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October 10, 2017

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October 10, 2017

Ebay Selling – A Mistake I Still Sometimes Make

October 10, 2017

I’ve been selling pretty regularly on eBay since 2012 and one of the things I always do when I’m listing an item is do some quick research regarding the item that I’m selling.  I like to get an idea of how much an item typically sells for, how many are available and what they are going for.  I normally price an item on the higher end with a buy it now.

Also, when I find a similar item, I tend to use the “sell now” button to list the item as it then put the item in the right category (usually) and I don’t have to search for it.  This saves me a little bit of time.

I noticed that this item wasn’t really going for a lot of money and decided to price it at $19.99 without a buy it now (which I normally offer).  However, what I didn’t notice when I hit the “sell now” button (you can see it just below the main picture below), was that this seller had free shipping and 18 as the quantity. 

I normally fly through the listings and didn’t notice these two quite important things.  So when this item sold, I was pretty happy to sell it for $19.99 until I noticed that it had free shipping. Grrr.  This Italian pasta maker is actually quite heavy…over 2 pounds.  And the person this was going to is in California…which for me is the most expensive shipping.

Luckily this pasta maker attachment is on the smaller size and was able to fit into a padded flat rate priority mail envelope, which only cost me $6.50.  I shouldn’t say only as that’s still a lot of $ eating into my profit.  But if it was larger, the parcel post would have been over $12 and I would have lost money on this item.

As it stands, I paid $5 for this item, it cost me $6.50 to ship and taking another 18% fees from Ebay and paypal ($3.60), that leaves of cost of sale at $15.10 leaving me a net profit of only $4.89.  I would never sell something for such a small profit.  But here I ended up doing so because I overlooked the free shipping that was defaulted in the listing that I copies by using “sell now.”

If it wasn’t for the free shipping, my net profit would have been $11.39And although I prefer a net profit to be much higher, I will take that all day long as the item took maybe 1 minute to photograph and another couple of minutes to list and maybe 10 minutes to ship, at most.  That is still a very good hourly rate.

I also had to go back and end the listing since it was still active and showing another 17 available…eek!

I’m wondering if others who sell on Ebay and have been doing so for quite a while still make mistakes?  Or is it just me…probably just me.  🙂

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