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May 4, 2017

My 2017 Goals – Week of May 1 – May 7

May 4, 2017

In the Garden – What’s Been Blooming

May 4, 2017

This is such an exciting time of year.  The temperatures are warming up and the spring flowers are blooming.  It seems like we went from snow to blooms in record time this year.  If you’re a gardener like me, I hope you enjoy what’s been blooming in my garden in the last couple of weeks.

The first flowers I’d like to showcase are the La Belle Epoche tulips.  I purchased mine from a different source that was quite a bit more expensive, but I wanted them really bad and Van Engelen was sold out.  I may be buying some more tulips in the fall and will have to check in earlier than I did last year so that they don’t sell out.

These tulips are just spectacular.  They are a vintagey pink and I’m crazy about them.  My hubby really likes them too.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of money on plants and our landscaping in the last couple of years and it is becoming filled with so much beauty.  I still can’t believe it took me almost 40 years to fall in love with gardening and plants.  But it’s become one of my greatest joys!

This is bleeding heart and pretty self explanatory why it’s named that.  This plant disappears completely after it’s done blooming.  Now would be the time to propagate this beauty by taking a few branches and ground layering (just cover a part of a branch on the ground with some soil and add a rock on top to secure it).  Next year you will have a new plant.  I have several little ones I propagated last year.  I may go out and create a few more.

I also bought a white bleeding heart for a $1 at a garage sale last year.  But it is still small and did not bloom this year.

The plant on the left is Brunnera Jack Frost.  The flowers look very much like those of the Forget-Me-Not on the right.  But this plant is purchased not for it’s flowers, but for it’s amazing foliage.  This is another great plant for propagating.  It creates lots of babies.  Once it’s grown nice and thick, just dig it up and split it from the roots and you’ll have lots of new babies.  I split one large plant that I had into about 10 little babies that I added to a new area and gave some away to my MIL.

I also have the regular green brunnera.  The foliage is just a plain green, but it does flower profusely.  It’s a great ground cover plant that displays a sea of blue in the spring.

It’s actually much prettier in real life, but the above is the only photo I had of it.

Oh lilac, sweet smelling lilac.  One of the things I look most forward to in the spring are the lilacs.  The entire South side of my house has a lilac hedge that belongs to my neighbors.  And one warmer days when I have my windows open my bedroom is filled with their wonderful fragrance.  Regardless of where I am, if there is a lilac in sight, you will find my nose in it! 🙂

I also have a whole bunch of lilac bushes scattered in our landscape.  All different varieties, which allow the blooms to last much longer as the different varieties bloom at different times.  This particular lilac I purchased from a lady on Craigslist. I purchased 2 of them for $5 each.  The bushes were about 4.5 feet tall last year and now they are about 6 feet tall.  I don’t know the name of this variety, but it has double blooms and smells heavenly.

Another favorite of mine is the Magnolia tree.  This is Magnolia “Jane”.  I have two of these that I purchased at Home Depot.  Last fall I purchased 3 more varieties from a nursery in Wisconsin, but one of them didn’t make it.  They are still little, but will hopefully start blooming next year.

On the left is Pulmonaria (sounds like a medical condition doesn’t it?) or more commonly known as Lungwort.  These have such beautiful pink and purple flowers.  They can also be split and make lots of babies.  On the right is a creeping phlox that I received from a lady on a garden forum.  i only paid a couple of bucks in shipping.  This plant is fabulous as a ground cover.  I started a couple of years ago with a few little roots and it grows so quickly and can be split up easily.  Last fall I split a whole bunch and will do so again soon and then again in the fall.  The blooms are a pretty pale pink and then the foliage is ferny and (If I recall correctly) is semi evergreen here in Zone 5 (stays mostly green all winter).  I love this plant as a ground cover.

This is Muscari (or grape hyacinth).  Love these little guys.  They are so pretty and spread pretty quickly too.  I have them tucked in everywhere.

This is flowering quince.  I have a red one (pictured here) and an orange one.  My husband purchased these and I’ve come to really love their little rose shaped flowers.  We purchased these at the Home Depot.  I only wish they had fruit, but they are strictly ornamental.

And now I’ll be showcasing some tulips.  And I have a lot of tulips.  I must have planted about 500 just last year.  I have them in my front yard, on the side of my house and in the back yard.  I adore tulips.

These are regular traditional single tulips.

These are known as Parrot Tulips.  I have the White and the Rococo.

These are the Peony Flowering Tulips.  I love roses and peonys and love all flowers that resemble that kind of bloom.  From left to right are the La Belle Epoche, Mount Tacoma (I have these planted in an almost all white garden area) and Angelique (which are now just starting to open).  These are probably my favorites!

And these are also peony type tulips.  This was a mix that I purchased at Home Depot.  It’s also a good idea to have different varieties of tulips as they also open at different times.

Once the garden changes, I will update with new blooms.

Do you have any of these flowers growing in your garden?  Which of the tulip types are your favorite?  


  1. LOVE IT! But you know how much I love gardening too! I miss my gardens soooooooo much!! And I adore taking photos of flowers too – my fave subject!!

    1. Hey Carol. Thank you. Flowers are one of my favorite subjects too! The lungwort pictured here I got from you. I have quite a few things from your old place! 😉 Have you started a new garden at your new place? I’m hoping we can come and see you sometime! xoxoxo

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