– What items and brands you should be looking for.
– How to research if an item you found is worth reselling.
– The Thrift Store Reselling Cycle, and how you can create a continuous revenue source!
– How to add more pictures to your eBay auction without paying extra!
– How to create a winning eBay auction.
– Suggestions to keep your eBay customers happy and coming back for more.

What I love about his book too is that he’s realistic and let’s you know that selling on Ebay is WORK:

1. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme!
2. It takes time to develop an “eye” for treasure-hunting.
3. And you have to be patient: You will NOT find a treasure with every visit!

As a seasoned seller (I’ve been selling for 3 years…is that considered seasoned?!), I liked seeing is Top 28 Thrift Store Brands to Resell section of the book.  It is concise and all in one place.  I remember some of them, but I will have to read and re-read that sections many times so that I can memorize them all!

As a woman, it was great also to learn more about selling items from a man’s perspective.  Especially sports items, like shoes and jerseys.

But the main reason that I purchased this book was to learn from his Guide to Reselling Women’s Jeans.  The the thrift stores around me have huge sections of jeans and I now feel equipped to go through them and pick out the ones that I know are winners.  He discusses the ones that are bread and butter items.  The ones that you can easily identify and find and sell consistently.

The book is 119 pages of information that have helped Meinard consistently bring in some great extra income.  And I’ve gleaned enough from his book to make my money back many, many times over.  If you learn one thing from this book, it will already cover the cost of the book and every time you sell that item, you’re making a profit on your investment.  I think it’s definitely worth a read.

The best part about getting this book is the guarantee.  I really like it when people stand by their products.  Here’s Meinard’s guarantee:


“Your success in using the Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling is completely guaranteed!  In fact, if after 60 days you are honestly disappointed with your results and/or have not found any valuable items worth reseling from your local thrift stores, then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.  That means you can try out all the information and strategies with absolutely no risk whatsoever.  The burden to deliver is entirely on me.”





  1. LOL! “As a woman, it was great also to learn more about selling items from a man’s perspective. Especially sports items, like shoes and jerseys.”

    As a man, i love blogs like this and FullTimeEbaySeller because I get a glimpse into the mystique of Woman (i.e. find out what brands I should grab on a bag sale day to re-sell). 🙂

    1. Hey Linda, I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. A lot of interesting back stories regarding some things too. I’m actually chomping at the bit to get to a thrift. I’m working from home tomorrow and might be making a thrift run in the morning. LOL

  2. Great blog! Is this book truly worth $47? Seems extremely high for an e-book. And can you say how you found it? The website just seems so hokey that it gives me pause. Thank you!

    1. Hi Devon, thanks for stopping by. There is definitely plenty of information on the web that will give you ideas and info on things that will sell. Here’s how I feel. I have been reading Meinards blog for about 2 years and have learned a lot of stuff from him. I did purchase the book and I agree that I think the price is higher than most ebooks out there. But if you sell one item for over $47 from the info provided in the book, everything else if profit on your investment. I have already sold several pairs of jeans and made my money back. And since I’ve been getting great information from his blog for the last two year, I also feel that it’s a way to thank a blogger for his time and effort in sharing his knowledge. So yes, I do think it’s worth it. Hope that helps. Thank you.again for stopping by.

  3. I have been thrifting and selling on eBay for some time now and continue reading and learning. There is so much info out there! This book does sound amazing but $47.00 is definitely too high for an E book in my opinion. If it was a more reasonable priced book, I am sure he would sell a lot more books. Most people who shop and flip thrift store bargains try to live frugally. Wishing this was within my reach. Enjoyed reading your review.

    1. Hi Regina, I have to agree with you. I do think that it is priced a bit high. And I do think he would sell more of the book if it were lower. I did pay the full price as I feel that if you glean possibly even one thing from the book, you will make more than that back. So it is an investment. But I do feel that it should be priced lower too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate them! 🙂

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