Ebay Selling – Getting My Neutral Feedback Removed

May 29, 2014

Ebay Selling – Owls & The Real McCoy – Selling Imperfect Items

May 29, 2014

Ebay Selling – Finding Higher Priced Items for Resale

May 29, 2014
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We’ve been doing a lot of garage saling recently (and a little bit of thrift store shopping) and finding some cool stuff.  I’m glad that my hubby likes to treasure hunt as much as I do..if only the kids did too.  Sometimes we drag them with, and sometimes we leave them at home (how nice to have them at that age).

I’ve been real happy with some recent sales as most of them have been higher priced.   I’m willing to spend a little more $ on some items for a better return.

This vintage bottle opener was $.10 in a bin with kitchen utensils at a thrift.  Accepted BO of $34.99 (shipping was under $3).

This sweater was purchased at a thrift for $4.99.  Accepted BO of $80 (shipped in legal flat rate envelope..$5.35 ish). Found this Men’s sweater in the women’s section.  The really interesting thing about Hilda sweaters is that this company went out of business over 20 years ago.  The reason?  Their sweaters were so well made that they lasted for over 20 years.  Once you bought one, you had no need for another one.

Purchased at a thrift for $10.  Sold for $134.99.  I had a best offer, but the buyer paid full price.  Shipping was $29.  This thing was huge!  I would have asked a higher price, but there was a rip by the foot of the basket.  Had it listed for only a few days before it sold.

These shoes were $10 at a garage sale, sold for $62.99 plus shipping.  I’m starting to list more and more without bo price.  These sold within 2 weeks.  I wasn’t too familiar with this brand, but they were new and had a bag..gotta be worth some $, so I took a chance and was happy with my ROI (return on investment).

Bought for $10 at a local school’s toy consignment sale.  Accepted bo of $35 plus shipping.

This is one of the ties that my son photographed for me.  I’m slowly getting through the listings.  This sold within a week at full asking price of $34.99, even though there was a bo on it.  Someone wanted this bad.  Shipping on ties is about $2.50 ish.

This month I’ve grossed almost $600.  I’m so excited as I didn’t do much last year or the .  beginning of this year.  But I’m getting into it again! Thanks to all the inspirational blogs, podcasts and videos.

I know some people have been mentioning slow sales this month, mine have been really good (for me)..and I attribute it all to listing often.  ABL (always be listing), as Jay and Ryanne of Ebay Scavengers always say!

What have been your best recent sales?? 


  1. Nice sales! I’m one of those who have been having slow sales. I need to ABL but also QRB (quit reading so many blogs) LOL. It’s addicting.

    1. So funny Nancy!!! LOL

      I was going to make the same suggestion in the post, but then where would we get the inspiration??? I’m also addicting to checking out the completed’s of people I follow too. 😀

  2. I’ve noticed my sales increase when I list more. So the Hilda sweaters are ones to look for? Thanks for the tip!!

    1. Yes, they have a very good sell through rate, but it make take a little while. I listed mine in February. They are hard to miss..very thick wool sweaters. Mine was a lucky find, as it was brand new!

  3. Another thing, maybe you can help me look at it another way. I just cannot do the “best offer” thing on principal. To me, the best offer option tells potential buyers that you aren’t serious about your original price in the first place! I just WILL NOT use that option at all. Am I looking at it wrong? Are you guys having good luck w/it?

    1. Hi Kay. The way I look at it is there are a couple of reasons to use it. One reason to use it is when you have something that you have no way of knowing how to price. Then mark it really high with a best offer..that way, if someone wants it, but wants to negotiate, you can do that. A best offer for me is that I do like to price my things higher than those that are selling similar. The best offer just tells a client that I’m willing to negotiate “a little” on the price. An example with ties. I price mine kind of high..$24.99 to $36.99…and I set my auto decline at $14.99 or lower. I will take $15 for a tie all day long. They are cheap and easy to ship. But you wouldn’t believe how many people buy at the BIN price or over my auto decline price. I could list all my ties at a $15 bin price, but why when so many people will pay more. It’s also great to use on inventory that you want to move and are willing to accept. That’s my thinking anyway. 🙂

  4. Awesome sales…especially that basket. I don’t know if I would have picked something up like that, let alone research it if I came across it. I will definitely be on the lookout for these items, especially the easy to ship ones like the wine bottle opener.

    1. Hi Yolanda, funny cause my hubby said that too. He said he wouldn’t look twice at something like that. When I saw it, I knew right away that it might be worth something. You could tell the quality of it was excellent. I would have picked it up even if I had not looked it up on completeds. But the sucker was big. Hubby had to make a custom box for it. Still a very nice chunk of change in profit. 🙂

  5. I never would have picked up that basket because I’d be thinking that it would be too much trouble to ship, but looking at the price you got for it makes me think twice! I have a hunch that things will pick up now that Memorial Day is behind us and hopefully the dust will settle on the password fiasco and buyers will come back.

    1. It was a little bit of a pain as hubby had to make a custom box for it. I’m glad it sold so quickly as it barely fit in a large garbage bag (that I used to store it in). It did take up a lot of space. But I’m glad I got it. It was a good, quick flip!

  6. Excellent flips! I can’t believe they just threw that corkscrew in with the other kitchen utensils. I didn’t know about the HILDA brand. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hey Kimberly. I wish I could take credit for that corkscrew, but my hubby found it. He was all excited that he couldn’t believe they put it there. He knew right away it was vintage and worth some good money. He’s got a good eye! 🙂

    1. I’m thinking of not having the bo and letting some items sit. If they don’t sell after a certain amount of time (I haven’t yet determined)..then offer BO. Funny, I was just looking at a jumbo Tigger I have for sale. $49..and then I’m second guessing myself and thinking..maybe I should put BO on it, maybe it’ll sell faster and maybe I’m willing to take a little less for it. There are so many different ways to run this business. Thanks for stopping by Frank.

  7. Hello again. Just had time to sit and read through this post. Always learn something to take to my e-bay page. I now know what “steampunk” is! I realised that that was the style of one of my colleagues at school and she is itching to look through my bits of broken jewellery now.

    Things are slow here but hopefully retro/vintage patterns will still continue to sell.

    Love the ties when you list them. Any with heraldic/castle motifs in your statsh by any chance?!? ‘Im-in-doors always wears a tie – our best friends stateside tried to tell him that is was illegal to wear one in Arizona! Even got a cop in a diner to play along – too funny!

    1. Hi. Wonderful to learn from other sellers, isn’t it? I’m sure that retro and vintage patterns will still sell. I don’t know if it’s because I like vintage things, but it seems to be a hot selling market. About your broken jewelry..I bet you could sell them for craft making, steampunk, etc. Junk drawers and broken jewelry lots sell all the time.

      Regarding the ties, unfortunately, I don’t have any of that theme. But if I come across them, will keep you in mind. LOL

      Thanks again for stopping by and take care.

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