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March 9, 2014

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March 9, 2014

Chicago Thrift Store Tragedy

March 9, 2014
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The past Friday, an employee of a local thrift store (not sure which store exactly) was killed by a concealed gun that was donated in some clothing.  The gun had fallen out of a sock, hit the floor and discharged killing one of the workers when it struck her in the chest. It happened in the back room as the clothing was being processed.

So scary to think something like this could happen at a thrift store.  So scary that people keep loaded weapons.  I guess I can’t imagine that as we have kids.  I feel so bad for her family.

You can read the story here: Chicago thrift store worker killed by gun hidden in donated clothing

Have you guys ever heard of anything like this before?


  1. Oh my gosh! What a horrible horrible story! How could someone not know they were donating a piece of clothing with a gun inside it. I’ve heard of bugs and other icky things being found, but never a gun. How sad.

    1. Definitely sad. I remember when I was maybe in high school there was a story going around that someone had tried on a fur coat with a snake inside the sleaves that had bitten the person and killed them. I think everyone has heard that one. But that wasn’t true. This is truly horrible!

  2. I read that story with interest. It’s amazing that more incidents like this don’t happen. While I have never seen/found a gun, I have found a real cross-bow in the children’s toys; broken glass just waiting for a victim; and a snake hanging on a garment rack.

    1. Wow..a snake? Really? That’s crazy. I guess one would expect to hear about some crazy things, but a loaded gun? Insane. I’m guessing that maybe it was from someone’s estate? Or a pissed off wife getting rid of her husband’s clothes? Who knows.

  3. really a gun? with how freaking expensive guns are how could someone just forget about it….or I wonder if it was intentional from the donator just to be nasty. Because even a concealed carry should have a safety on even if its loaded i would think

  4. WOW. That is so wild… and sad! I’ve never heard of something like that. I’ll bet donation centers get lots of guns… but not that are loaded/discharge.

    It makes me wonder about the circumstances… did the person making the donation know about the gun? Was it used in a crime and they were trying to make it disappear?

    I worked in a transitional housing center in Chicago, and sometimes we would have to clean out a unit (if the family living there had abandoned the place, or if they had overstayed the 3 months they were allowed)… I think all the goods were donated. It’s totally possible a gun could make it in (if it were, for example, in a sock or pants pocket or something).

    1. Hi Kait. Yeah, I’m curious about the circumstances too. Although I often think about the people who donate and what their cicumstances might have been.

      But you’re right. Now that you mentioned it, I guess it is possible that they see all kinds of guns.

  5. That was so horrific. I can only think that someone must have died and family just gathered up their clothing and dumped it at the thrift shop. Sad, sad.

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