A Tie That Sells for $3,699.00?? – NOT!!

November 26, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling – Book Review

November 26, 2014

Ebay Earnings: An Extra $600 Payment on Debt plus a couple of tips

November 26, 2014
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I’ll start this post by sharing last weeks number (ending 11/22)

Total Items in Store: 224
Items Sold: 8
Cost of Items Sold: $30.75
Total Sales: $284.91 (plus $16.99 Amazon)
Average Price Sold: $35.61
Returns: 0
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0

This week was my highest for this year. It’s not much, but for a very part time seller, I’m really happy with it. I haven’t listed anything in about 1 month, but have already put $600 of ebay earnings towards debt this month. So I’m very happy 🙂

I feel that my cost of sales is a bit high though because I bought a leather biker car racing jacket this spring for $15 (see photo below) and never noticed that the zipper was broken. I thought I would be donating that sucker to a thrift, but it sold for $30 plus shipping. So at least I didn’t lose money. But lesson learned!

motorcycle jacketTip #1:  Take a moment to inspect your inventory..especially the zippers on clothing!  And if you miss something, go ahead and try selling it anyway!

I bought the holiday Pottery Barn mugs featured below in the beginning of the year.  I had them listed for $49.99 with a best offer and free shipping..when I used to offer free shipping.

I had several low ball offers come in that I declined and then I changed the best offers to auto decline at $39.99 (I don’t want to be bothered with low ball offers anymore).

Well, it sold for full price last week. Yeah baby!

pottery barn mugsTip #2:  List it and wait for that one right buyer who will pay a premium for your product.  I was willing to let these mugs go for $39.99, but just the right person came along and swooped them up at full price. I told hubby that if they did not sell by this Christmas, they were staying with me.  I love these mugs!

And Tip #3: Start charging shipping on your items.  I used to offer all free shipping because some of the Ebay selling gurus were proponents of it.  Just build it into the price of the item, etc., etc.  I would try to ask a higher price for the item with the free shipping, and then I started asking a higher price plus shipping.  My sales have not suffered because of it and I feel I’m making more money now.

How are you guys doing?



  1. I totally agree on charging for shipping! It seems to make no noticeable difference in my auctions either way, so I decided to charge it on all.

  2. wohoo on extra payments!!! I only did free shipping for less than 6 months before changing everything. I do try not to buy items more than 3 lbs since cross country shipping costs seem to be a big deterrent.

    1. I’ll ship anything, no matter the weight. I just recently shipped a heavy amber glass turkey that weighed almost 5 lbs. Was listed only a few weeks and sold with shipping, no problem.

  3. Sometimes free shipping can be a blessing when you have a buyer purchase multiple items from you. There’s no emailing and invoicing back and forth. I have found that to be the case with Etsy anyway. I think I’m one of the few sellers that offers free shipping there, but I have added shipping to many of my ebay items. It really hasn’t made much of a difference in sales, good or bad. I have maybe one or two sales a week lately on ebay, if I’m lucky. This past month I was listing everything for 10 days at a time and renewing. Now I’m letting everything run out this week and I’ll start up again in the new year.

  4. Another not too bad month here but saying that I have only sold about £25 – £30 per month. I only ever have about 20 items listed at one time. That is because e-bay allows me 20 free listings per month anything over that then I start to pay listing fees.

    I generally sell via auction and then charge postage on top. I have been making use of a deal with Royal Mail at the moment which means that I can post items up to 2 kilos in weight via 2nd Class post for a fixed rate of £2.80. I tell potential buyers in the description that I am doing this and that if when I get to the post office it is considerably less then I will refund the difference. This happened yesterday and I refunded half of the postage. Feddback from a delighted buyer this evening – loved her purchase and was thrilled with the refund!

    I took my own advice this weekend and listed 3 evening/party tops that were much too big for me. Sold all three! I have listed another and it has watchers!

    1. Hey iforonwy, great way to make some extra $ by listing clothing that doesn’t fit. I actually have a whole bunch of clothes still in my closet that are too nice to donate, that are too big on me. I will be listing those too, when I have time. 🙂

      I don’t mind paying listing fees, they are negligible when the items you sells are not low dollar items. Easily pays for the fees. As soon as I began selling on Ebay I purchased the basic store subscription. I knew that it would force me to list quite a bit, to make it worth my while. And it DID!! 😀

  5. The problem with free shipping is that if the customer returns the item for cash back on the purchase, you wasted all the money you spent on shipping it to them for “free.” I have no idea why ebay tried shoving that down our throats for so long. No more!

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