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January 7, 2015

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January 7, 2015

Ebay Sales & Why My Item Sold And Another Identical Item Didn’t

January 7, 2015
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I’ll start this post by sharing last weeks numbers (12/28/14 – 01/03/15)

Total Items in Store: 217
Items Sold: 10
Total Sales: $225.49  (plus $40.74 Amazon)
Average Price Sold: $22.54
Cost of Items Sold: $21.50
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $102 (We bought something in large quantity…not sure if we made the right decision or not..will let you know in the future.  They were $.25 each).  It’s one of those things that you list it once and keep selling.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Last week wasn’t too shabby for this part-time eBay and Amazon seller.

What can we learn from a similar listed items?

This Nutcracker is included in the above totals. I’ve been experimenting a little bit with auctions and knew this would be a good item to list that way.  Why?  Well, I was going to list this at $49.99 plus shipping.  This particular one isn’t as desirable as some of the others, but I didn’t want to sell it for less.  So I started the auction at a price that I would have sold it BIN anyway..but perhaps I could squeeze a few more dollars out of it?  Not much more, but I did get a few buck extra.

So this is my item.

nutcracker llnoeThere was another one already listed before I listed mine. And it’s still listed!  Here it is:

nutcracker otherThis person is asking $50 for his.  I think I had started my auction at $49.99 because I wanted a quick sale and only paid $3.99 for this guy.  I actually bought 3 of then at a Goodwill, the other two sold just recently.  One went for $29.99 and the other at $79.99.  Keep an eye out for unusual nutcrackers.  All of mine sold AFTER Christmas!

What can we learn from this person’s listing?  I think my photos are a bit better and I noticed that he didn’t have returns.  For those of us that are serious about reselling, we know that even if you have returns turned off, a buyer can still request a return.  So why not offer returns?  Although my photos aren’t that great, I think they are much better than this persons.  My background is not distracting and I’ve taken a photo of every angle of the Nutcracker.  Potential buyers can’t go to a store and pick up your item to inspect it..give them as much info as possible.  Helps with returns..that’s for sure!

These pics were taken at night, so I’m not thrilled with them, but they’ll do.  I used to have a setup at home with lights, etc…but we took it down as I don’t have room for it right now.  So the natural light ones come out better.  But I don’t want the lack of light to keep me from getting work done.  So these may not have been ideal, but they were good enough.  Edited:  I just remembered too, that these pics were taken at night with my Iphone..I just wanted to get them photographed and listed asap and didn’t grab my regular camera cause it doesn’t do so well in lower light situations.

I just came across the following photo that I once saw on ebay as I was doing research.  I hope this doesn’t belong to any one of you!  LOL

bad photography sampleHow are things going with you guys and eBay?  I had my best listing day ever yesterday.  Listed 15 items.  I’ve never listed that much in one day.  I usually don’t list that in a month..LOL


  1. There’s been very few times when I’ve let a blurry picture slide. This is usually when it was a back of a shirt and I’d already packed it away but hadn’t listed it. If it’s not that expensive and the other views look good, I’ll let it go. But this is 1/500 type of situation.

    Your photo looks a lot less busy.

    I haven’t had any sales since the weekend but my daughter has been home sick so I was able to list during her naps. Including yesterday, I’ve listed 47 items! (28 today and 19 yesterday).

    I’m also waking up a half hour earlier to get in some time listing a few (goal will be 3) items every morning, but I’m almost done with my “ready to list” items. I’d love to have a nice weekly schedule where I prep some days, list others, etc. But with work involved, it gets too hard and unpredictable!

    1. Wow Chris. That’s incredible. I prepped and photographed the 15 items for 1.5 hours. Then it took me 3.5 hours to list everything while we watched a movie and I finished up after everyone went to bed. I’m curious how much time you spent listing?

  2. I sold two of those nutcrackers over Christmas. Interesting note, one broke during shipment ( I did get refunded by USPS) and the other one got lost in the mail. I provided tracking which showed delivery so eBay gave me and the buyer our money back. I’m done selling nutcrackers! 🙂

    1. Wow..they were bad luck for you this year for sure. I know that one of mine was received as a buyer bought it for her daughter who collects them. She said it was gorgeous and that the daughter loved it. We’ll see about the other two. We did package them very securely…they do have parts that can break. I was shocked at the perfect condition I found them in. It’s still a BOLO for me! 🙂

      1. I too was surprised that you found one intact at GW! Many are made in China now so you were lucky to fine one from Germany. That Care Bear photo makes me cringe. Those are the sellers that need to go. Really.

          1. Oh, and thanks to you and your “scroll to top” button. I just installed one to my wordpress blog. It was a plugin so super easy. But I love it. Took less than a minute! Thanks for the inspiration Lorraine! 🙂

  3. Nice sale! Another brand to look for are the Kurt Adler nutcrackers. I sold one of those for over $50.00, also. I’m sure when I first started selling that I had a few pics like that Care Bear- blush! Your pic is much better than your competition’s. I don’t know why people want to clutter up their photos with junk. And they were definitely making a mistake by not offering returns. Personally, I would not order from a seller who didn’t offer returns.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the nutcrackers. You can easily see the quality in the higher end ones. And the more unique the better

      I agree, I wouldn’t buy anything from a person that doesn’t offer returns. It’s an immediate red flag for me. That’s why his is still for same and mine isn’t. 🙂

      1. Oh, and I just remembered too that my pic was taken with an Iphone. That’s why I wasn’t crazy about it.,.not my usual camera. Sometimes I just want to get it done quick and don’t grab my regular camera. LOL

  4. While I don’t use a blurry pic or one with other items in the background, I don’t edit the way I used to. I would spend forever adjusting and fussing over pics. I even bought an expensive professional camera. It now sits dusty & unused. When the cloud came out and I discovered a quick snap pic on my phone would pop on my Mac in a few seconds I switched. I snap 5-6 quick pics and when I get ready to list I crop the best one or two of each side and go on. As a result I can list more items faster. I want good pics, showing detail, but they don’t have to be pro pics. Yours look fine and much better than the other one. Nice sales 🙂

    1. “As a result I can list more items faster. I want good pics, showing detail, but they don’t have to be pro pics.”

      I agree Deana. No need for them to look too professional. I don’t think THAT will make that much of a difference. I think as long as it’s a good image, on a plain background (I know some people like to get creative with backgrounds – I think the plainer the better), and good detail shots. That’s all you need. As long as they are good enough and give client as much info as possible, you’re good as gold! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. great sale! Your title is definately better which made a world of difference. When looking for items on ebay to flip on ebay I definately target the terrible titles…..and I have gotten amazing flips 😀 While I don’t think their pics are “bad” I would definately buys your first because theirs is “busy”. I too am guilty of letting blurry pictures slide….as long as it isn’t the first one

    1. Thanks Grace. Ha, I didn’t even pay attention to the title. But you’re’s definitely better. I’ve heard of people doing that..looking for bad titles, misspelled words, etc.

    1. I’m sure that this is not a “REAL seller..although I should go and check. I’m guessing it’s just someone who decided they don’t need the nutcracker anymore and might be able to sell it. But yeah, that background is really bad. LOL

  6. We collect nutcrakers and have about 15 of them. They were all purchased on trips to Germany and are the genuine article. They have cost us about 40 – 50 euros each.

    They can be a little brittle especially the smaller ones. I have a small one of St Nicholas and his arm shattered.

    1. I know a lot of people who collect them. One of the ones I sold (don’t recall which), I got a message that the woman bought it for her daughter who also collects them. They are very cool looking. I had them displayed while I had them (for a couple of weeks).

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