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December 18, 2014

Do Your Kids Remember What They Got For Christmas Last Year? And a Poll!

December 18, 2014

Move Over Ugly Christmas Sweater, Say Hello to the Ugly Christmas Suit

December 18, 2014
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For those of us that sell on Ebay, we probably all know that Ugly Christmas Sweaters are pretty decent sellers.  I’ve actually never sold a Christmas one before (never see them by me), but I have sold a few ugly sweaters for really good money before Halloween.

There are currently 71,524 results for ugly Christmas sweaters on Ebay.  Might the market be a little oversaturated? I checked to see what the highest price for one that sold on Ebay and here it is:

ugly christmas sweater expensiveWow. That’s not bad.  Put this on your BOLO list!

But have you heard about the Ugly Christmas Suits?

ugly christmas sweater suitYou’d definitely win the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest with this suit.  Aren’t they awesome! They are sold by the Shinesty company.  They completely sold out of their suits by 3pm on Cyber Monday and are already taking orders for next year.

As a thrift store shopper, I could never pay that kind of money for that suit.  But we might be finding these in the thrift stores after the new year.  Keep an eye out for them, might be something you’ll want to pick up.  There was one on Ebay that sold for over $200.  ebay ugly christmas sweater suitSo either there’s something really special about this particular brand, or Ebay buyers haven’t yet realized they are available for cheaper elsewhere.

What do you think of these suits?


  1. Wow. Just wow. Those are awesomely ugly suits. I would buy one to flip at yard sale prices but I don’t know anyone who would actually wear one of those.

    1. Yeah, definitely being selective is the key. It isn’t just Walmart and Target that’s selling them..almost every store now has them. Glad you like the suits! 🙂

  2. I sold an ugly Christmas skirt this year. True original made in the 80’s with an all over print of snowman, trees, santas, holly, presents and lights. It was fabulous! Plus not too many on ebay. Hope I find more of them!

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