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April 29, 2014

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April 29, 2014

Ebay Selling – Best Offer Option and Unsolicited Seller Advice

April 29, 2014
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I have a Best Offer option on almost all of my listings.  I like to price things high and entertain some best offers.  Sometimes with the Best Offer option, you have some really low ball offers.  And sometimes I get offended because some of these offers come in so stinkin’ low that it wouldn’t even cover the shipping.  Do these buyers really think that a seller would sell something at a loss?

So I’ve begun experimenting with the Auto Accept Option on the best offers.  This way you can determine at what price you are willing to accept an item and/or what price you want Ebay to automatically decline an offer.  This way you don’t even see the offers in your mailbox.  Overall, I really like it.

But when I first started using it, I sold several items that were auto accepted that kind of took me by surprise.  I remember thinking to myself…I swear I listed a different price for this.  Like the item below:

My asking price was $79.99 and I guess I put an Automatic Accept offer at $50.  Which is what this sold for literally like an 1.5 hours after I listed.  I sure as heck regretted doing the automatic Best Offer accept on this.  I forgot that I had done so and then regretted it.  I’m sure I could have gotten full price for this as when I did research there was one other seller selling this for $120.  My bag had a couple of tears in it so I went a bit lower.  I just wish that I had time to consider the offer instead of having the Auto Accept.  I paid $8.06 for this at the Salvation Army and $7 shipping.

So I’m still experimenting.  I think that I might just use the Auto Decline and NOT the Accept Offer Of At Least option.  I want to take the time to think about an offer.

What about you guys?  Do you use this feature?  How’s it working for you?

Do you get unsolicited advice from other buyers?

I know this can come in handy when you have something that is rare and you think it’s one thing, then get a helpful Ebay message from another seller informing you it’s something different.  This has not happened to me before, but I hear that it IS common and can be quite helpful from other sellers who are experts and willing to help out and share their expertise.

This wasn’t such a case.  Last fall, I went to a SA store and hit the jackpot with really unique novelty ties.

I came home with 56 ties.  They were actually quite pricey at $3.50 each.  I usually spend no more than $1.49 per tie.  But some of these were really cool and unique.  $14.99 is usually the lowest that I will accept a BO on a tie and at this price, I only need to sell 13 of those ties to break even.

I’ve hired my son to photograph them all for me and I’ve been slowly listing them.  I’m not 100% thrilled with his photography on these, but honestly, better that they are done, than waiting for me to find the time to photograph them.

A lot of these ties are Ralph Marlin.  Some are silk, others polyester.  So I was listing a whole bunch of these a while back and I get a message from another seller who sells lots of ties.  He writes that I shouldn’t list my ties so high because RM ties are only worth about $5-$7.  I wrote him back, but honestly don’t remember what I write exactly.  But something to the effect that for me it’s not about the maker, but more the design of the ties and that he can price his at whatever he’d like and I’ll price mine as I choose.  LOL

And just a couple of days later I sold this Ralph Marlin tie:

For which I accepted a BO of $25.  Take that Ebay Seller!!!  Ties don’t take up much space at all, and I am willing to wait for that right customer to come along and give me a good price.  Now if they sit for a year or two with no bites, I might consider lowering the price.  Maybe!  😉

Have you ever received unsolicited and unwanted advice from another Ebay seller?



  1. hmmm interesting on the ties. I bought a lot of new ties wholesale various brands (including Ralph Marlin) 400 ties for $215.00. I feel like I cant give them away. Are they always slow sellers? I have my novelty ones at 4.95 or b/o + shipping. I have gotten unsolicited advice. I ignore the $ ones but there have been a few where I didnt know what the item was they told me what the name was and what it was worth 😀 As far as the best offer I use auto decline only and I set it really unreasonably low so that if it has been around awhile I have the option of accepting a lower offer without changing the whole listing 😀

    1. Wow..what a great deal on the ties. But they ARE a slow seller. But that doesn’t bother me..they take up no space at I am willing to wait for that special buyer. That’s really a low price on the ties. Do you think it has anything to do with perceived value???

      I like your idea of the auto decline only. I need to change some of my listings. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

  2. I’ve gotten a few e-mails from other buyers, but they are usually kind/helpful, suggesting I add a key word here or correct a spelling there. It’s amazing how nice and supportive most sellers are of each other. I can only remember one rude e-mail, and I just ignored it. It’s weird that someone would e-mail you to say he thought you were pricing too high if he sells the same thing. Wouldn’t he rather not have the competition at a lower price?

    I actually have a whole stack of ties I bought at a yard sale last summer for 10 cents each, and I haven’t touched them. Do you wash the ties? Iron them if they’re wrinkled? I’d love to hear about your tie process. 🙂

      1. So far that has been the only message I’ve gotten from another seller. LOL

        You gotta list those ties Kari. They are super easy. I only spot clean them if necessary and usually stains come right out. I have a few that are a bit dirtier that I did not notice and have not yet listed those as I do need to actually wash them. I’ve done research on it and it seems that they are fine if you wash in cold water on the gently cycle and air dry. I will do that sometime soon. And most don’t smell or anything. If they do. I will usually just set them outside for a day or so..or sometimes Fabreeze and put outside.

        I use the little poly mailers an wrap in tissue paper. Super easy and check..usually shipping is between $1.50 and $2. They can be a slow seller, but are small and easy to store.

        Let me know if you have any other questions about ties. 🙂

  3. I’ve had helpful sellers message me with good information on different vintage items that I’ve listed, but never rude ones like the one you had. I think you handled that situation perfectly.

  4. Just last week, one of my wonderful blog readers emailed me to tell me I had misspelled a key word on one of my listings. I thought that was awesome. As for BO, I rarely use it because you can’t get immediate payment, but lately I added it to a few listings. As for ties, I failed miserably at selling them so I don’t buy them anymore.

    1. Well that was a nice email!! With the BO, I have to say that I have BO on almost everything and don’t have problems with payments. Most buyers pay right away. I always send them an invoice thanking them for the purchase and how much I appreciate their business. And usually within a day I get payment. I have been playing around with a little more BINs without BOs. Just experimenting.

  5. Hi Margaret. I like to buy and sell postcards on e-bay as you know. Sometimes I notice that the seller has not listed the item in the correct county here in the UK. This can make a great deal of difference to their sales if someone is looking for a particular area and they are very unlikely to find it if it has been incorrectly listed. I then drop the seller a message via e-bay saying that they might like to revise the listing in order to get a better price.

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