My 2017 Goals – Week of July 31 – August 6

August 10, 2017

My 2017 Goals – Week of August 7 – August 13

August 10, 2017

The Best Laundry Tip Ever

August 10, 2017

I consider myself a pretty well-read person when it comes to home making.  I had been a loyal reader of Better Homes & Gardens magazine for probably 20 years.

As an aside, I cancelled my subscription a couple of years ago when I decided to get the magazines online from the library.  But then I recently learned about Recycle Bank and spent about 10 minutes answering some surveys and got a free subscription again.  Nothing like having your own real copy to enjoy.  It’s the only magazine subscription that I have.

I thought I was up on all the home tips and tricks.  Apparently I’m not.

Until I read a tip that changed my life…no, really!

A few months ago I ran across an article on Andrea Dekker’s Blog that seriously blew me away.  What did I read?  That Andrea does.not.sort.her.laundry!  I honestly was blown away.  I couldn’t believe that someone would do laundry without sorting the lights from the darks.

Don’t dark colors bleed?

Won’t the lighter colors start to look dingy?

Won’t your white’s turn bluish or reddish?

So I started an experiment several months ago to test out this theory.  I stopped sorting my laundry (but I do still wash my towels separately as I bought all new white towels recently and want them separate).  I stopped separating my whites, my light colors and my dark colors.

 And you know what happened? Absolutely nothing.  The darks and lights still look great.  They don’t look any different than they did when I used to sort the laundry.  And now I don’t have laundry piling up, waiting until I have enough of each type to wash.  No one ever runs out of socks or undies, or pants or tops.  If my hamper is getting full, I just throw it in the wash and that’s it.

Not sorting helps you get the laundry done faster

I’ve never disliked laundry.  I actually really don’t mind it at all.  I’m usually listening to an audiobook.  But not having to sort the laundry does save quite a bit of time.  And even if it saves 5 minutes of my time, I’d rather be doing something else for those 5 minutes.

Now if only I could teach the kids to stop leaving things in their pockets..then I could save even more time.  I can’t not go through their pockets after a friend of mine once told me how her husband had some screws that he left in his pants.  She did a load of laundry and when she went in to put the laundry in the dryer, found a whole bunch of water on the floor.  When she opened the washing machine she found a screw that had gotten lodged in somehow and cracked the drum.  EEK

So tell me, am I the last person in the world to know about this tip?  Do you still sort your laundry?


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  1. I don’t sort by lights and darks, but I didn’t realize it was a “thing”. I just don’t sort because I’m lazy. I usually separate towels from everything else though, so they don’t leave fuzzies all over the clothes. Sometimes I separate jeans from shirts, but that’s just because jeans take longer to dry.

    1. Hey Bethany. That’s so funny. It is a “thing”…and a great one at that. I was taught to separate and I always did..not anymore though. But I agree about the towels..I don’t want fuzzies either! 🙂

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