My 2017 Goals – Week of May 1 – May 7

May 11, 2017

My 2017 Goals – Week of May 8 – May 14

May 11, 2017

Aldi Cereal Is Now Better For You – No BHT Preservative

May 11, 2017
The cereal I buy.


Sometimes I make my own cereal, sometimes I buy cereal.  The kids, they prefer store bought cereal.

There are only a few cereals that I typically buy.  I buy Kix from Walmart (cheapest price around here). I really love Kix with a sliced banana.  And then I buy Rice Squares and Puffed Rice cereal from Aldi.

The kids really enjoy the Cocoa Rice cereal from Aldi and I love the Frosted Shredded Wheat, but I would only buy them once in a great while because they contained the BHT preservative and hubby really insisted that we not purchase it.

We went for a quick trip to Aldi yesterday and hubby had a taste for cereal.  He began reading the labels on the cereal and noticed that the ones that used to contain BHT (like the Cocoa Rice and the Frosted Shredded Wheat) no longer do.  Woo hoo!!!

Not too shabby of an ingredient list!

I let go of the guilt and let the kids eat cereal almost every day.


I used to make a whole bunch of different kinds of breakfasts for my kids in the morning.  I would make pancakes, grilled egg and cheese sandwiches, omelets, Farina, oatmeal, buttered noodles, etc.  I felt that I was a bad mom for letting them have cereal all the time.  But I was always stressed out because of it.  Everyone was running late (because I was busy making breakfast and not paying attention to the time and them getting ready).

But this past/current school year, I decided that I would always have decent not-too-bad-for-you cereal on hand for them.  And if they wanted cereal, they could have it. And I still make them other kinds of breakfast as stated above, but given a choice, they still prefer cereal.  And I’m okay with that and don’t feel guilty.

Seeing that now Aldi has removed the BHT preservative from all of their cereals give my kids more options for breakfast.  And I’m very happy about it.

No artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, no synthetic colors, no artificial preservatives.  Sound good to me!

Is BHT Really That Bad For You?


We aren’t health freaks for sure.  We go to McDonalds once in a while, we drink soda when we have pizza and we bring limited junk food into the house.  I’m a true believer in moderation.  But when we do buy foods, we do read the labels and try to avoid stuff that we don’t understand, don’t know about or can’t read.  We try to take more of a whole food approach. 

I’ve done a little bit of research on the topic as hubby a long time ago mentioned that we should avoid it.  But doing research brings up studies for it and against it.  In high doses, it can be bad.  In low doses, supposedly not.  It’s approved for human consumption in both the US and Europe, yet the same cereal companies that produce cereal here in the US use/used BHT, but not in the European equivalent.  Why?  Vitamin E was always an option, but wasn’t used as often, until now.

Little changes that help us eat better.

I’m just happy that the kids and I will now enjoy some of the cereals that I stopped buying long ago.


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