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January 13, 2016

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January 13, 2016

Happy New Year & date night with Dave Ramsey

January 13, 2016
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Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone’s holidays were awesome.  My hubby was off from Christmas Eve through Jan 3 and we had an awesome staycation.  We were going to take a couple of smaller trips, but decided just to stay home and relax..and we did. It was great!!  Although I did do quite a bit of baking for Christmas.  Two days worth of mostly traditional Polish pastries.  There was way too much food and I must say that my pants are a bit tight.  LOL

Two days of baking cookies/pastries for Christmas.  Yum!

Two days of baking cookies/pastries for Christmas. Yum!

Last night we went to see Dave Ramsey.  It was his first time here in Chicago and when I bought the tickets they were only $29 each, so I figured it would be a fun date night.  I love Dave Ramsey.  We’ve been following his plan (Baby Steps) diligently since Jan 2013 and have since paid off about $110,000 in debt (I sent in a $10,000 payment on our new car in December.  YES!!).

I have to tell you that nothing he said in his live event was anything new to me.  I listen to his radio show almost daily too.  But it was fun to see him live.  Chris Hogan spoke with Dave about his new book Retire Inspired: Retirement Isn’t An Age, but a Financial Number.  Which is so true.  Basically the amount of money you need/want to retire on.  You can find your R:IQ for free on his site.  I think I will get the book from the library..need to add that to my library wish list!

I’ve heard Chris speak on Dave’s radio show many times, but I LOVED him in person.  I had no idea he was so funny!  His sense of humor does not come across so much over the radio, but in real life..he’s hilarious.  I could listen to him talk all day.

So it was a fun date night.  I laughed and I cried.  🙂

Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan..we had decent seats..right behind premier seating for non-premier pricing.  Helps to get there early!

Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan..we had decent seats..right behind premier seating for non-premier pricing. Helps to get there early!

I thought I'd have to drag hubby with..but he happy obliged..happy wife, happy life! :)

I thought I’d have to drag hubby with..but he happily obliged..happy wife, happy life! 🙂

It was the perfect inspiration for the year.  Continuing to get out of debt.  That car will be paid of by Sept (if not sooner)!  I’m still mad that I will pay about $400 total in interest for that car.  Car payments are bad!

Hope you all had a great Holiday and I wish you a very blessed and happy new year!!

(NONE of the links here are affiliate links..I just love Dave Ramsey.  He’s motivated and inspired me to get my financial house in order and I just want to spread the news!)


  1. Margaret, your baked goodies look scrumptious! Wow! I I used to buy those crunchy powdered sugar thingies when I lived in northeast PA. There are a lot of Polish people in that area. I miss having poonchkies during Lent. And by the way, you look fabulous! Happy new year!

    1. Thanks Lorraine! 🙂 I love Polish pastries. Hubby used to make fun of them saying Polish pastries weren’t sweet enough for him…but he’s come around. Mind you, he’s Polish too..but born here. I love paczki. I have even made them before..but they are too much work for me. But there’s such a large Polish population here in Chicago that you can buy them anywhere and anytime. The crunchy powdered sugar pastries are called chrusciki (angel wings). They are super easy to make. Here’s a recipe by Jenny Jones: http://www.jennycancook.com/polish-chrusciki-angel-wings/

      This is the one I used. Really simple and 100x better than what you buy at the store (as they are best when fresh).

      Thanks so much and I wish you and yours a fabulous 2016!! 🙂

  2. Wow, I must to confess I am so jealous that you got to go hear Dave in person. I loved watching his video lessons when we took his course, and he is great in the media, but I bet it is SO inspiring to see him in person. He isn’t the kind of guy who holds back, I am sure.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement you provide. But, really, did you have to show us all of those delicious pastries??? LOL

    1. Hey Linda. It was really nice to see him in person. I love the stories that he tells. I’m glad he came to Chicago. There were TONS of people there..glad we got there early. We’ve got some friends coming over tomorrow and I’m thinking about doing a little baking again..we’ll see if I have time. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. That’s really cool! We got started with Dave’s book (gift from my parents).

    We’ve since upgraded go MMM and YNAB and save about 50% of our income.

    Under Dave we got rid of my 25k of student loans in a pretty short period. Listening to him is very inspiring!

    1. Hey Chris. I’ve been reading MMM for many years..almost from the beginning. I like Dave’s audio archives..since I have more time to listen, then I do to read. I love his program and especially the debt free screams. I still get choked up!

      You guys have an amazing savings rate..I think that’s fantastic. And that you’re so young. I wish I would have known about Dave and someone like MMM when I got out of school. We’d probably be retired by now. But unfortunately, we got into a lot of debt and still not done paying it off. You know, I tried to get my husband’s 2 nephews on to MMM (24 & 25 years old). They may have read the one article I sent them, but once in a while I’ll ask if they read him and they don’t. I’m trying to talk to my boys about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it in hope that they will be different than we were when we were young.

  4. I love the picture of all the pastries you made! How wonderful!

    I am delighted to hear you went to see Dave Ramsey. He has helped so many people.

    God bless!

    1. He has helped tons of people. I’ve listened to his show for years…so much so that often I know how he’ll respond to callers. LOL His show is very inspirational!

    1. Thank you..glad you like it. I actually really love it too. I wish it were cloth though. It’s actually a vinyl cheap table cloth that I purchased many years ago (just can’t remember where). It does rip pretty easily though…it has a few little wholes (luckily not too visible). I actually used it as a background when I owned a retail portrait studio. When I closed it last Sept, I took it home and am using it as it was originally intended..as a tablecloth. LOL

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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