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February 13, 2018

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February 13, 2018

Goals For 2018 – Week 6

February 13, 2018
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How to achieve your goals for 2018?  Share them with the whole wide web!

Goals, they are awesome!

Here is this past week’s progress:

1. Focus a lot more on my Ebay business and track how many hours I work each week.  

It was definitely a slower week as I only made $182.10 on ebay.  Less than half what I made the week before.  I only put in 3.5 hours total into it though.  I also made $61.50 on Amazon for a total of $242.60 in online sales.

Here are my hours for last week:

Wed – I spent 3 hours total in cleaning, photographing and listing items.

And then another maybe 30 minutes total in packaging/shipping the few items that sold.

Total hours for last week:  3.5 hours 

YTD hours spent on online sales business:  30 hours 10 minutes.


Sales Totals for 2018:

Ebay  $        1,786.05
Amazon  $            63.50
Bonanza  $            60.61
Craigslist  $          0

YTD Total Sales:  $1,910.16

2.  Pay down the mortgage as much as possible.

Nothing to report this time.

3. Save $300/month into a vacation/micro-adventure fund. 

Nothing to report this time.  I have the money, just haven’t made the transfer.

4. Weekly date night with my husband. 

We did quite a few things last week.

On Monday we had to pick up a relative for the airport and arrived early to have coffee and people watch.

We also went to see I, Tonya at the theatre (we both enjoyed it).

And then on Saturday, hubby felt like going thrifting so we hit up a total of 7 thrift stores in our area.  Most of them were Goodwill as this is hubby’s birthday month and if you have a Goodwill rewards card, you can choose one day when you get 25% off everything you purchase.  So it was a fun, but also tiring, day of thrifting.

I love hanging out with my husband! ♥

5. Track our spending.

I am also caught up.  I just have to go through our January credit card statement to add up things like gas.

6. Be more active/exercise.

I wasn’t feeling that great last week.  I didn’t come down with an actual cold, but was week for a few days and had some pretty bad migraines, so exercise was pretty much out of the question.

I was only able to do the Scientific 7 minute workout one time last week.  I did try to be much more active though.  If I got cold, I would get up and run up and down the stairs several times, etc.  Any activity is better than none!

7. Let go of unnecessary stuff in my life (declutter/minimize/simplify – whatever you want to call it).

I went through one of my drawers and got rid of a few items that I no longer like.

8. Take more photos of my family and life.

It’s usually my other dog Daisy that gets photographed more, but I thought I’d post one of Tiger this time.  This is where he sits most days and stares out the window.  Unless he’s gold, then he will get down and cover himself up with the blankie.

We had a pretty big snowstorm over the weekend.  A total of about 17″.

This was the first snow. We had an additional 5-6″ inches after that.

My husband and one of my sons helping clear the drive of an elderly neighbor across the street.

My cousin came over with her dog (on the right). It was so cute having them all sit together and wait to get a treat. 🙂

9. An attitude of gratitude. I am grateful …

  • For dates with my husband.
  • For the awesome snowstorm that we got.  So beautiful, a true winter wonderland. We haven’t had this much snow in a long time.  We got a total of about 17” of snow.
  • For the snow day on Friday.  Both boys were off of school and hubby’s company had a snow day too.  So we ended up with a 3 day weekend.
  • For not having to go outside and shovel the snow as my husband and boys do it.
  • For having good tires on the car that help me feel a little bit safer on the snowy roads.
  •  For good movies.  We watched I, Tonya and it was fantastic!
  •  For regular lunch dates with friends.
  • That we haven’t been hit with this crazy flu that seems to be going around.
  • For home cooked meals.
  • For interesting documentaries on Netflix.
  • That my husband brought it a whole bunch of firewood and we burned most of the weekend.  This has got to be my most favorite thing about winter!

I’m certain there’s more that I’m grateful for, but this is all that I ca recall without having taken any notes.  What are you grateful for?

10. Microadventures. I love to get away.  It could be a day trip to the beach.  It could be exploring a new park or forest preserve.  And this year I want to focus more on little microadventures. I hope for 1 per month.

Nothing to report.

12. Make ahead cooking and meals.

Nothing to report this time around.  But I was able to defrost some chicken that I pre-made a few weeks back that I’m using for lunches.

13. Blog more regularly and maybe start making videos.

Working on it.  Was able to do an ebay post in addition to my goals post last week.

14. Drink a lot more water.

I am still consistently drinking about 3-4 per day.

15. Use a daily To Do List.

I was a little bad…my last list was dated Feb. 7.  Need to get back into it.  And write things down!!!

How are your goals coming along??  I’d love to read about them in the comments!


feature image courtesy of Unsplash.

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