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August 30, 2012

New Listings and Recent Online Sales

August 30, 2012

Recent Garage Sale Finds – Ebay Inventory

August 30, 2012
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I’ve done a lot more Thrift store shopping than garage saling in the past (I do however stop whenever I see a sign! ;).  But I’ve actually started planning out my trips now and find that you get much better bargains at garage sales than thrift stores. Our garage sale season will be ending soon, so I try to make an effort now to go every Saturday at least.

Most of my garage sale finds now are for online resale and you’d be surprised at how much extra $ you can make by doing so.

Here are my recent finds.  I have lots more, but just haven’t taken any photos.

See that Little Einsteins rocket?  I put that puppy up on Ebay right away.  I bought it for $3..and here’s how much I sold it for:

Click on the image to enlarge. 😀

The books above are for my kids.  At $.25 each, I thought why not.  Although I have to even spend that when we can get them for free at the library.  But sometimes my kids love to read then over and over…so it’s nice to have a few of your own.  And I am in LOVE with the My America books.  I love reading those..not only so my kids can get an idea of what life was like in earlier America, but also because I love reading them and learning about it as well.

The Food Saver bags are also for home and 1 pair of shoes that I bought for myself.  Everything else is for resale!  I ♥ garage sales!

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    1. Hi Ruthy, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, you never know what you’ll find while thrifting. It does help to know what sells and what doesn’t. Good to do your research! 🙂

  1. Were you on the lookout for this item, did you just have a hunch, or did you do smartphone research. I’m relatively new to resale, and I’m trying to learn but sometimes you just have to play a hunch. My best garage sale find was four Disney princess dress up costumes for $2 each that ended up selling for $65 on Ebay.

    1. Callie, that’s awesome! I don’t know much about Barbies. But yes, this item was on my BOLO list (be on the look out for item). I spend a lot of time reading other blogs and just checking out other sellers on ebay and what they are selling. My goal is to always make a decent profit.

      I never want to make less than $10, but my goal is to make at least $25 and up on items. I’ve been studying like crazy over the last several months and have things I’m always on the lookout for. But that smartphone does help. I do use it all the time to check!

      Hope that helps!

    1. You’re very welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I want to make my time listing worthwhile..trying to make as much as possible. I see some people sell things for like a quarter of what I sell things for. There are a lot of sellers who could make so much more $ just by raising their prices. It’s funny because just recently I raised my prices on some things and they have sold…LOL

    1. Hi Lee Ann,

      Have you ever sold anything on there before? Before I got into really selling on Ebay, I did sell a couple of things here and there. It’s always best to first start off with maybe selling some things you have around the house that you think are valuable and you’d like to get rid of.

      The best way is to find something, then go on ebay and look it up to see what the going rate is and the shipping. Then take photos of the items, describe them and list it and see how it goes.

      Feel free to check out my other Ebay posts to give you an idea of what I sell and how I price.

      Thanks so much for visiting and feel free to subscribe if you’d like as I try to post my recent Ebay sales on here. Thanks so much! 🙂

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