Move Over Ugly Christmas Sweater, Say Hello to the Ugly Christmas Suit

December 23, 2014

A Start To A Thoughtful New Year!

December 23, 2014

Do Your Kids Remember What They Got For Christmas Last Year? And a Poll!

December 23, 2014
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Mine remember EVERY LAST THING!

This year I wanted to try something new and perhaps give the gift of an experience to our kids in lieu of presents.  I knew it would take some convincing with my hubby so I came up with the brilliant idea of asking the kids what they had received last year.  To prove that they didn’t even remember and that an experience would be a better gift that our kids might remember for a long time.

Well my plan failed.  But I know why.  We’ve been paying off debt like crazy since January 2013 and my budget for gifts last Christmas was a whopping $67 per kid. I’m sure that’s nothing compared to what others spend on their kids.  And we used to spend more in the past.  But the more gifts (junk) they received, the less grateful they were, hardly ever played with the stuff and really didn’t remember much of what they got.

So no experience this year and our budget is a little bit higher ($100 per kid).  And I look forward to next year asking them about this year’s gifts to again see if they remember.  I’ve also come across a few gifts that they’ve gotten in years past that they have never once even played with (an origami kit and a playing card trick set) that I am repackaging and regifting.  We’ll see what their reaction will be to that…wonder if they will even notice or remember?!

I’m very curious about what others spend on their kids, so I’m including a poll:

Also, if you guys gift experiences, or have done so in the past, do share. I’d love to hear about it.

I do think this will be my last post until next year, so:

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  1. Margaret,
    What a great photo of your boys! Hey, I filled out the poll, but I admit that this year we spent much less because our finances are not so good with hubby starting a new business and the fact that we just bought a house. Luckily our daughter understands. She only wanted a video game, but I added a couple of extras. I’ve been having the blues because in our past life up north, early December was always when we went to Orlando on vacation. It’s the best time to go because it’s low season, but also because everything is decorated to the hilt for Christmas. It was a great place to make memories for us as a family. An experience like that is a great gift that keeps on giving. I know because I think about those vacations a lot while I’m pushing a mop at work. lol Happy holidays to you and your family!

    1. Hey Lorraine, Thanks! Hope you guys had a great Christmas.

      A trip to Florida sounds awesome. One of my goals, once we are debt free is to start traveling and creating memories along the way. As a kids, we traveled all the time. Across country, and just a couple of hours away here and there, just exploring. I want to start doing the same!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family! We spend about $75-100 per kid (but to be fair this year the school district dropped off a ton of gifts at our house so it was more around $50 this year. My kids remember too. My in-laws are buying a season pass for an indoor/outdoor year round amusement park for us instead of gifts. I’m super excited 😀 Less the dogs will chew.

  3. Merry Christmas! When my kiddos were smaller we spent less. They are too old for toys & generally ask for an electronic now so it costs more. They get less gifts. They do remember what they got last year. This year each gets a pair of jeans, some candy, & one higher end item.

    1. Yeah, mine are getting big too, so what they want does get more expensive. But we tell them that X is the amount that we are spending and they need to choose (make a list) of items within that price range. If they want something more expensive, they can choose to get $ from us and then save up the rest.

      Happy new year and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love the picture!!! We spend about $150.00 per kid. We spent less when they were younger and they actually got more. The things they wanted back then were much less expensive than what they want now. For instance, this year my son asked for a pair of cowboy boots. The boots cost $140.00. So, other than a few small stocking stuffers, that’s all he will be getting. My girls wanted and needed clothes this year, and we found a great sale on Black Friday at a small store in our local mall. The girls were able to snag dresses for $5 each and jeans for $11 a pair. Needless to say, they will have a few more gifts under the tree than their brother.

  5. Hi Margaret, that’s a great pic of you boys – really like the background! I don’t have any kids but I can speak from my own experience. When I was younger I would always look to receive toys and such but now that I’m older the only gifts that I truly remember are the “experience” ones (not just for Christmas but in general). I remember family Disney trips, family picnics at the beach, and even casual Sunday’s just walking around the mall or watching a movie at the house. Now that I’m older, those are the moments that I truly cherish and remember. They may not be the gifts I wanted at the time, but they’re the gifts that I’m glad I got.

    1. Thanks Meinard! That’s the firewood that still needs to be cut. LOL

      I love what you said there, “They may not be the gifts I wanted at the time, but they’re the gifts that I’m glad I got.”

      I too don’t remember anything I ever got for Christmas as a kid. The only thing I remember is that my parents always got us this huge gingerbread house every year. They used to go to a state over to get it. I loved those gingerbread houses!

  6. I spend about $250.00 per child until they graduate from college. I have 4 children and 3 of them have graduated from college and doing great financially. I spend around $30.00 on each of them and their spouses. It sounds like a lot, for the younger ones, but it really isn’t because I am buying clothes, underwear and socks for them. I also shop all year long, so I don’t have a large bill at the end of the year. The kids wore uniforms to school, so they didn’t really have a lot of other clothes.

  7. Great idea about the experience vs presents. Too bad it didn’t fly. I didn’t do the poll since now I have grandchildren, and they don’t count–ha!

    1. Ha! So now I’m curious Linda, how much do you spend on the grandkids? I think one of the reasons it didn’t fly this year is that I didn’t have anything concrete in mind. I need to put forth a little more thought for next year. I think if we are more specific, they may agree. We’ll see.

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