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May 5, 2013

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May 5, 2013

Ebay Selling – How I Lost My Top-Rated Seller Status

May 5, 2013
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Being a Top-Rated Seller on Ebay saves you about 20% in final fees.  If you are a big time seller, that could add up to a lot of $.  I really love being a TRS also because I think that if you are selling an item that is identical in description and price as someone else, a customer might choose you over your competition because of that designation.

So I was bummed to receive notice that I had lost mine!  🙁

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How did this happen.  I had 3 transactions where I uploaded the tracking a day late.  All of my listings are set to ship within 1 business day.  I had 3 transactions (all in one day) that needed custom boxes.  And hubby is the one that does them.  He had to work really late and came home after I went to bed already.  I guess I could have gotten up and asked him to still make them for me, but I didn’t.  I knew this might come up..but oh well.

The problem is the percentage.  I haven’t been active at listings that much recently so sending out 3 packages a day late put me under the 90%.

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I’m hoping that at the next evaluation (I think they are every 3 months)..I can get some listings and sales up so that I can get my TRS status back up.

UPDATE 7/21/13: I actually just noticed that my Top Rates Seller status is up.  I’ve been bad and haven’t even checked my status lately and don’t know when it came back…but I’m glad it did!  🙂

Has this ever happened to you?  Would love to hear about it!


  1. I thought the evaluations were every month. On my dashboard under Seller Standing, it says:
    Status: Your performance standards on the last evaluation are Top-rated. On track for 5/20/13
    Maybe it won’t be as long as you think to get reinstated. I’ve read on the forums that people will print their labels a day early to get that tracking number uploaded even though they don’t plan to ship right away. You could try that next time.

    1. Hey Lorraine, maybe they are. I just need to start listing and selling more to bring that back up to Top Rated Seller instead of just Above Standard. I would print out the label too, but the problem with two of these packages was the custom boxes that I needed and then had no idea what the weight would have been.

    2. I work full time job outside of selling there like many others do, and don’t have the time to print the labels ahead of time even thoug that’s a great idea.My problem was the few buyers that left a low dsr for me RRR!!! After I send a printed paper of their sale and asking them to please contact me if for any reason they feel I don’t deserve a 5 star dsr..I think if they don’t contact you that should show there no problem and there shouldn’t be an issue with your dsr’s! I am now trying that website I am crossing my fingers I sell there. I am moving a few of my items there currently to test it out, they do not bother with feedback scores and many of the headaches you get with the ebay site..Check it out 🙂

      1. Hey Katie. I have my shipping turned on for 1 business day..but I think you can have 2 day shipping (might be easier with fullfillment) and still be able to keep your TRS status. Not sure though. The 1 day turnaround is what got me into trouble on 2 transactions.

  2. I have last month lost my top rated and power seller status due to this tracking system of ebays, I DONT understand it! I am now waiting for a rep from ebay to call me back after they go over my account and to explain to me WHY this is after seven years as a top rated seller.I am really discouraged I told the rep and am considering leaving ebay over this as my VERY hard work is not paying off, I feel ebay makes it way to hard for the honest hard working sellers to keep this Top rated status with their high demands and expectations.I take MANY pictures, close ups as well and I also mention every and any little single flaw, and am so tired at this point of doing every little farting thing they demand and NOW because their tracking doesn’t always show what it should its MY fault?!!? Im going to look into selling else where I have had enough of this,it really isn’t worth the lousy discount they give you I told the rep earlier on the phone.I should be getting a return call back from this rep either tonight or tomorrow, should be interesting but I certainly do not hold much hope.I am going to see where else I can sell my awesome gently used items I have always gotten great review on and possibly even create my own website.I know I have a great thing here as I offer great prices on beautiful gently pre owned clothing for so much less and so many people have loved it.Im not going to let ebay and their tough punishing their sellers policies keep me out of the game..I was really happy to see your commenst I thought I was alone here and was ready to cry when I saw that horrible red exclamation point on my DSR;s chart lol. Thanks for your blog here, it really made me feel better@ Any advise you can offer I am open! I live in New York and I have access to many great items that have always and still do sell, But now with this new very unfair policy ebay forces on its sellers I may be saying good bye to them and going solo if not another website..

    1. Hi Kathie,

      Sorry to hear about you loosing your Power Seller and Top Rated Seller status. That stinks. I know that their policies are getting tougher and tougher and that’s it’s getter hard to keep these designations. I know that some people sell on other sites too. But for me, I think that ebay still has the best traffic of any other online reselling venue out there.

      Let me know if you learn anything. I was really bummed about loosing my status too..but that just means I have to do better to compete with everyone else on there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Hey thanks so much for your very prompt reply! I have read many people are trying another web for selling womens I HOPE it pans out! It was featured on good morning America and abc news, I try not to get my expectations up too much as you are right ebay gets much more traffic. According to many other website comments I have read this website is apparently the new competitor to the one I am currently selling on, again I hope it works.I have been googling other websites as I am determined to get away from selling where I am I am fed up with whats going on with how the sellers are treated.I feel they are making it difficult to retain that top status because of too many sellers flooding their website and don’t kid yourself they don’t want to give those discounts away too easily! I spoke with a rep last night that did call me back of course she was difficult to understand with her broken English, but as usual I was told theres nothing that can be doen and yes the buyers hold all the cards! I am so sick of doing everything I am supposed to do and I send all my customers the paper along with their purchase asking them to please leave a 5 star DSR for me and if they cant please contact me as to why you cant, not one has though! THAT lead me to think all was fine right?? WRONG! I told the rep last night on the phone if they don’t contact you that theres anything wrong why are they allowed to leave those low dsr’s?? Its their policy and they allow these buyers to hide behind the low dsr’s after leaving you a nice feedback! I feel its ebays fault and its also their way of saving money.Im sick of it and trying to get out from selling with them and am trying other places..I am fed up..

        1. You are absolutely right. It is getting harder and harder for the sellers. But it seems they are trying to encourage the sellers with all their free listing promotions as well. Feel free to keep me posted on how things go for you on Tradesy. Good luck!

          1. Thanks Margaret,
            Yes they are trying to be encouraging with all the free listings, thing is I WISH I had the time to take total advantage of that, but my full time job outside of the home leaves me little or no time to do that. Thing is I NEED to take advantage of it I have bags and bags of items to photograph and get up on the sites. I am going to list most of my next bunch on tradesy and give it a few months and still keep the other bunch on ebay until I see how it goes, if its not good theres always other sites and maybe even I should consider getting
            my own private store started where it is not connected to ebay but does get the traffic, I think you can do that..I will try to keep you posted, thanks for your reply 🙂

  3. I hear you Kathie. I’ve got the same problem. Wish I had more time to list. I have thousands of dollars worth of inventory that hasn’t been listed yet. I also work a full time job and now that the weather’s been warm, I’ve been outside gardening and landscaping. Now I have to start listing! 😉

  4. Hi,
    YOu can try This is the website I will be making the transition too. I’m tried of EBAY and their BS with out sellers. They give us no respect and consideration. They treat us like trash. I’m a powerseller/topratedseller until 3 buyers nail me for lower star ratings for the whole entir year and as a result I will lose my status. I have 100% feedback and excellent customer service. Ebay is going to go down…sellers will leave and try other sites. They don’t understand that as much as buyers are important, sellers are as well.

    1. Hi Julio. I agree with you. It’s always a good idea to sell on multiple platforms. I already sell the same items (when I can) on both Ebay and Amazon. The only thing that stops me from trying out other sites and learning to use them and that they don’t have the traffic. At first I was concerned about not getting TRS…and I still am in a way..good thing I’ve got it back…but if someone wants to purchase something and cares about rating, they will check it out and see that 99% of your ratings are still stellar and buy with you anyway. Most of the time. But in order to compete and have higher visibility..TRS is a good thing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck!

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