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February 22, 2016

Ebay Selling – Does neutral feedback affect your feedback score? Mine didn’t.

February 22, 2016

Ebay Selling – Received a Package with Postage Due!

February 22, 2016
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I guess this post actually more about ebay Buying..but it’s good for us sellers to be aware of these situations too!

So my son purchased something off of Ebay recently and when the package arrived, it arrived with Postage Due!


And not just a little bit..but a flippin’ $13.  What the heck!  And this is a seller that has tons of feedback and sells a lot of this one particular item.  When we purchased it we paid $16.99 for postage on the item.  It’s a pretty large item.

From what I’ve read online, normally the USPS will either send the package back to the seller with the postage due, or deliver it and collect the $ on the spot or not deliver it at all.  However, in our situation, the USPS carrier did leave the package by our front door (she likes me! 🙂  I just sent the seller a note asking for the $13 for postage due.  I did include a pic.  So that I can go and pay the money owed.

Now I’m hoping that this was just an honest mistake.  But when I was doing research on this topic, this seems to be a frequent occurrence.  I’ve read tons of stuff about ebay sellers trying to cheap the post office on shipping.  Here’s an article about an ebay seller who cheated the post office of $18,000 by sending his packages for only $.01.  Here’s another article about this from the newspaper.

usps cheat

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EDIT:  Even before I had a chance to finish this post the seller emailed me back:

“I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I will send that to you this evening since it’s impossible to do from PayPal mobile app and it’s blocked here at work….I don’t know what is going on with the post office. I am using the same weights and dimensions I have always used and you are the 3rd person this month that this has happened to.”


So in this situation, it is an honest mistake.  I suggested they take one of these packages to the post office and have them weigh it and see what happens.  Could it be the increase? Again, they emailed me right back that they were going to do so on their lunch break today as they are shipping out more of this item today.

I use my regular ebay account for both buying and selling.  It’s times like this that I think having a separate buying account makes sense.  Luckily this seller is great and is willing to do whatever is necessary to right the situation.  But what if the seller were a jerk?  What if, in retaliation, they (realizing that I’m a seller too) purchased something from me and then left me negative feedback?  I’ve heard of this happening too.  I know hubby has an account that he started a little while ago cuz’ he couldn’t remember our log in.  I think I will start using that account for all of my purchases…except Ebay business related purchases as my Easy Auctions Tracker (which I talk about here) automatically imports my purchases as expenses too.

It’s funny as I often have this fear when I’m shipping out my packages.  I’m always thinking to myself?  “Will this shipping tape and these fragile/USPS Priority Mail stickers put my package weight into the next ounce?  Maybe this has happened and I just wasn’t notified of it?  I wonder.

UPDATE:  So I was refunded my $13. Good Seller! They went to talk to the post office and here’s what they messaged me:

“The clerk whom I’ve know for years said I selected the wrong option….I don’t believe it….I do it all through eBay and if I selected envelope vs. package it shouldn’t matter because the charge is the same. “

And something similar is happening to a commentor below (see Marci’s comment).  What is going on??

Wondering if this has happened to any of you before?



  1. Hi – I have never commented before but I do sell on ebay so I’m a little familiar with this situation. Most likely (at least in my case), it was the box size. The post office charges a surcharge for boxes over a certain size. Someone else may be able to add to this but I believe it may only apply to priority mail. I was told once by a postal worker that it is a charge levied by the airline that ships the packages. I once had a package that was going to ship for over $30 but when I found a box that was smaller only by a few inches, it decreased the price by half.

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You may be right about it being the size of the box. However, in communication, the person made it seem like they ship these all the time and have never had a problem before. So I wonder.

  2. As the first comment mentions, it could be a surcharge for an oversized package. The best thing to do when shipping a big box is to put the dimensions in when ordering a label. It will show you if the surcharge applies or not. I send a lot of things first class and like you I worry about the weight of tape, shipping label and fragile stickers which are all applied AFTER you order the label. I made myself a separate weight out of a folded up piece of paper that I put on top of my packages when I weigh them before ordering a shipping label. It adds about 1/2 ounce. When I lived in PA, my local PO checked everything…especially media mail. I had to pay postage due on some Manga books because technically they are considered comics which are not eligible for media rate. It all depends on the PO I guess. Glad your seller refunded you the postage due.

    1. Hey Lorraine, yes the Media Mail is technically only for “educational” media..books, tapes, cds, etc. It’s funny as I do the same exact thing as you..fold a piece of paper on top of the package and then I usually add another ounce..LOL

      1. Funny. Every time I dropped off a Media Mail package (this was before I starting using pickup), they would tell me that they have the right to open all media packages and inspect them to make sure the appropriate media mail materials were being sent. So I’m guessing they opened Lorraine’s package? Lorraine?

        1. Yes, she talked about it at some point on her blog before, and mentioned it on mine when I talked about Manga. The funny part is that the lady I bought it for literally told me that it was the only way she could get her son to read. Nice to see such a progressive/flexible parent not forcing her kid to read in a way which they don’t enjoy!

  3. That is so strange. I have only had one of my sold shipments come up a few cents short on the other end in all these years. I hope the seller really does refund you!

  4. I once had a package come back to me that I had shipped out because I didn’t pay enough postage. I was using a 1940’s kitchen scale so I think we can figure out why I was off, lol. I have since upgraded to a real scale that reads ounces as well as pounds. I also sold a suitcase at christmas that shipping was $28.00. It was returned because the buyer changed her mind. I resold it this week and eBay aging charged the new buyer $28.00. When I went to ship it the postage was actually $42.00! So I had to eat the $12.00. Still trying to figure out how this happened. It had the same weight and dimensions on both transactions. Anyway, glad you got a seller who was honest and gave you back the money.

    1. Mari, that is so funny! I’m sure you’re not the only one that’s used it. I know that I bought a vintage scale when I first started and was going to use it when I realized that I had a postal scale that I rarely used for my other business and used that. The only problem with that was that it only goes up to 10 pounds. I’ve since gotten one (the one Scavenger Life recommends) and it goes up to 300lbs..or something like that.

      About your shipping issue. Seems to be the same thing going on. Here’s what their USPS clerk told them: “The clerk whom I’ve know for years said I selected the wrong option….I don’t believe it….I do it all through eBay and if I selected envelope vs. package it shouldn’t matter because the charge is the same. ”

      What’s going on???

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Had this happen with a purchase I made on Poshmark. Although the weight was fine and the seller claims she paid for postage at the post office, the oversized box issue was not caught until the box was already in transit. Poshmark issued me a credit for the extra cost I had to pay and everything was fine 🙂

    1. Glad it worked out. It can definitely be an issue..I used to not enter measurements, but I do now on all items that are a bit bigger. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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