Ebay Sales, Reaching 400 Items And How To Automatically Increase Your Selling Limits

April 25, 2015

Ebay Sales and the world famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

April 25, 2015

Ebay Sales And Auction vs Buy It Now

April 25, 2015
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Ebay sales for the week of April 12-18 2015

Well last week was much better than the prior week which was only $139.  🙂

• Total Items in Store: 406
• Items Sold: 14 (1 was on Amazon)
• International 1 GSP
• Total Sales: $400.39
• Highest Price Sold: $130 (Tool on Amazon)
• Average Price Sold: $28.60
• Returns: 0
• Cost of Items Sold: $33
• Cost of items purchased this week $5

So the highest item sold last week was a tool that I sold on Amazon.  But Ebay’s highest item was the following:

nesting dolls

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Auction Format vs Buy It Now

So the above item sold at Best Offer of $75.  Most of you probably already know this, but you can’t see the best offer price accepted through the print feature anymore.  What you need to do now is just right click on the page and click “page info”.  And you can scroll down and see the best offer price.

I am really trying to move inventory right now (in an attempt to get more organized) and was trying an experiment with auctions.  I originally listed this at auction for $69.99.  I think it was only a 3 day auction though.  No bites.  So if I don’t sell something at auction, I will then relist it at BIN.  So I then upped the price to $89.99 and set best offer to auto accept at $69.99 or higher (the price I wanted with the auction).  But I got an offer of $75 and accept.  So now I’m thinking I’m glad it didn’t sell at auction.  If I only had 1 person bid and it sold at $69.99 I would have been happy with that.  (But then you always hope your item is so awesome there will be a bidding war, right?).

Keep your eye out for these Russian nesting dolls.  These were actually from my personal collection.  I studied in Vienna, Austria for a semester in college and went to Budapest, Hungary.  We went to a flea market there and I had purchased these dolls.  I forgot all about them until my Mother In Law brought them over a couple of weeks ago.  They were stored in her house somewhere.  (Hubby and I lived there for a while after we married and were renovating our home).  Glad she found them.


So this week’s edition of Weirdbay is the following:

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I thought this was a bit weird, but very creative. Who wants this guys 24 years worth of portraits?

I really wish that this post could have gone live last Monday..but ain’t nobody got time for that!

How was that week for you?


  1. Great sale! I sold a set of Russian nesting dolls several months ago. They are definitely a BOLO. As far as auction and BIN, I like to run several auctions each week, but I set the opening bid at a price I would be perfectly happy with. If it doesn’t sell at auction, then like you, I up the price and set it as a BIN. I think that running some auctions drives more traffic to my store and results in more BIN sales, too.

    1. Hmmm..that’s an interesting theory Kimberly. I have heard that before, but forgot about it. That’s a good idea to run a few if does drive some traffic. But I definitely think there is still a place for auctions..especially for items that might fetch a little more than you think. I do try to do a few here and there.

  2. Wonderful sales. I will now be on the lookout for nesting dolls.

    We recently started doing only BIN, and have seen positive results. I think people don’t like waiting, I know I don’t, so it’s working for us. Plus our items rarely got into bidding wars.

    1. Hi Tiana, glad to see BINs are working for you guys. Good to hear from someone who sold at auctions. Interesting that you rarely got bidding wars. There are still a few items that I will experiment with on auctions. Some (like Kimberly above) say that it helps with a little more traffic to your store. Plus, if you have something unique..who knows, maybe you’ll get more for that item than you thought. It’s fun to experiment…as long as the auction is set at a price you’d be happy with!

  3. I personally hate auctions, even as a buyer. I put things on my watch list and then forget about them only to find out someone else won the item for almost nothing. Grrr. I guess though that I’m going to have to list auction style now that I’ve closed my store (effective May 1st). I wasn’t listing enough items to make it worth the monthly fee. I committed to a year and now that year is up so I’m getting out. I’m trying to list more on Etsy now. It’s slow. I get one or two sales a week. I’m trying to build my store up a little at a time. I get to keep more money from each sale, but the drawback is that there are no shipping discounts. Overall it’s a less stressful place to sell (at least so far), so I’m going to put my efforts there now.

    1. Hey Lorraine. Can’t believe you’ve had the store subscription for a year already..wow.. Yeah, if you don’t have enough listings, then it doesn’t make sense.

      I hope Etsy works out for you. I’m not sure why, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I just don’t think that you can beat the exposure that Ebay gives you. But I know it works for some people. I wish you luck with it!

  4. That nesting doll set is really cool. I have a bunch of stuff ready to go for auction (like 12 pairs of size 12 women’s pants or a bunch of Naturlizer brand shoes). I’m putting it off because it’s different than my current process, and I don’t like change!

    1. I don’t buy much, but I do like the idea of using a sniping app and getting a good deal on something. Especially when you’re in no hurry and can wait until you find that awesome deal!

  5. Last week was pretty awesome for us, we made about $360.00 for the week with our highest item sold being a distressed pair of Frye boots for 60.00. We have less than 500 listings up so we are really looking forward to getting the store fully populated.

    Mississippi Tony 😉

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