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August 11, 2014

What’s your ebay story? The many reasons for selling online

August 11, 2014

Ebay Selling – How Our Personal Likes & Dislikes Determine What We Sell

August 11, 2014
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Hubby and I were at an estate sale in the spring when I picked up this vintage brush and hand mirror.

I paid $20 for this thing.  Gasp!!!  I know it’s a lot, but I really, really loved it and felt someone else would too.  I took a best offer of $60 plus shipping!  🙂

Same thing with this brass owl ruler.  Bought this at another estate sale for $2 and took a best offer of $30 plus shipping.  I tried cleaning it and even scratched it up a bit..but it still sold.

Both of the above items are things that my hubby would never even consider for resale..he would pass them right up or think they they are junk and no one would buy them.  I love proving him wrong!  😉 He’s usually right about everything, so it feels good when I do.  LOL

Same thing with these loveys too.  He actually made fun of me for buying them.  Sure these weren’t big sellers, but I paid $.49 each for them and it took just a couple of minutes to list (I too try to group things together…make a listing and then just duplicate and change a couple of keywords).  I was actually nervous about buying that top one.  It’s actually in not so great shape.  It’s been washed a lot and repaired already.  I made sure to point out all the flaws and it still sold.  Someone was trying to replace a beloved lovey!!

It really is true that “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”.  That’s the really cool thing about Ebay, there are so many unique items for sale and so many unique people to buy them.  I’m glad we are all different and have different tastes and likes..that’s what makes it so interesting!

Have you guys purchased anything that your spouse/so made fun of and then sold for a nice profit?  Do share!

Updated – Forgot to mention this Moses Basket that I bought and sold for $134.  Again, it’s nothing my hubby would even glance at!



    1. Thanks Nancy. It’s actually something that I wanted to keep for myself, but I don’t have a desk in my house and no room on my work desk. LOL. But I do love it! At least I had a chance to enjoy it for a little while before it sold! 🙂

  1. thats too funny. My hubby routinely makes fun of what I buy. We were at thrift the other day. I handed him a bunch of things to scan none worth anything (I “was done” with the toy section). He walks over grabs another toy we buy for $6 and it sells 2 weeks later for $64.95. (thats still hung over my head) I think thats its always better in pairs….way more thorough that way.

    1. Definitely better in pairs. You can get twice the inventory that way. And yes, I’ve also picked up some stuff going through the same sections as my hubby that he missed the first definitely more thorough for sure!!

  2. I’m having the opposite problem, I think. I am alone b/c I’m a widow. I think there are things I pass up b/c they don’t appeal to me but would be good sellers and I think I buy a lot of things that I think are pretty or cute but apparently are not good sellers.
    Sometimes I make some good calls. Just last week found an old Rival potpourri crock pot in box at a local thrift store at 1/2 price $1.50. Sold this weekend for $15; buyer pd. shipping. Not bad. Recently flipped some HP ink I found at Goodwill; 2 3-packs of ink for $4.99 ea. Sold them for $80 the next day.

    1. Wow..HP ink was a great sale. I always pick up ink that I find new in box. I just picked up some old (I think typewriter) IBM cartridges. They were $2 a package of 6, bought 2 packages at SA and they sell for $45 each on Amazon (which is were I’ll be selling those). I can just scan with my phone and add in within a couple of seconds. Super easy!

  3. My hubby is often surprised that some of the stuff he would never think of picking up actually sells and more surprised at the prices I get. He is getting a good eye though. Just the other day he bought a flute case for $3. It sold quickly for $20 plus shipping. We work better as a team. He often sees flaws in items that I don’t see which saves me money and grief.

    1. I saw that Lorraine. Nice pick. Cool that he’s getting into it and developing a good eye! Seeing the flaws is a’s always nice to have a 2nd set of eyes.

      You’ve been having some good sales lately. Hope it keeps up!!!

  4. I do tend to buy items that I like, but I’m constantly amazed by what sells. I remember when I first started doing this and I would come home from a morning of garage sales with hardly anything. I looked at everything and thought no one is going to want to buy this junk. Now my van is full almost every weekend. Yes, they want that junk 🙂 I truly think there is a buyer out there for everything. That ruler is super cool!

    1. You are right. There IS a buyer for almost everything. I find that so fascinating about this business. It’s a lot of fun! 🙂 One of my favorite things to do is check out other sellers and see what they are selling. I don’t watch TV, but I watch Ebay Completeds..LOL

  5. Hah, as a parent of a young girl who LOVES her Lovey, those things can sell like hot cakes (plus they’re SUPER easy to ship). We actually bought an identical 2nd one off of eBay even though it was used. Guess what, my daughter knew right away that it wasn’t the same (this was when she was barely a year old). She grabbed it, snuggled, and then stopped and looked at it with a WTF expression. I guess it just didn’t have that texture and aroma that hers has developed… something like saliva and stale pop tart?

  6. I agree! Almost everything I buy appeals to me and is stuff I have a hard time leaving behind even though I don’t need or have space for it. The only exception is Pyrex in good shape. It doesn’t really appeal to me and I don’t need it but it flips quickly so I buy it!

    1. You don’t like Pyrex, really. I have to say that I do love Pyrex. Originally I started buying it for resale, but quickly fell in love with it and haven’t sold any, as I’m keeping them for myself! 🙂

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