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March 14, 2014

Selling on Ebay – Learning From Other Sellers

March 14, 2014

Do You Play Board Games? Ebay Inventory

March 14, 2014
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Last weekend we went over to our best friends’ house (my best friend married my hubby’s best friend! :).  That same day we went thrifting and I found a brand new Fact or Crap game.  I had one at home, but picked this one up cause it was brand new and only $.99 (insert Macklemore Thrift Shop Song).  At first I thought maybe I’ll resell it, but they don’t go for much.  So I decided to take to to their house instead.  Gotta say that it was a lot of fun to play.  I almost pee’d myself at one point we were laughing so hard.  It’s not just the game, it’s the company! LOL  Although my hubby and my best friend aren’t crazy about board games and we had to force them to play with us. 🙂

Here’s a brand new one that sold.  It’s definitely NOT for your BOLO list.  Most of them don’t go for much.

But there are certainly some board games that are worth TONS of money (like the Zelda game below that went for $6,500 – crazy).  Here are a few worth noting: (click on images to enlarge)

You can check the complededs for board games HERE.  I’ve had pretty good luck with board games..especially the brand new sealed ones for Amazon.  I was at Goodwill last year and found like 5 brand new sealed overstock Game of Thrones games that I picked up for $3.99 and sold everyone one of them within a month for like $25-$30.  I had also stopped at a garage sale and bought like 4 themed Monopoly games.  One was a British version, another was a Boy Scouts version..can’t remember the other two.  I bought them for $2.50 each (they wanted $5 each, but accepted $2.50 – always ask).  These also sold quite quickly for a nice profit.

I’m always checking the board game section at the thrift store.  Certainly for Ebay inventory, but also for me and the kids.

Are you a board game player? 🙂



  1. I haaaaate board games. And yes, it is because I’m a sore loser. Ha ha ha. I have heard of some games being valuable on eBay (Perfection, for example)… but not to the extent of the ones you posted. I wonder why the 2013 Clue game is worth so much?! The Myth game looks fun, too. I’ll keep my eyes out for these. Thanks! :}

    1. Sore looser, huh? Funny! LOL I have to confess that I love playing board games with adults more than my kids. 😉 I love playing cards too. I grew up watching my parents play with their friends. I remember times when we’d go by one of their friends house and I’d wake at 5am and they were still at the table playing cards (not for money though). I now play with my parents as not too many of our friends know how to play.

      Yeah, I’m not sure why that Clue is so valuable! I hope we both come across some of these.

  2. Not sure why that Titanic game sold for that. I had a new sealed one a few months before that and the completeds for it weren’t anything near that. Nor near what I sold it for 🙂 I still did decent on it though

    1. Interesting. My guess is that it’s because it was right before Christmas. I just picked up a Little People Pirate Ship at a toy sale this morning and they are going for about $25-$30 right now, but go for about 2-3x as much around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m debating if I should hold until then, or just get a quick flip for a little less. Decisions, decisions! LOL

  3. Not a huge board game lover myself, but I have had luck selling some on ebay and Amazon. For the most part I try to stick with the sealed ones, but if there is a vintage one with all pieces included, I’ll grab those, too.

    1. Hi Kimberly. Yes, I definitely go for the sealed ones too, except, like you said, it’s vintage. Although I did notice that people with games like Operation are buying just the pieces too.

  4. Hey, congrats on the Game of Thrones sales! I tried selling a few board games a while back on eBay but it was returned because some of the pieces were missing – I guess if they’re in new, sealed condition than it should be okay.

    I’ve been scared to sell any used board games ever since but with prices like those in your posts I may have to start selling again haha!


    1. Hey Meinard. I thought I replied to you. So sorry. Hope you are having a great time away!!! Yeah, definitely look for sealed games. I’ve heard that even if a game says 500 pieces or whatever, there are usually more to complete it. It’s iffy with used ones..unless they are classics like Perfection..those sell well, even just the replacement pieces.

      Talk to you soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Megan, Oh my gosh, sorry. Don’t know how I missed this comment. I need one of those too!! It’s just one of those lucky finds. Sometimes you’ll find something awesome..most times you won’t. LOL

  5. I just saw that Fact or Crap game at my local thrift store down the street. I may have to go back there and take another look. And I will certainly be keeping any eye out for that Zelda and other board games. I appreciate the info! I helps me to grow my database of items to look out for. Cheers!

    1. HI Dale, It’s better to look for older unique games. Perfection is a good one..even the replacement pieces are worth money! Although $20 for Fact or Crap seems okay..depending on how much you pay for it (let’s say $1.99), plus shipping (I once offered free shipping on a game that I then paid $12 bucks to ship to a person in California – I’m in Chicago). After fees, that would eat up too much profit and not be worth it. Thanks for stopping by.

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