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February 4, 2013

Make this Monday a great one!

February 4, 2013

I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags – Only Got $20 In My Pocket – Challenge 2/4/13

February 4, 2013
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Are you up for a fun challenge?

Okay..I know most of you have heard this song by Macklemore.  I heard it a couple of months back, but it seems to have become quite the sensation on the internet.  It’s on most radio stations now too.  I’ve wanted to share it before, but it’s quite explicit…but I’ve found a clean edit of the song.

If you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind a little profanity, you can see the official video here: Macklemore Thrift Shop Official Video. It’s $%^@%&# awesome! 😉

I’ve seen this challenge online and thought it would be fun. So I’m taking a ride to the thrift store today with $20 in my pocket to see what kind of treasures I find?


Okay, so I went and here’s what I got for the challenge:

I purchased two long denim women’s skirts, a huge Scooby plush, the microwave plate and two new Cincinnati Bengels mugs.  These are all for resale, except the one pair of Gap Kids Jeans on the far left (those are for my son).

I also picked up these Remington Rollers..$3.99 is a great price.  They need a little hair removal, but are in great shape and with clips.  There is only one of these listed on eBay right now and they are asking $75.99 (comes with a box, mine doesn’t).

Overall, I was pleased with these picks as I can easily turn that $20 into about $150-$200.  But I did notice that my Goodwill has certainly raised their prices on a lot of items.  If there is anything they think is valuable, man are the prices high now.  🙁  You just have to look harder.

Anyone else up for the challenge?  If so, let me know what you find! 🙂

I’m linked up with Poor and Gluten Free, the Penny Worthy Project and  Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. What a great way to make some extra cash! I have a friend that is heavy into kid’s consignment shopping. She thrifts for designer kid’s clothes than takes them to the local consignment shop to sell. She would probably make more money on ebay, but it saves her a lot of time to let someone else take care of the selling. She’s made quite a bit of money that way! I used to sell on ebay a lot, but between finding items and shipping I couldn’t find the time to make it work anymore.

    1. Hi Isra..thanks so much for stopping by. There are a few consignments around here, and I used to do a little of that a long time ago with a high end women’s consignment shop. I would trade in my old business suits and such and then use the credit to shop their and purchase new-to-me suits. I’ve checked into the children’s consignments around here, but they only pay a $1-$3 per item..most on the lower end..definitely not worth my time as I can’t even buy items for that much at the thrifts around here. Ebay is definitely working for me! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! I love Dave..his daily radio show archives keep me motivated. I’m in the same boat that you guys were before, except with a lot more debt! Looking forward to being debt free!

      I’m really enjoying your blog. I read about your background. Interesting about how you grew up and how you choose to live today! I would think it’s so much harder for someone in your situation. We have some friends who owned a chain of grocery stores..they were in business for a long time and then when the economy starting going bad, they lost everything..they went from driving Lamborghinis to foreclosing even on their homes. At least I never had much, so living a simpler and more frugal life for me is not much of a change or sacrifice! 😉

  2. Well I spent £5.00 in total and picked up 3 books. One from the Library sale shelf – Juimmy Choo by Brendon Hurst and Nadezda Solovieva; One each from two different charity shops. Hallmark a Century of Caring and Traditional Nursery Patterns – Classic Knitting and sewing patterns created by a children’s nanny. I think the Hallmark one will become a reference book for me but the other two will probably find their way onto e-bay.

    I have not sold via Amazon as yet although have had a number of bargains myself from there.

    1. Selling books on Amazon is quite easy. But I don’t know how it is for UK sellers though. I remember reading somewhere about it being more difficult to get paid by Amazon. Not really sure about it though. You’d have to investigate that a little more.

  3. Doesn’t this kind of negate what DR stands for? I can see that you are making a bargain but why do to the Thrift Store thingy if you don’t need anything. If I did this, it will cause me to purchase things, I could do without. I always shop with the idea, do I need it or do I want it.

    1. Hi, you’re not familiar with my blog. I don’t shop thrifts to buy things for myself or my house and to add to clutter and unnecessary purchasing (but I do buy used when I need things). I shop there for inventory. I resell things on Ebay to make extra money to pay off debt. It’s my part time business. 🙂 Definitely a Dave Ramsey thing! 😉

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