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January 15, 2015

I Don’t Have Much Time To Read – But I Read 31 Books in 2014

January 15, 2015

Recent Sales & Nothing Is Safe From This Ebay & Amazon Selling Mom

January 15, 2015
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First off, here are my sales from 1/4 – 1/10

Total Items in Store: 253
Items Sold: 8
Cost of Items Sold: $27.49 ($7.49 cogs + $20 photographer (my son)
Total Sales: $259.72 ($132.73 Ebay, $126.99 Amazon)
Highest Price Sold: $26.99 Christmas Tie
Average Price Sold: $16.59
International Sales: 1
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0

Much slower on Ebay recently and my average price sold went down. But some older, lower priced inventory sold. Plus I have some lower priced items selling that I have a large quantity of..so It doesn’t bother me, as it was listed once and will continue selling for $16.99 plus shipping.

I had my son photograph 33 items last week (which I listed – woot!).  He has finals this week and has a half day today and tomorrow and he’ll be photographing some more.  The backlog for me is getting the stuff photographed, so this is helping me a lot!

I sold my son’s current Geometry textbook – OOPS!

geometrySo I was putting away laundry in my 15 yo son’s room last week and noticed a textbook on his shelf.  I had just recently read The Ultimate Guide To Thrift Store Reselling and was thinking about books and just scanned his bookshelf to see if there might be anything there that was worth reselling.

drevilPhoto Credit

So I saw the textbook and scanned it with my phone and the resale was pretty good.  So I listed it right then and there from my phone (I love that about Amazon).  I figured this was one of his books from last year.

It sold a few days later and as I was getting ready to package and ship it, my son walks by and notices the book and says, “Mom, that’s my school book…did you just sell my school book?” (Insert dreaded feeling here).  I started laughing and told him that I thought it was from last year..why would this book be here on your bookshelf…instead of at school?  He said it was no big deal and that the book is also available online and that I can go ahead and ship it out.

Well, I felt so horribly guilty and cancelled the transaction.  I think I can have a cancellation once in a while without it affecting my Amazon rating too much. It happened a couple of times last year when I couldn’t find an item.

You can bet this book is getting relisted next summer.  My husband was just laughing about this yesterday.  He doesn’t understand why I’m looking through bookshelves instead of getting all my unlisted inventory photographed and listed.  It’s so much easier to pick up a book off the shelf, scan it and then list it!  That’s why! LOL

My kids already know that nothing is safe from Mom..it better be cleaned up and in it’s place, or else Mom will either sell it, donate it, or throw it out!

Have you guys ever done anything this crazy?


  1. LMAO! That’s priceless.

    We have a house rule for any guests – “If you leave anything at our house, Chris will sell it on eBay.” It makes them double check their rooms before leaving!

    On a crazy story note, the previous homeowners didn’t stop a dog vitamin from being sent here through chewy.com. I called the company and they said “don’t worry about it, thanks for letting us know. Do what you want with the vitamins. Use them if you have a dog or donate them!”

    Up on eBay now for $70! 😀

  2. Ha! I can’t think of anything quite like that, but I did have to cancel a transaction this week for the first time because i couldn’t find the item. It was a small book, and I looked over my bookshelves several times, and I had my daughter look too, just in case I was overlooking it. It just seems to have disappeared. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been going through my inventory, piece by piece, to make sure that it is listed. I’ve gotten though about 1/4 of the inventory, and I’ve found about 15 unlisted items so far. This was a project that really needed to be done 🙂

    1. It happens sometimes. For me, the issues I had last year was that there were a couple of things I was selling on both platforms and I think that I sold it on the other platform and forgot about it. Where else could these lost items be? Is there an inventory troll that steals them? Like the sock trolls? LOL

      Great job on going through all your stuff. You are so organized…that has always been a weakness for me…slowly working on it!

  3. Wow, you’re really taking Dave’s line “sell so much the kids will think they are next” to heart! lol!

    I did as so many people suggest and started by listing items I found around our home. Last night I went to Goodwill and found a couple of items that I just listed and already have several people looking at them! I found an Ohio State jersey, which was very timely. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for your blog. It has encouraged me to give this a shot. Any advice on shipping? I try to fit things into a padded envelope as much as possible, but some things I wonder if I should be putting into boxes instead. Where do you get supplies for cheap and do you have any rules of thumb when it comes to shipping?

    1. Hi Jamie! I am taking it to heart! 🙂 We’ve paid off over $80K in debt in 2 years. Nothing can stop you once you’ve decided you’ve had enough and have a goal you want to achieve.

      I’m so glad you are giving it a shot. That’s awesome. I do use padded envelopes whenever I can, but also boxes and polymailers. Just make sure that you weigh all your stuff. I then add calculated shipping to my listings. When I need to box something, I actually add about 1-2 pounds extra for weight (depending on the size)…I don’t prepack, so just add some extra weight. For supplies, I’m actually lucky as my regular full-time business gives me a lot of the material for free…if I need something bigger, hubby will usually bring something from work. But I know some people get them free from behind stores, dumpsters, or by walking into a store and simply asking for boxes. I know walmart sells big boxes for pretty cheap too. I’ve been lucky so far.

      Good luck and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

      1. Great, thanks for the advice! Paying off that debt has to be an awesome feeling. I’m hoping to be able to work on this enough that I can put a good dent into our debt, too. 🙂

  4. Too funny! I ask my daughter all the time, “Got anything you want to sell? Games, books, anything?” Once in while she’ll give me something. I did sell her college textbooks last year, but now she’s starting to keep them for her own personal reference library, so it’s hands off ma!

  5. My hubby has the habit of buying books, leaving them laying around, and not reading them. So he has no clue that I just sell them on Amazon. (Don’t tell!)

    1. That is so funny Linda. I’ve been tempted to do the same for some of my hubby’s books. But then I feel really bad as he doesn’t really buy that many. And I bet he would notice If I did. LOl

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