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October 2, 2013

MY Secret to Getting Things Done!

October 2, 2013

Ebay Selling – Who Knew A Mug Could Go For So Much?

October 2, 2013
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I was bitten by a gardening bug earlier this summer and have spend a lot of time working outside.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on plants and flowers so I’ve been watching Craigslist for folks who are redoing their landscaping or those whose flowers are overtaking their gardens and are sharing their divisions for free.  So I’ve been driving around quite a bit over the summer and stopping at garage sales and thrifts that I’ve never been to before.

Two weeks ago I was about 45 minutes from home getting tons of free flowers from a very generous lady.  On the way home I stopped at a garage sale and saw a Starbucks Mug.  I know that they are generally pretty decent sellers.  But I had no idea of my lucky find until I sat down to do a little research.  Some of these mugs go for crazy $.  You can see the recent completeds for Starbucks Mugs here.

Here’s the mug that I just sold at auction:

The lady wanted $2 for the mug and I asked if she would accept $1, and she did (they almost always do if asked this way)!  I’m always in competition with my hubby to have the highest profit margin item.  And I must say that now I’ve got him beat by about $100! 😉  Oh, and this item actually went to Russia.  So make sure you ship internationally!!

What has been your highest profit margin so far?  Do share.  I’d love to hear about it.

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    1. Hey Lorraine. Sorry, I added it to the original post and then my browser crashed and then I forgot to add it the 2nd time around. I’ve added that info. Paid $1. 😀

  1. My sister and I bought 4 new in the box vintage Gummi Bears plush at a yard sale. She was asking $20 but we paid $15. I just sold them to someone in Germany for $250 plus shipping!

  2. Clearly I let my hard-to-find Starbucks London Mug from 2005 go WAY too low at $25. Oh well, I only paid $1 for it.

    Do you have any pointers on researching your finds? I could not find a comparable for that mug except at WorthPoint and I didn’t want to subscribe.

  3. i picked up a woman’s dress coat for a dime!?!?! figured i could get at least $20 out of it. Put it on when i got home (hubby wouldnt let me keep it when we realized it was real fur trimmed not the faux i had thought) sold for 175.00 f/s 🙂

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