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September 18, 2014

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September 18, 2014

How to leave feedback for an Ebay Seller – Seller did good, but product sucks!

September 18, 2014
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Cheap Chinese LenseSo I really want to get this amazing macro lens to do some macro photography of my flowers and other such things.  The one that I really want costs between $800 – $1000.  I started doing some research and found that you could get very similar results with some macro extension tubes that you use with your regular camera.  It has all the sensors for autofocus, etc.  You basically then just plug your regular lens into those tubes (which are attached to your camera).

Well okay, I’m not going to spend $800 on this lens at this point, so I thought I’d shell out the $20 for these extension tubes.  Well, what happened is that as soon as I put these extension tubes on my $3000 camera (yea that’s right – it’s one of my full time work cameras), it fried the electronics on the camera.  Luckily this is my back up camera and I have another backup too.  The damage isn’t horrible, about $300 worth, I think (from what I read anyway).

So how do I leave feedback for the buyer?  He didn’t do anything wrong, it was a product issue.  Is neutral okay in this situation, so that I can just warn other buyers that this happened with my particular camera?

I sell quite a bit on amazon too, and I’ve gotten a low feedback rating that pertained more to the product and not the seller performance.

What should I do?


  1. Sucks that cameras and accessories don’t have the item review like DVDs, cell phones, and music (http://pages.ebay.com/help/search/questions/where-is-review.html).

    That’s a tough one. As a buyer who sells unique items, I’d be upset about this situation. Is the seller one of the Chinese drop shippers? Then I wouldn’t feel as bad. Also, I’d like to make sure that I didn’t screw up the wiring.

    So long story short, I’d say that you can give a “seller shipped item quickly but it fried my camera” review. I’m also betting you can win an INAD case if you really wanted to push the issue.

    1. Also, your pictures really are great. I’m still using a cannon point and shoot for all my eBay stuff. My wife has a DSLR but I don’t want to have to use such a bulky camera (lot’s of clothing and no mannequin so I can’t use a tripod).

      1. Hi Chris, this was a purchase coming directly from China. The seller has very good feedback, but sells a ton of stuff. I just want to warn a potential buyer that this product may cause damage to their camera. It’s just a lens like any other. I’m a professional portrait photographer who wanted to try something new without having to pay almost $1000 for a lens to play with. This wasn’t for work..just for play.

        After what happened, I began researching this issue and found a few people have had this happen to their cameras too..with other off-brand lenses…not this particular one..although I haven’t researched that yet.

        I think maybe I will do like you suggest. Give positive feedback, but warn sellers in the description (how many will actually see that with a positive feedback?).

        Still thinking about it.

  2. The seller probably doesn’t realize this item was faulty. If you leave a negative or neutral, it’s going to be a defect. Instead, I would give the seller a heads-up about what the item did to your camera and give them the opportunity to refund the tube.

    1. I don’t care so much about the refund for the tube…but the damage to my camera. It’s a chinese seller. I have not yet contacted them. I will do so to let them know and see what happens.

  3. This is not a feedback issue. The seller is not the manufacturer of the product, he simply sold you what you wanted. If you want to warn others about the product itself, then leave a review online for others to find when doing their own research.

  4. Hi All,
    This was such an interesting read. I loved hearing your eBay success stories.
    For me it is a hit or miss situation and the magical sell. As an eBay seller it seems that something is hot for awhile then something else. Example, The Paolao Gucci vintage earrings would sell no matter what, now can barely find them to buy and is not likely to sell for much. I scored a pair for 99 cents just yesterday and before you were sure to pay in the 20 dollar range or more. OK enough on that rant, except to say they are a beautifully well made. I own a couple pair.

    It was great to learn a few things here and in the case of the question of to leave neutral feedback or not, I think not, although would quite peeved over the situation and can tell you are a kind person to pose the question, others would not have gave it a second thought. And I am sure it was the last thing that you thought would happen. I would go after the actual manufacturer, as they may be able to settle the score, especially financially because they are the professionals for products such as this and should know possible harm to the consumer!
    Thanks again for allowing comments on you page. Take care

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Pamela and your feedback. I appreciate it! I think I will go on amazon and just leave a product review. To warn others of what could happen. Thank you!

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