My 2017 Goals – The Final Week of December 25 – December 31

January 3, 2018

Reflections On My Goals From 2017

January 3, 2018

2017 Online Sales Numbers – Ebay + Bonanza + Amazon + Craigslist

January 3, 2018

It’s that time of year again to take a look at the prior year’s online sales numbers.  I had made a goal for myself to gross $20,000 on ebay for 2017.  However, life just got in the way and I didn’t really make that a priority.  But I’m thankful for the sales that I did get for the little effort that I did put in.  Here are the numbers:

Ebay Sales


The total revenue includes what I received in shipping charges as I normally don’t offer free shipping.  And after shipping charges, listing fees, final valuation fees and Paypal fees, I netted $5,160.48 on Ebay

Please note that this does not include my cost of the items sold.  I actually don’t keep records of that.  I really need to start doing that.  I will go ahead and just pick $3 as my average cost (some items are more, but most items cost less and some much less than that).  So if I sold 257 items x $3 per item, my cost of sales wold be $771. 

Subtracting that cost from my total profit would give me an adjusted profit of $4,389.48

I went back and counted the total hours that I spent on ebay (I pretty much kept track of this in my weekly goals posts).  These hours include cleaning items, photographing items, writing descriptions, listing the items on ebay and shipping the items.  It also includes the time I spent organizing and reorganizing my inventory as well as sometimes taking the time to find lost items that weren’t labeled correctly.

I do not, however, include the time that I spent sourcing items.  And the reason that I don’t is because hubby and I love thrifting.  And when we go, I usually shop for us as, home goods, etc.  I would be thrifting whether or not I sold on ebay and while I’m there, I look for inventory.

In 2017 I spent a total of 90 hours and 20 minutes on my ebay business.  Pathetic isn’t it.  That’s just a little more than 2 full weeks of work.  That gives me an hourly wage of $48.66 per hour.  Not bad at all.  Can you image how much money I would make if I actually put in more effort?

And here’s a cool chart showing my monthly profits:

It’s cool to be able to see all of my monthly sales in one place.  It looks like April, may and December were my best months?  What were yours?

In case you are wondering, I use Easy Auctions Tracker as my accounting/tracking software.  It’s inexpensive and all of your sales and fees are imported directly into your Excel spreadsheet.  No need to be finding and inputting information yourself.  I’ve been using it almost from the very beginning and I highly recommend it!

Bonanza Sales


If you are an ebay seller, you should also sell on Bonanza.  You can check out my post about why I sell on Bonanza and why everyone who sells on Ebay should also sell on Bonanza because it’s easy to set up and it syncs so well.

So my profit on Bonanza in 2017 is $259.12.

Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Sales


One of the things that I really love about selling on Amazon is that they subtract the transaction fee immediately after you sell an item. So the amount that you see deposited into your account is already your net profit.  Whereas when you sell on Ebay, they do not subtract the fees immediately.  You receive a monthly invoice for all fees associated with the sale.

I don’t do a whole lot of selling, but some items are just easier to sell on Amazon.  I mostly sells books and new board games.

Amazon no longer gives you the ability to get a summary for the whole year, but here are the quarterlies:

After all expenses, I made a total of $342.33 on Amazon in 2017.

Craigslist Sales

I don’t do a lot of selling on Craigslist, but there are some things that I will list.  I don’t remember all the things I sold on Craigslist this year, but a recent one was a listing for a set of 2 huge dog food storage containers that we got free at a garage sale this year.  I had these listed both on Ebay and locally.  It sold on Craigslist first.

I made a total of $204 on Craigslist this year.


Total 2017 Online Sales


Ebay $4,389.48
Bonanza $    259.12
Amazon $    342.33
Craigslist $   204.00
Total Net Profit $5,194.93

I wish it were more, but I how can I complain about such numbers when very little effort was put in.  I will try to do better for 2018.

How were your online sales numbers for 2017?  Do you keep track of your hours? I’d love for you to share in the comments.


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