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April 12, 2017

My 2017 Goals – Week of April 3- April 9

April 12, 2017

Ebay Selling – The Most Expensive Vintage Sweater Selling on Ebay Right Now

April 12, 2017
Enamored by a vintage sweater.


I bought this cute vintage sweater at the Salvation Army recently for resale.  It was my size so I thought I would model it a little bit for the Ebay listing.

I flipped the image so that the front was readable since it would have been backwards as this pic was taken in a mirror.

But when I tried it on, I fell in love with it.  It is adorable.  I’m really into black and white and blue this year. And as soon as I tried it on I considered whether or not I wanted to sell it.  I decided to go ahead and get it listed, but that I would list it high and still wear it.  If it sells at that high price (I listed it at $59.99 or best offer), at least I got to wear it (since I’m selling it as pre-owned vintage).

Hubby was worried that I might spill something on it and stain it?  If that happens, then I will just take down the listing.  And if it does sell for what I’m asking or a decent price..I will let it go.

The most expensive vintage sweaters selling on Ebay.


This got me thinking about how much vintage sweaters are going for on Ebay.  Especially the highest priced ones.  And I wasn’t surprised to discover that they are Coogi sweaters.  For those not familiar with Coogi, that is the brand of sweaters that Bill Cosby used to wear on his show.  And they sell for really good money.  You can see the completed sales on ebay HERE.

And the ones that sell for the most money right now is this one:

Animal themed vintage Coogi sweater.

Coogi sweaters are also popular for Halloween Costume ugly sweaters.  Well, they don’t actually have to be exactly Coogi brand sweaters, but ones that look similar.  I sold one a few years ago for about $40 right before Halloween.

Coogi sweaters are back!


Retro styles have been really popular in the last couple of years and in 2014 Coogi came back with an awesome redesign of their sweater.  I could never spend $ on a new sweater, but if I saw this one at a thrift, I’d definitely pick it up for either resale or myself (especially being black and white).


Another sweater that sells for a good price.


Another great one to keep your eye out for resale inventory are Hilda sweaters.  I sold this one back in 2014.

This sweater was purchased at a thrift store for $4.99.  I accepted a best offer of $80 (shipped in legal flat rate envelope..$5.35 ish). Found this Men’s sweater in the women’s section.

The really interesting thing about Hilda sweaters is that this company went out of business over 20 years ago.  The reason?  Their sweaters were so well made that they lasted for over 20 years.  Once you bought one, you had no need for another one.

You can also see the ones that have sold on Ebay HERE. Mine went for more because it was still new with tags.


I wish my Most blue sweater went for this kind of money.  But it is pretty unique as I haven’t found another one quite like it.  Will it sell?  I wonder.

Do you sell sweaters on Ebay?  What are your favorite brands?








  1. Hi there!
    Yet again something to look out for!
    My hubby – ‘Im-indoors – calls these sweaters uglies. I have a drawer full of vintage (?) 1980s sweatshirts with applique on them. Now I wonder what they are selling for????

    1. HI Iforonwy! Some of these sweaters sure are uglies. LOL. I’m curious too about those sweatshirts you have. Retro stuff is really popular in fashion right now. I would do a little bit of research and see. Maybe even try to sell them (if you’re wanting to get rid of them) as a lot? You never know. Hope all is well!

  2. Good morning!
    I purchased the sweatshirts in Oregon and Wahington State during the 80s. I have looked on e-bay and found one on a vintage clothing site. It is e-bay Item Number 132112838853. That one isgrey and silver. The ones that I have are black with much brighter, autumn/fall leaf designs. I will try to send you a photo of them. I think I will list them but wait until the cooler weather comes around again. I have one Christmas “Ugly” that I have had for almost 30 years and I still wear it each Christmas!

    I have some knitting patterns for the Icelandic/Hilda style sweaters and cardigans which I will also list.

    All is well here.

    1. Those are cool sweatshirts. I like how the seller put in “oversized” and listed several different sizes. Oversized is very popular in fashion right now. And yes, if you don’t have a store subscription (I have one and it would take me a long time to list up to my limit), I would wait until the fall.

      Do you ship to the US? I certainly would if I were you. I ship world wide and find that sometimes something will sell for me because I ship international and another seller won’t. Speaking of Icelandic sweaters. I purchased this sweater knitting kit at a local thrift store for $.99 and it sold for full price at $139 within a couple of days of listing:

      It was from Scotland. Might be something you might find. 🙂

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