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August 20, 2012

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August 20, 2012

How to become an Ebay Top Rated Seller in 6 months.

August 20, 2012
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I started thinking and planning to sell and open a store Ebay at the very end of February.  The reason that I started was that I love thrift shopping and thought to myself that if I go to thrift stores, why not just pick up some other things that I can sell while I’m at it.

And I never do anything half-a**.  I also go all out.  So I started doing some research and in March I opening up an Ebay store.  And I’m happy to report that I was evaluated today and just reached Top Rated Seller status.

What is a Top Rated Seller?  Well it means that you have a great track record as an Ebay Seller.  You get rated highly by your customers.  Your shipping time is above average.  And you provide great customer service.  When you and your customers hover over the Top Rated Seller seal, a little message pops up that says “Get fast shipping and excellent service from this seller.”

Why is it important to be a Top Rated Seller and how do I go about becoming one?

The most important reasons for becoming an Ebay Top-Rated Seller for me are:

1.  You get a 20% discount off of your final valuation fees (that’s basically the commissions you pay Ebay from the sales of your merchandise).

2.  I feel that customers are more likely to buy from a Top-Rated Seller than someone who isn’t one.  If you and your competition are selling an identical item at the same price, who do you think the customer is more likely to purchase from?

3.  You get better visibility with your listings.  That means that when your customers are searching for a product that you offer, as a Top Rated Seller, your listings show up higher in the searches.

I’m sure there are other reasons, but this is why I strived to become one!

How does a person go about being a Top Rated Seller?

1.  Offer quick turnaround and shipping of your items. All of my items now have a handling time of 1 business day.  That means that if something sells today, then my item will ship tomorrow.  If something sells on a Friday, then the item must be shipping on Monday.

2.  Provide quick feedback for your customers.  As soon as I print off my label to ship an item, I immediately go back and provide positive feedback for my customer.

3.  Strive to do whatever you can to receive positive feedback from your customers.  Do what you promise to do (ship items next business day), package your items well, provide immediate positive feedback for clients, include an invoice with the shipment (and quickly hand-write a “Thank You” on the invoice).  These are the things that I’ve done consistently…and the reason why I have a 100% positive feedback from customers.

I treat my online Ebay selling as a business.  And treat my customers in a way that I hope to be treated.  Do all these things and I don’t see why you too can’t be a Top Rated Seller in a short amount of time.

Hope this article has been helpful.  If you have any other tips to share about Ebay selling, feel free to share in the comments section.

Thank you for stopping by and spending your time with me.

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