Recent Ebay Sales and what’s been happening.

December 9, 2015

Happy New Year & date night with Dave Ramsey

December 9, 2015

Ebay Sellers – Don’t have a Bonanza store? You really should!

December 9, 2015
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My Ebay store isn’t very large…it’s only about 450 items.  And I don’t make a lot of money on ebay yet and this is a really busy time of the year for my other photography business.  But I did take it from about 87 items to 450 since last fall so things are steadily selling.  I can’t complain since I’ve only listed about 12 items in November and none in December.

But earlier this year I went ahead and signed up for a Bonanza store.  There wasn’t that much action, I’d sell something about once a month or every other month.  But it’s been hopping since December.  I’ve been selling something almost everyday.

Bonanza sales early december

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Here’s what those items were:

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The screenshot above was my ended items list from Ebay to easily show you the items.  These screenshots were taken yesterday morning and by afternoon I had sold another item, the tie below.

bonanza tie

That’s an extra $175.56 I made in one week on Bonanza (I did not include shipping $ received).

I know some people are afraid because they’re read that others were having problems like duplicate items, shipping not being calculated, etc.  But you just need to do it and then go in and check to make sure everything is okay.  My shipping was originally not being calculated as I forgot to go in and change my shipping preferences.  But now it’s smooth sailing.

Here’s why you should have a Bonanza store:

1.  You can automatically import you ebay items into your store..easy peezy.

2.  You have a different audience of more potential sellers.

3.  The Bonanza platform is pretty user friendly.  Just like anything else, it will take a little time to get used to..but once you do, it’s very simple.

4.  Extra sales you wouldn’t get otherwise without much additional work. (You do need to immediately go back into your ebay inventory and end your item after it sells on Bonanza. I’ve heard of some items being ended automatically, but this hasn’t happened to me.  I also print my shipping labels through Paypal instead of Bonanza as I’ve found the rates to sometimes be better and now I’m just used to doing it that way.)

5.  There is no best offer on Bonanza.  So my items sell for more than they would (if I accepted on best offer) on Ebay.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  If you guys have any other ideas, please do share them.

So go ahead and open that store if you haven’t.  There’s really no reason you shouldn’t!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great one! 🙂


  1. I opened my Bonanza store a little over a year ago, and am close to reaching my 50th sale there. I’ve had a bunch of things sell this month too. It’s a nice bonus, as it takes no real work on my end other than ending the listings on eBay. I never thought about printing the shipping through Paypal. I will have to look into that. I have had people send me Best Offers via Bonanza though, a few times, so there must be some way for them to do it.

    1. Best offers, really? I didn’t know they could do that. That’s interesting…but the majority still just buy outright, so that’s good. 50 sales is awesome Kari. I think I’ve had my store for about 6 months.

      1. I just got an offer recently, so it was fresh in my mind. I pulled up the e-mail. This is what it looked like:

        xxxxx has made you an offer!

        Woo hoo! A shopper wants to buy your goods. Now it’s time to make a deal.

        xxxxx has suggested a new price for their order below. This price includes shipping costs.

        If you like the price they’ve suggested, you can accept it. You can also reject this offer or suggest a counteroffer.

        In that case I sent a counteroffer, but never heard back from them. Oh well.

        Interestingly, last night I had another Bonanza sale and it was for something I sold on eBay a couple months ago. This had never happened before. I’ve always relied on Bonanza to auto-purge the items that are sold on eBay. I sent the buyer an apologetic e-mail, and refunded her money via Paypal. I haven’t heard back from her. So, last night I spent about an hour going through all of my listings on Bonanza making sure there weren’t other listings still active that had already sold on eBay. I actually found a few more. So much for not having to put time into Bonanza. Still worth it though, imo.

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