Ebay Sales and why I love The Global Shipping Program

May 13, 2015

Ebay sales and don’t be afraid to ask a high price for your item.

May 13, 2015

Recent Ebay sales & an experiment of not offering Best Offer on items under $35

May 13, 2015
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Store Week May 3-9, 2015

Total Items in Store: 417
Items Sold: 23
Cost of Items Sold: $27
Total Sales: $565.8
Highest Price Sold: $69 (Brio wooden tracks) – $80 CL – chair we found in neighbors garbage.
Average Price Sold: $24.60
International Sales: 1 GSP
Returns: 1
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0
Number of items listed this week: 12

Very happy with continued strong sales. Haven’t listed that much, and can’t wait to get back into it!  I haven’t been out buying much either, just trying to get some old inventory listed.  I do miss going out though.  Hoping to do so a bit this week.

Here are some of the higher priced items that sold last week.

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My highest Ebay sale last week was the above Brio wooden train tracks and accessories.  I bought these a long time ago at a garage sale for my kids, when they were still younger.  In a recent Scavenger Life “What Sold On Ebay” video, Ryanne had showed some of these Brio tracks that she sold.  Seeing the video made me remember that I should probably still have these somewhere from when my kids played with them.  They were put away in the basement.

I used to rotate the kids toys when they were younger.  I would box up some toys and put them away, and then bring them back 6 months to a year later.  It was like the kids got brand new toys.  But once the kids outgrew some of them, we put them away with the intention of donating them.  Glad we never did..they kind of got buried and we forgot about them…until now!

These are definitely something to keep an eye out for at garage sales if you can buy them cheap.  I think I probably paid no more than $5 for them at the time.

What was cool about this sale is that I actually had a best offer on these and accepted a best offer of $50 from a buyer.  They never paid and I opened a unpaid case.  They still didn’t pay and after about 4 days (I think) you can close the case and relist.  And like an hour after relisting these, they sold for FULL PRICE!!  So glad the other buyer didn’t pay!


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I picked up these small prints at a garage sale last year for $2.  I originally bought them for myself, but decided to list them.  They sold within a couple of days for $36.99 plus shipping to Hawaii.  I’ve been picking up quite a bit of artwork recently.  A quite a bit of needlepoint too.  They seem to do very well.  I figure that if I like it, someone else will too!

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This is another item that I am ALWAYS on the lookout for at thrift stores and garage sales.  These Cassette players/recorders have always quickly sold for me.  I only paid $.99 for this guy at our local Goodwill.  It sold within a week.  When I did my research on this player, there were some sold for quite a bit less, for about $25.  There wasn’t one exactly like this.  In the past, I probably would have listed it for the same, but decided that I would just list it higher.  Why not?  If it sat and sat, I could always put in on sale.  But it sold right away!

No Best Offer option on items under $35.

A long time ago when Mikey & Wendy were still doing podcasts with Jay & Ryanne of Scavenger Life, they mentioned that they only offered Best Offer on items over $36.  I was more interesting in moving inventory and had a best offer even on items around $25.  But lately, I’ve just been listing at buy it now and not putting the best offer option on items under $35.  The bird prints and cassette player/recorder above are perfect examples.

I’ll keep playing around and see how it affects my sales. I do think it depends on the item that is for sale, but so far it’s working!

I do, however, make an exception for my ties.  I have a lot of them listed at $36 (the silk ones) with a best offer to accept at $15.  But again, sometimes they still sell at full price.  Just like the Mccaw tie below!

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This week’s edition of Weirdbay

Seems like Ebay is the place to go for fundraising now too.  Here’s someone asking for a generous donation to pay off half of their school loan.

Please pay off my school loans!!!

Please pay off my school loans!!!

Here’s what this person stated in their description:

Attended graduate school for six years only to secure a low-paying teaching job at a community college in a poverty stricken area. Pay off my student loan and you will receive a personalized letter of gratitude and confirmation that your contribution paid off 1/4 of my loan.

There’s a lot that I’d like to say to this person, but I should keep my mouth shut.  I do believe that this person could have gotten that same job without the graduate degree…but this is a discussion for another post.

So what’s been happening with your Ebay sales?


  1. Congrats on your sales! As for the person wanting someone else to pay off his student loan debt- tsk… tsk… tsk… I really feel like this generation needs to really think long and hard about what they want to major in and what the job prospects are. So MANY are graduating with absolutely no job prospects or jobs with very low starting salaries. A friend finished her graduate degree a few years ago. Her husband did the same. They can’t buy a home or go on vacation or even out for dinner. They are both so in over their heads with student loan debt and in teaching jobs that don’t pay all that great. And if students do decide to take on debt, then they should absolutely be ready to take on the responsibility of paying it off themselves and not asking others to do it for them-just my opinion 🙂

    1. Hey Kimberly, my thoughts exactly!! Most people think (and I did too) that student loan debt is just part of life…just like a car payment. Not realizing what a burden that becomes in the future and that it’s not a guarantee of getting a good job, even getting a job, when they graduate. People keep student loans around like a pet. I only had $33K of student loan debt with my undergrad and graduate degree, but finished paying it off last December. And I know much better now and am actually embarrassed that it took me so long to pay it off. It’s crazy. People don’t realize that debt is an emergency and needs to be paid off ASAP. Again..it’s just what we are taught…that it’s no big deal, just make your monthly payments, etc. It’s all BS…it’s companies that are just trying to make you broke, and make themselves rich. I worked when I went to school, but was already on my own. I just wish that I was smarter back then and also made payments to my school. We are raising our kids to understand that they will also be working when they are going to school and will be paying for it as they go..not taking on debt!!! We shall see.

  2. Great sales. I also follow Jay and Ryanne on Scavenger life. I also listed my son’s old wooden train tracks after watching her video of what sold. But when a friend of mine came for a visit with her little boy who is still very much into trains I ended the listing and gave them to him. My good deed for the month.

  3. My daughter is 20 and won’t let me sell her Brio train set. Turns out our little nephew loves to play with them when he comes to visit, so they’ll be around for a while longer.

  4. Hmm, I like the “no best offer” for low priced items. I haven’t done this, but generally I do for really low items (like a few where I have 20 of them up for $15 a piece). I’ll do a deal if someone orders a bunch but that’s it!

    Your sales are rocking though. Keep them up!

  5. Great sales. I never thought to do best offer on items only at a certain price point. I usually do it for items that I’m not sure if I’m pricing it right.

    1. Thanks LaTusha. I think that your strategy is right on! I do the same thing. But I’m also wanting my inventory to move, so I will accept a best offer on some of the slighter higher priced items.

  6. When you sell the children’s cassette players do you make sure they actually play cassettes? I’m not sure if I have any cassettes around to test in them. We have a couple of those in our playroom – my boys like to listen to themselves talking or singing through the microphones. 🙂

    My best offer strategy is not to include it (no matter the price) when I initially list something, and if it’s been 6 months or so and it hasn’t sold I will add Best Offer. But I am very much a list it and forget it gal, I never worry much about how long it takes things to sell. It seems like it all sells eventually.

    1. Hey Kari. Yes, I do test them all (at home). I still have some tapes left over from when my kids were little. You have little ones, but my oldest is almost 16 so I still have a few of them around. But you can easily pick something up at a thrift store. The kids players have never been an issue. But I did buy a really cool vintage bright orange boombox a little while ago at the thrift. The radio worked perfectly, but the cassettes played in slow motion..something was wrong with it, so I’m donating it back. Bummer.

      I really like your best offer strategy as well. You are right, things will eventually all sell, but I have been listing my items fairly high, higher than most on their and so the best offer helps. And it’s even better when things sell at full price…like the cassette player above. 🙂

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