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March 7, 2015

The 3 Things I Always Look For At A Thrift To Resell On Ebay When I’m In A Hurry

March 7, 2015

Ebay Selling News & Make Sure You Use Fragile Stickers

March 7, 2015
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I will start off with my sales for the week of Feb 22 – 28

Total Items in Store: 337
Items Sold: 12
Cost of Items Sold: $23
Total Sales: $279.92
Highest Price Sold: $39.99 (set of 2 video head cleaners)
Average Price Sold: $23.32
International Sales: 1
Returns: 1 Partial (actually a half refund on a salt/shaker set. The salt shaker was broken)
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0

I’ve been very happy with my numbers recently.  I’ve been listing more consistently and it’s been paying off.  (Well I should say more consistently than last year, however, I have not listed in a couple of weeks).

To Separate A Set Or Not

So a couple of weeks ago I went to an estate sale and bought a cute vintage handpainted kitchen canister set.

IMG_8251Maybe an hour after I listed this I received an email from a buyer asking if I would consider separating the salt & pepper shakers from the set, and if so, what I wanted for them.

Well, I was unsure if I should or not.  I had this set listed for $99.  I’ve seen the individual canisters sell for about $22 each.  I figured why not, but then didn’t know what to ask for them. I thought I might ask $24.99 for them.  But then I figured I would ask them what they are willing to pay for them and that would determine whether or not I would separate them.

I’m glad I didn’t give them a price.  They messaged me back saying that would pay $35 plus shipping for the salt & pepper shakers.  DEAL!  I’m glad that when I took these photos, I photographed them all together, just the four large ones and the S&P shakers separately.  It was easy enough to do and relist them.  They bought them right away.  I was happy as I left the large canisters still at $99 or BO.  I only paid $12 bucks for the whole set.

Sometimes my brain doesn’t work.

So I shipped these out and a few days later get a message from the buyer and the attached photo:

broken salt shakerThe salt shaker broke.  I thought I did a good job packing these and was confident they’d be okay.  However, I failed to write FRAGILE on the package. (I’ve since ordered the stickers…instead of writing it with a marker..now only to remember to put them on.)  Grrr.

I asked them if they wanted to return them for a full refund or keep the one and get a half refund.  They chose a 1/2 refund so I still made $17.50 on this transaction.

Google Translate for your Ebay business.

I’ve been using the Global Shipping Program and really like it.  I recently sold some VHS Video Head Cleaners to a buyer in Germany and received feedback from the buyer.  It was positive, but I had no idea what he wrote.  I’ve sold many items internationally and most buyers do speak some English and usually leave English feedback.

But this time I had to consult with my trusty Google Translate.  Here’s what he wrote:

google translate feedbackGlad they made it to Germany ok.  Thank you GSP!

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  1. So sad about the salt shaker. I don’t think fragile stickers would have made a difference though. Packages are handled rough no matter what you write or stick on the box.

    1. That’s what I think, but I swear I packaged them super well. I’m hoping that the workers would handle fragile packages a bit better. Since some items are insured, it’s the post office that is out of $ when claims are filed.

    2. I agree that sometimes no matter how carefully you package and even label an item, that items break. I’ve had that happen and just imagine some postal employees drop kicking my packages just for fun 😉 It is frustrating, but I’ve learned my lesson. I almost always ship Priority because of the insurance. I will usually refund the buyer (partial or full) then submit a claim to USPS myself. Such a pain!

        1. Okay, so it was shipped priority mail. Can I still submit the claim? I’ve never had to do it. I gave a partial refund? Will that work? Not sure how to go about it? Would appreciate some advice. Thank you!

  2. Hi Margaret, so many similar experiences in this post.

    So sorry about the salt shaker. I was shipping out a board game a few weeks ago (a vintage Jumanji game which btw are worth some pretty good money on eBay just in case you run into them) and I forgot to ask the workers to put the “Fragile” stamp on the package. Fast forward a few days later and I receive a message from the buyer stating that the package was damaged. She actually didn’t open the package at all, she could just tell from looking at it. Very frustrating and an expensive lesson learned.

    And thanks for the tip about Google Translator. I received a message from a buyer written completely in Spanish and I had no clue what it said. I probably missed out on a sale because of it. I’m definitely keep this tool in mind in the future.

    Congrats on a great week!


  3. I agree with Lorraine. Sometimes things get handled roughly and sometimes I think the stuff marked fragile gets even more of the rough treatment. I double box and float anything that is breakable, and it’s still happened a few times. I’m glad to hear it all worked out, though and that you still made a nice profit.

    1. It does stink. I feel really bad about this situation because this set was awesome! I even considered keeping them. Glad the buyer was very understanding and even gave me great positive feedback. But still!

  4. I had two small items arrive broken in the past two weeks. Just when you think you’ve got packing mastered, disaster! So upsetting. Even if the stickers don’t protect everything I do think they help. I have med and large ones that I use depending on the size of the package.

    1. I was running out of markers and that’s really why I ordered the stickers. But they were like under $8 shipped for 500. And look sooo much nicer!! Now I see them right next to my Priority Mail stickers and so I’m reminded to use them. LOL I do love glass, pottery, and other breakables though. 🙂

  5. That really stinks about the broken salt shaker. 🙁 I’m glad your customer was understanding, though!

    Hey, I know you sell ties. I have never sold a tie before. Do you have any tips on how to pick out winners? Just look for something that looks like it would fit a niche, or do you choose specific brands?

    1. Hi Jamie. Okay, it seems that I have the most success selling novelty ties. Especially interesting vintage ones (made in the usa). Stay away from Disney ties. The market is WAY oversaturated. I typically like to stick to 100% silk ties, but will certainly buy the polyester if they are interesting. They need to be weird and different. Anything that stands out. And do check for stains, etc. When I first started buying ties, I wasn’t as careful and bought many which I donated back because I didn’t catch certain things. Hope that helps a little!

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