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May 6, 2016

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May 6, 2016

Ebay Selling – How to clean vintage Revere Ware pots & pans

May 6, 2016
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A couple of weeks ago hubby came home with a huge bag of Revere Ware pots and pans.  I’ve sold these a few times in the past so he knew they could be a good seller and picked them up for me.  I have to be honest that I wasn’t a happy camper.  I knew these were valuable, especially the copper bottom ones (you can see the Revere Ware Sold), but I also knew they needed quite a bit of elbow grease to get them looking good again.  They actually sat in my basement for weeks before I made myself get them and take care of business!


before and after

before and after

I did some research online to find the best way of cleaning these pots and pans and what I came up with were the Cameo cleaning powders.

Tested and they work great!

Tested and they work great!

You will need both the Aluminum & Copper cleaners.  Here are the ones that I purchased:  Cameo Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner 10 oz. (Pack of 2) (affiliate link) and Copper, Brass & Porcelain Cleaner, 10 oz, Powder, Can (affiliate link).  These will probably last you for years.  You don’t need to use very much of the powder to clean up your pots and pans.  But you will need to use your strength!!

Now the cleaning powders won’t help you with the handles..especially when they look like this:



This awful looking handle looks like this because of long-term use in the dishwasher.  What you need to do with these is actually use Mineral oil and rub it into the handles.  Let them sit for a while (mine sat for a day) and then wipe off any access oil.  This will bring them back to looking good.

Here’s how they came out:

Finally all done!

Finally all done! (well almost..still had to do the handles) (btw..just noticed my reflection there on the bottom..lol)



Here’s a link to my listing.  I have it at $169 or best offer.  Maybe a little high..but we’ll see.  We paid $37 total for the set. –  UPDATE:  I drafted this post on Wed to go live today and these actually SOLD last night for full price plus shipping.  Sweet!

Have you guys ever restored vintage Revere Ware?  How did you clean them and get them looking like new again?


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    1. I don’t see them very often…but sometimes you luck out and find a whole set like my hubby did. I do always look for revere ware lids though. I normally buy them for $.99 and flip for about $14-$16. Those you’d find pretty frequently. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. WOW! Great tip – my mother-in-law has a set of this Revereware that is as old as my husband (60 yrs!!) and they do need to be cleaned up! I’m going to order the Cameo and see if I can get them looking spiffy for her!! Thanks!

  2. I don’t know what made me stop and read this post last week – I never buy pots or pans to flip. But I’m glad I did. I found a set at an estate sale this weekend!!! Normally I would wait until discount day to buy, but since I now know they are worth it, I bought them. And I thought they were a good price. Thanks for the tips on cleaning and restoring the handles. My set is in pretty good shape but one of the handles can use a mineral soak.

  3. Great post! I didn’t know that about the mineral oil. I never put my pots and pans in the dishwasher so that I don’t have that problem with the handles, but my mom does, and I think she might like to know that she can fix the handles that way! I will let her know.

    1. Hi Brandy, glad you can use this tip. It works wonders. It is best not to put them in the dishwasher, but it’s just easier that way for most. Thanks so stopping by. I really enjoy your blog!

  4. I have restored pots that were thrown away. Because they were burnt and black the first thing you do is use a bench grinder with a wire wheel. To get it down to bare copper then use 400 grit sandpaper _600_800_1000-2000 they will come out looking brand new takes me about 10 minutes a pan

    1. Hi James. Thanks for your input. I have heard of this method before, but I’m not much of a power tool person. I could probably have my husband do this though. And 10 minutes per pan is not bad at all. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi. I found your post very helpful. I’m cleaning out my parents house and have RW pots, pans, and those rectangle storage things. Dad worked for Revere Copper and Brass before they moved out of MD.

    1. Hi Ann, that’s so cool. There are others that clean them differently. Mostly men with sanders and such. I’m not so good at those types of things, and this worked perfectly for me. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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