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June 26, 2017

My 2017 Goals – Week of June 19 – 25

June 26, 2017

Ebay Selling – How I Lost My Top-Rated Seller Status – AGAIN

June 26, 2017
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I’ve maintained my Top Rated Seller status since July of 2013.  I  had lost it once back in May of 2013.  You can read about that HERE.  At that time, I had lost it because I personally had a few packages that I packaged and sent out a day late.  So it was my fault.  But this time around, I was penalized and lost my top-rated status because the United States Post Office does not scan in my packages immediately.

I often go to my seller dashboard on Ebay to see how things are doing and to check my feedback (hoping that there is never a negative one).  This last time that I checked my dashboard I saw this:

The  transaction defect rate was still okay.  If I had more than 3, that would also make me lose my Top Rated Seller status..  My defects were a result of items that were previously sold being relisted again and then me having to cancel the order because I was out of stock on the item.  And I don’t blame ebay for that either.  This was totally my fault, but a little complicated to explain.  Even more complicated is what I’d have to do to make certain that this doesn’t happen again.  That would be having to go through all of my inventory and listings and cross referencing everything.  Not sure I’m willing to do that right now…so I’m guessing I still might get some more defects in the future.

In my situation, it was the late shipment rate.  It has to be under 3% in order to meet Top Rated Seller status.  I clicked the area to see which items were considered late.

The first thing I noticed about these late shipment transactions is that I was not late in shipping any of them!

The problem here lies in the fact that I have package pickup at my house.  When my regular post officer deliver/pick up person is around, she scans everything on time.  But whenever there is someone else (which is often, not sure why), my guess is that they don’t scan in right away.  And then I’m penalized for it.

I know that a simple solution to this problem would be for me to just take my packages to the post office.  And there isn’t one that far away…maybe just a couple of miles.  But that to me is an inconvenience.  I REALLY like the pick up at home.  And we live in an area that I don’t need to worry about packages being stolen (please universe, don’t let me eat my words here).

But it does kind of upset me when I get penalized for no fault of my own.

I also noticed that the first two items were actually 1 combined shipment that was being counted as two.  So I called ebay (when in doubt, always give them a call) and talked to them about it. The rep was able to make that into one transaction, but it was not enough to drop the percentage to under 3.

So yesterday I received the following email from ebay:

So I’ve lost the Top Rates Seller status after having it non-stop for such a long time.  And I really liked being a top rated seller as I felt that it gave buyers maybe a little more confidence dealing with someone that was top rated.  It also used to mean that we got a 20% discount on final value fees.  However, that has now changed.  Effective June 20 of this year, that discount has dropped down to only 10% (which I’m a bit bummed about).

Here’s a copy of the current benefits of being a Top Rated seller taken from ebay:

I really liked that Top Rated Plus seal.  I will miss that seal.  And I will miss even the 10% discount on final value fees.  I hope that in the next few monthly evaluations, I will earn it back.  We’ll see!

How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

I’m wondering if, besides having to drop everything off at the post office, putting a stick note on the packages might help.  I was thinking of having them read: “Please scan all packages.”  Should I add “immediately?”  What do you guys think?

Is this something some of you are running into?  Any other words of advice?


  1. Oh dear. I am getting all those feelings of anxiety just reading this post. I don’t miss any of it. So sorry you lost your TRS status. That stinks that the discount dropped from 20% down to 10%. Wow! I used to watch for those scans every day and get peeved when they didn’t show up in time. I would definitely leave a note for the carrier, or maybe make a nice hand painted wooden sign and place it near where you leave your packages. Not sure I would use the word “immediately.” Perhaps “On Pick-Up” would be better? Or “Please scan upon receipt.” Something like that? I’m sure your rating will pick up again.

    1. Hey Lorraine, interestingly, I don’t really get anxious or too upset about it. Doesn’t really bother me too much. It stinks, but no big deal. I have to say that for me, selling on ebay is pretty laid back. I may panic a little here or there when I’ve sold something and realized that I accidentally relisted something by accident and had previously sold it..but that’s about it. It’s for me actually a pretty much stress free part time job.

      And thank you..those are great suggestions. I really like the “Please scan upon receipt.” I will use that. Thanks so much. Hope things are going well for you. I was thinking about you last week actually. Need to go catch up on your blog. Take care! 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure that late shipments don’t have anything to do with the scan. I’ve had items that were scanned when they got halfway across the country and were still OK in eBay’s eyes. For me, I only receive a late ding if I don’t ship within my item time frame – 1 day. Most of the time this occurs when I’m going early on vacation and get a sale after I leave the door. The only thing I can think about is that you have same day shipping which does require a same-day scan. Per eBay’s rules, 1-day only requires uploading tracking within 1-day for 1 day handling:
    “1 business day handling time: If a buyer pays on Tuesday, you need to upload tracking by 11:59:59 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday.”

    As to the re-listing quantity issue, it happens. It’s annoying since it’s partially your fault and partially eBay’s. Re-listing an item that originally had quantity 2 and now only has quantity 1 shouldn’t go back to the original quantity!

    I’m potentially losing mine too but just because of sales volume. I’ve been very low on the listing side, have ~250 items now, and am just under 100 items in the timeframe the look at. When we’re off for the baby I plan on listing more.

    1. Hi Chris. I have 1 business day handling and all of those items were shipped within that time. I was not late getting them out. But they were not scanned at the post office on time. I called ebay and that is what they told me. That the scans were not uploaded within allowed time frame. I haven’t been late on a shipment in a long time.

      About your listings…when you’re off with the baby, enjoy the baby. You don’t need ebay. 🙂 When we had our last son (the third baby). We knew he would be our last. And knowing that he was, we appreciated every little moment with him so much more. Truly. Knowing that we wouldn’t experience that again, we tried to take it all in and remember it. I think humans just take so much for granted. 🙂

      1. Really weird! “If the shipment doesn’t receive a carrier scan within your handling time and the shipment was late according to the tracking details, it will count as a late shipment.”

        So unless they’re getting delayed sometime during the route, as long as it gets a scan at some point then eBay shouldn’t care.

        As to the baby – we’re excited to have our last too. 🙂 Poor middle kid. We definitely take things for granted, but there’s a lot to juggle. I think we’re doing OK overall, but we can always improve.

        1. I don’t know why this is happening, but it is. But it’s okay. No biggie.

          So you’ve decided it’s your last too. It was a tough decision. They are just so adorable when they are babies…then they grow up…J/K. LOL 🙂

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