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March 29, 2013

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March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Decorating

March 29, 2013
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We’ve always decorated our Easter eggs either Friday or Saturday morning before Easter as we had to have them done by noon on Saturdays, at which time we take our Easter baskets to church and have it blessed.

This year we’ve started keeping chickens again and our chickens lay the coolest colored eggs, light brown, dark brown and green.  So we won’t be dying the eggs, but I’m sure the kids will decorate them in some way.

For those that don’t have chickens that lay colored eggs…here are some techniques that we’ve tried in the past and others that look really neat.

1.   These cute eggs are super easy as you only need dye and a black marker…but oh so cute…I love funny faces on eggs…we always add a few funny faced eggs to our baskets every year…here are the instructions for the Have a Nice Day Eggs.

2.  The Perfect Pair….What’s Easter without a bunny and a carrot?

3.  These are Botanical Eggs from Martha Stewart…so pretty and sophisticated…love this look!

4.  OMG…I am absolutely in love with these Silk-Dyed Egg designs…Id love to try making these…gotta remember to pick up some random patterned silk ties from Goodwill…so gorgeous!!

5.  The center image… I really liked these Stamped Eggs from Martha too.  If you’re a stamp collector (and you’re stamps aren’t super collectible (expensive..LOL)..then I think this would be such a great decoration for your eggs.  Although I think this would work great with some decorative tissue paper too.

6.  Personalized Eggs…oh yeah…I’m really digging these too..I think the kids would love making these and I have tons of letter stickers left over from the days when I would buy almost every scrapbooking item on the market and now I have so many scrapbooking supplies that I don’t know what to do with them. 🙂

7.   Melted Crayon Eggs – This is another really cute and super easy idea for decorating your eggs.  Color the boiled eggs while they’re still hot and the crayons melt creating such fun designs.  We’ve done this in the past and loved how they came out!

8.  Zoo-egg-ology – these eggs are so adorable and made with foam sheets (which I also have tons of in the kids’ craft bin).  Who wouln’t want to make these adorable little animals.

9.  And finally, Easter eggs The Natural Way.  Growing up, my Mom was a no nonsense kind of woman…always doing things the simple way and the least expensive way…from as early as I could remember, we always dyed eggs using onion peels..and they were such a pretty brown natural color…but could also just go to the grocery store and pick up naturally layed brown eggs too..Ha!!!

There are seriously tons of cool Eater egg decorating ideas on the web, but these are the ones that I fancy today…hope this gives you some ideas and inspires you.

Do you have a favorite way of decorating Easter eggs?


    1. Thanks for pinning it! I’m really wanting to do those too. You get such interesting designs from them. But they have to be silk ties.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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