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November 4, 2014

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November 4, 2014

Have a Garden? STOP! Don’t Bag Those Leaves!

November 4, 2014
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leavesI was listening to a podcast on All Things Plants recently and they were discussing how they drive around their neighborhood and pick up all the bagged leaves so that they can have them for their garden.  It made me laugh as I’ve been keeping my eye out for that too.  However, in my hoods, they usually just rake them to the street and the municipality comes by and vacuums them up…WHAT A WASTE!!!

You see, it wasn’t until I started really getting into gardening last year that I started learning and researching about compost.  A natural and organic way to grow your veggies and flowers. And nature provides us with all we need to feed our plants and make an amazing soil for them to thrive in.

Kevin, over at A Garden for the House says that “Leaf mold (or “mould”) is the result of decomposed leaves.  It’s light, fluffy, rich, and crumbly. It retains moisture better than peat moss. Added to a garden bed, it transforms even crappy soil into beautiful, fertile loam. And it costs absolutely nothing.”

This video that I happened upon just a couple of days ago is great in teaching you about composting with leaves and is very funny.

Composting with leaves is super easy (as long as they are shredded – we have a tractor with a vacuum and bag attachment that collects the shredded leaves as we mow).  And according to this video, “Every agricultural study ever done says that 2″ of yard waste compost made of nutrient dense energy harnessed by trees through their leaves is all any plant needs to be fed and protected from disease for an entire growing season.” How amazing is that?!

If you haven’t a clue as to how to use the shredded leaves, here’s a great article on Fine Gardening that shows you how to use this amazing and free organic material.

Hope you’ve learned something new about how easy it is to compost and get the most beautiful and nutrient rich dirt for your garden!

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