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November 6, 2014

A Tie That Sells for $3,699.00?? – NOT!!

November 6, 2014

Selling Shoes on Ebay – The Good and The Bad

November 6, 2014
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I really enjoy selling shoes on Ebay.  I’ve sold quite a few this year.  Here are the most recent ones I’ve sold:

bootsI took a best offer of $50 plus shipping for these boots.  Purchased for $2 dollars at a garage sale.


You can make a really nice chunk of change selling shoes on Ebay.  Jay and Ryanne from Scavenger Life made money and bought a rental home from the proceeds of selling old shoes and clothes on Ebay.  Miriam from Blue Frog Shoes on Ebay sells tons of shoes, upwards of $10K a month.  I know she has more accounts, I’m only aware of this one.  She also has a blog called The Ebay Life Blog, but it doesn’t seem to be working. She hasn’t posted much in the last year and I’m guessing she’s too busy to post now.

You can also pick shoes up pretty inexpensively at garage sales.  Even our Goodwill is pretty good.  Shoes are usually between $3.99 – $6.99.  But I usually buy mine for either $1 or $2 tops at garage sales.  All of the shoes pictured in this post were picked up for $2.


Shoes usually take a little more time to clean (especially sneakers).  A good seller of sneakers is Meinard over at Thrift Store Reseller.  He knows his sneakers!

I like to pick up shoes that are mint.  Even so, it’s important to take good photos showing all angles of the shoes and any imperfections.

via spigaThis was a pair that I also took a best offer of $50 for.  Unfortunately, I had to refund the buyer because when I pulled them from storage (had them for about 6 months), I noticed that the leather was coming apart from one of the back straps.  I have a shoe glue somewhere, so I will repair them and then resell.  But it sucks having to give back $50.

Here are a couple more pairs that I’ve sold recently.

nine westTook a bo of $24.99 plus shipping on the above.cole haanTook a bo of $28.99 plus shipping on these.

I had a large container of shoes and have only 2 pairs of the ones I’ve listed that haven’t sold.  I know some people shy away from shoes, but really, they are a great item to resell.

You guys sell shoes?  If not, how come?


  1. I’ve sold shoes over the years. Like you, I only like to buy them if they’re in mint condition. They’re slow sellers for me though. Better brand kids’ shoes are good to sell too. Smaller and easier to ship!

    1. Hey Lorraine, I’ve never sold kids shoes before, but have noticed that the Keens sandals, I think they are called, do pretty well. I never think really to look at the kids shoes. I should browse that section and look into it a little bit more.

      Thanks for stopping by…I bet you’re busy with the new house plans!! 🙂

  2. I have sold some tennis shoes in the past. They have been some of my best sellers. Even old Jordans fetch up to $100 dollars. I am going to start looking for dress shoes now.

    1. Tennis shoes? Really? All kinds sell. I was at a SA recently and there were 3 pairs of really cool vintage men’s leather loafers. I would have gotten them, but our SA has this metal clip they use to hold the shoes together and it pierced both shoes…and it’s a big clip leaving a big hole…I hate that they do that. GW is better! I’m still kind of regretting them, the were really cool. Would that have mattered? Would they have still sold for a nice profit??

      1. I find it all depends on store to store. GW by me puts their stickers over all barcodes and on the bottom of mugs/pottery. Perfect so you can’t scan it or try to see who the maker is. :-/ One of the places I went to put their store tag through the size tags of shirts. This is the best way i can imagine. And for shoes, why don’t they just put it around some of the laces instead of ruining them?!?!

        1. I dont even go to GW anymore. I cannot think of a good thing about them. They are just a big business, not a charity. They ruin their merchandise by marking on it or mistreating it. And their prices are ridiculous. Can you tell I am totally over them?

        2. Chris, Ours do the same. Why do they ruin stuff? And not just for resale, but who wants to buy shoes with holes in them??

          I try to pull the tags off the barcodes and bottoms of mugs. It’s a pain in the butt, for sure!!

          Linda, I do feel the same way, but I’m there often as that’s also where I buy our clothes and you’ll still sometimes find some great stuff. But thanks to you for the reminder, I won’t be donating there anymore.

  3. I love selling shoes, and like you, have had a lot of success doing it. The only downside is, like with clothing, you’re going to have to deal with returns more so than you would for most other things. But, it’s definitely worth it!

  4. Shoes are awesome. Super easy to ship too! Don’t have to worry about them getting beat up too much.

    We sold a pair of Uggs that we bought at a garage sale. Still in the box with the tags, were only tried on. My wife kind of wanted them for herself but when she realized that we could sell them for $100 and we only paid $10, she was OK with it. Plus, if they didn’t sell before winter, I told her that she could keep them! They sold within a week!

    I generally stay away from the womens’ shoes because I don’t want to seem like too much of a creeper…

    1. That’s funny Chris. As long as your wife is around when you’re buying them, LOL. It’s funny, cause if I wasn’t a seller, I’d probably think the same, but now I usually think the person must be a reseller. LOL

      Wow, New Uggs for $10? That’s awesome. I rarely ever find them, and the ones I do find are also in horrible condition.

    1. Thanks Linda. I actually use to pieces of white styrene (like foam board) and have them on my kitchen island. I try to use natural light If I can. I have a window behind me and two sky lights above. It works out nice. But I someones use artificial light in the evening and just adjust the photo in Photoshop if need be. My setup changes all the time. My boards are starting to get beat up a bit and I’ll need new ones. LOL

        1. Well, I used to look and still look at your photos and think they are awesome. They turn out better when I do the photography, not so much when my son does them. LOL…but he’s learning! 🙂

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