I am an Antiquarian.

August 18, 2015

I was reading an old gardening book about an older English gardener and his heritage gardens.  They referred to him as an Antiquarian.  Obviously this peeked my interest.  So I looked it up and here is what it says: An antiquarian is “a person who collects, studies, or sells valuable old things.”  Well, I do all three, so I guess I am an Antiquarian!!  I …

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Ebay Sales & Why My Item Sold And Another Identical Item Didn’t

January 7, 2015

I’ll start this post by sharing last weeks numbers (12/28/14 – 01/03/15) Total Items in Store: 217 Items Sold: 10 Total Sales: $225.49  (plus $40.74 Amazon) Average Price Sold: $22.54 Cost of Items Sold: $21.50 Returns: 0 Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $102 (We bought something in large quantity…not sure if we made the right decision or not..will let you know in the …

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