Goals For 2018 – Week 1

January 17, 2018

Ebay Selling – I’m Back to Being a Top Rated Seller

January 17, 2018

Goals For 2018 – Week 2

January 17, 2018

Goals, they are awesome!

Here is this past week’s progress:

1. Focus a lot more on my Ebay business and track how many hours I work each week.  

This week I made $460.63 on ebay and $60.61 on Bonanza for a total of $521.24 in online sales A very nice week.

Here are my hours for last week:

Wed 2 hours – listed /photographed 9 items

Thursday – 15min packaging/making box out of 2 boxes

Friday – 45 minutes shipping

Total hours for last week:  3 hours 

$ Totals for 2018:

Ebay  $        555.06
Amazon  $          0
Bonanza  $        60.61
Craigslist  $          0

YTD Total Sales:  $615.67

2.  Pay down the mortgage as much as possible.

Nothing extra last week.

3. Save $300/month into a vacation/micro-adventure fund. 

I’ve already met this goal for the month.

4. Weekly date night with my husband. 

Last week we celebrated our middle son’s 16th birthday and went out as a family.  So no date night.

5. Track our spending.

Yes, I’ve been working on this.  But I’m not fully caught up yet..still need some 2017 input.

6. Be more active/exercise.

Ha, I know I ran around the house and up and down the stairs a bit..but nothing else.  I feel that my worst progress will be in this area.  🙁

 7. Let go of unnecessary stuff in my life (declutter/minimize/simplify – whatever you want to call it).


8. Take more photos of my family and life.

Was in Wisconsin over the weekend dropping my oldest off at college. Stopped to see my parents for the night and my mom started teaching me how to crochet. So much fun and so easy. I have a basic knowledge, but she taught me a few things. I’m wanting to maybe make myself a hat…we’ll see.

Low light, so not so good. But that’s the view from where hubby and I were relaxing. Candles and a fire..my dog Daisy on my lap (the white patch of fur) and Tiger right before her. He was barking and she was getting ready to go attack him. She doesn’t like his barking.

My 16 year old son ran off looking for birthday dessert..but this shows how tiny my hubby (at 6’3″) looks next to my older boys. Alek is about 6’8″. I used to think my husband was tall..HA! Not next to my boys he isn’t.

9. An attitude of gratitude. I am grateful …

  • That the kids were a little sick but quickly got over it.
  • For a $50 gift card.  Made taking our family out to celebrate our 16 year old son’s bday less expensive.
  • For hanging out with my bff for 4 hours on Tuesday.  Haven’t seen her in a while.
  • For monkey bread muffins that my oldest son made.  One of my most favorite desserts/cakes.
  • For finding some shoes for my oldest at Marshalls.  He’s a 15/16 and thankfully they sometimes carry large sizes for a decent price.
  • That I got to see my parents when I dropped off my son back at college after Christmas break.
  • That my husband is back on overtime.
  • That the expensive holidays are over.

I’m certain there’s more that I’m grateful for, but this is all that I ca recall without having taken any notes.  What are you grateful for?

10. Microadventures. I love to get away.  It could be a day trip to the beach.  It could be exploring a new park or forest preserve.  And this year I want to focus more on little microadventures. I hope for 1 per month.

Nothing this time around.  Except that I went to Stevens Point, WI to drop off my oldest at school.

12. Make ahead cooking and meals.

I made pancakes for breakfast for the kids one day and tripled the recipe.  I made a whole bunch of extra smaller sized pancakes and froze them.  They fit in the freezer and the kids can just toast them and have pancakes if they’d like.

Next I’d like to make some healthy muffins to keep in the freezer that I can include in their lunches.

13. Blog more regularly and maybe start making videos.

I’ve been very busy and I’ve kind made myself a goal that I need to list on ebay before I can post on the blog.  That’s why it’s actually Wednesday night when I’m posting this instead of a Monday like I should.  But I was very productive with ebay.

14. Drink a lot more water.

I’ve been consistently drinking about 3-4 per day.  So far this goal is the easiest! 🙂

15. Use a daily To Do List.

Ahh, I’m really loving my to do lists.  I really do find that I’m getting a lot more done than when I don’t use a list.  Writing things down really makes a difference.

The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory. ~chinese proverb

How are your goals coming along??  I’d love to read about them in the comments!


feature image courtesy of Unsplash.



  1. Wow! I cannot believe how tall your son is! I love the cozy fire pic. It’s cold in AL. We’ve had no school for 2 days now due to below freezing temps and icy roads. It’s crazy. I will be starting the Scale Back Alabama weight loss challenge on Monday. I got a head start and lost a couple pounds already. My partner is my manager and we have to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. I hope I can do it. I don’t want to disappoint her, which I guess is good motivation, right?

    1. Hey Lorraine. Yeah, he’s a beast! LOL. I can’t believe how cold it is in AL now. Instead of global warming, I think we’re heading into an ice age! 😉
      Good luck on your challenge. It’s always good to have someone to be accountable to. It should help. You can do it!!! 🙂

  2. Great blog!

    I am going to check it all out and stick around.

    I started an eBay / Amazon blog and just looking for like minded ones. I found you through a recommended blogs post on from an eBay blogger who hasn’t updated since 2016. So I am assuming you have been doing this a while. Congrats!

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